Ramona Singer Explains Her Detective Work About Tom D’Agostino

RHONY is back and so is Ramona Singer and her quirks and she is catching up with Bravo in a brand new interview about the season. Ramona is sharing more about her home, work and dating life as well and explaining her detective work about Luann’s man Tom.

Bravotv.com: What motivated the remodel of your home? Any inspiration behind the new aesthetic?

Ramona Singer: I decided that I wanted a change! I wanted my home to reflect how I am feeling: cool, calm and relaxed. I wanted to move away from the traditional type of aesthetic that I had and move forward to an uncluttered, free-thinking space. I chose to make the apartment more comfortable, adding a huge curved screen TV in my living room, which is something I never had. I love entertaining, and I love being in my new home. I am currently under phase two of this project, so I will keep you all posted!

Bravotv.com: Will we be seeing more of your dating life this season?

RS: As far as my dating life, dating is never a problem for me. I meet men all the time and go out a lot, trust me! Now it’s about finding the right man to share the important part of this next part of my life! I really want him to be fun, smart, daring, a go-getter and someone that wants a family commitment as much as I do.

Bravotv.com: You talk about some of the detective work you’ve been doing about Tom? Why are you still interested in uncovering info about him?

RS: I don’t really consider it detective work. I look at it as research to protect my friend. It’s not that I am “interested” in the true definition of interest. It’s more about caring and trying to protect my friend. I have come from a place of lies and cheats, and if I can offer up to Luann details or information so she can make the best choices for her, why not? I would hope that someone would do that for me.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about that dinner with Luann? Did it hurt your feelings to not be included in the bridal shower?

RS: As far as not being included or invited? To her bridal shower, yes of course it bothered me. Not sure totally how she couldn’t have included me, as we do have a 10 year friendship together. We may have had our ups and downs through the years, but at this point sometimes you have to look past the past! And move forward to the future.

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14 Replies to “Ramona Singer Explains Her Detective Work About Tom D’Agostino”

  1. This woman is a train wreck. I have seen 20 year olds with more maturity than Ramona!! Didn’t she ignore all the rumors about her ex-husband’s cheating?? And now she wants to lecture LuAnn on Tom?? Give me a break, she is such a hypocrite! I would like for Bravo to get rid of her and then we can have a break from her screeching, drunken, babbling about absolute nonsense. I typically mute the tv whenever Ramona comes on because she is such a mess.

  2. Ramona has this down to a science. It’s hard for me to take her seriously, she knows exactly what she’s doing. But that said, so does Luann, LOL. I caught that steely look of determination is her eyes and I know what it means, HA!

  3. Haha. The most delusional woman on earth about EVERYTHING. I had to laugh at her tag line this year. She CAN’T get worse, but she certainly doesn’t get better.

  4. Either she had some really bad work done on her face or she’s drinking so much its beginning to show on her face. She looked AMAZING last season. Yikes! I can’t look at her.

    1. According to all the pics, my TV, and just about everyone’s vision–she had some POOR work done–especially around her crazy eyes–they just got worse!

    2. I think she’s gone too big with the boobage. Ramona is the size of an elf, she does not need those Dolly Parton Jr. melon balls on her tiny little frame.

  5. Didn’t Tom date other Housewives of NY before he dated Luann? Wasn’t Ramona one of them, and didn’t Sonja say she had a physical relationship with Tom for years? If yes…what does that say.
    Oh, and didn’t Mario cheat on Ramona?
    Well, what I am saying is, perhaps Ramona really does not want to see Luann’s bubble burst if Tomcheats on her again, since it appears as though he already has, though Luann said they had an argument or something.
    I don’t think it is as if Ramona wanted Luann unhappy but rather for her to avoid further pain if she marries Tom and finds out he is unfaithful.
    Luann seemed to be saying that she and Tom did not have some sort of open marriage, so that would not be okay.
    I am no real fan of either of these women, but I think Luann ditching everyone in favor of this guy who likes to date Real Housewives of NY, was not wise. She married Tom in spite of what they were telling her about Tom. Wasn’t Tom a bachelor his entire life too? If that is true, there might be a reason…maybe he cannot stay true to just one woman.

  6. Ramona says she calm, cool, and relaxed? I didn’t see that in the first episode. Delusional. No self awareness, at all. I was embarrassed for her last night. She answered the door practically naked, knowing full well who it was. Ramona hates Luanne. She can’t wait for Luanne to ” fall on her face”. I bet Ramona prays for that. Concern my ass

  7. I love how they are all making excuses why they are unable to attend the wedding, when none of them were even invited. They don’t want to go and Luann doesn’t want them there…problem solved.

  8. agree with Luanne… who in their right mind would invite these ladies. Ramona should keep her nose where it belongs….

  9. Ramona looks damn good for 60! Those crazy eyes are always there, and the picture above is less than flattering. She has a great figure and can still wear a bikini. I am no fan of hers, but whether I like her or not, she does not look her age. Maybe she does try everything to look younger. After all, she said on this last episode that she wants to date younger than her own age (early 50s I think), so she has to look her best.

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