Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley React to the RHONY Reunion


Even though the ladies filmed this season’s Real Housewives of New York reunion in July, they are still recovering from all the drama that happened.

“I think it was pretty hairy, especially the second [part],” Ramona told the Daily Dish. “It was definitely off the charts, I think.”

Singer admitted there were parts of the reunion that she was even taken aback by. “I think it was definitely the most intense. I think there was a lot of things that came out that people were surprised, just the whole situation with Luann [de Lesseps] and [her fiancé] Tom [D’Agostino]’s honesty about his relationships with other fellow friends,” she said. “I didn’t appreciate that Luann was all of a sudden trying to kill the messenger. Before she was thankful that Bethenny [Frankel] told her about the incident with this other woman. And then all of a sudden, she resented her. I mean, listen, you’re supposed to let people know and do with the information what you want.”

Ramona explained that she really just wanted everyone to get along. “I think I’m on a different path now. Everyone changes and evolves, and I’m definitely a different person. I think because I went through a tough time with my divorce, I figure, why can’t we just get along, girls? So yeah, I think I’m still going to be on that path, but we’ll see,” she explained. “I think I have a different attitude toward things. And it definitely resonates in the way I handle things and speak. And I think the viewers see that and like it.”

Dorinda Medley also gave her take on what happened. “Last year’s reunion was my first. It was funny, I felt like at the end of it, we all had resolution. I felt like we’re like, ‘OK, that happened, but we can deal with it.’ We all actually had dinner together and things, but I really felt this year, people were damaged, and we really just wanted to get home and get into bed and make it go away,” she shared. “So it’s really funny, hoping that we all come back next year, hoping that we all get back to next season and have some resolution and re-bond and heal. That’s what I’m hoping for.”

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  • YoYo’sRobe

    I was a Dorinda fan but she’s the one who lit so many fires then stood back and watched forest fires. I think this was her way of getting back at people for the way greasy John was treated.

  • I am amazed at how different Ramona is. She still acts in an intrusive fashion when she believes whatever is happening or being discussed is too deep. She laughs that horrible high pitched cackle to shatter the ability of everyone else to conclude the interaction. She did it at the reunion a few times, interrupting right when one of the ladies was just getting ready to say what they really wanted to say. It is hard to explain. I watch the episodes more than once, as I have mentioned before, so I see things I missed entirely the first time. This is the very first season, for me, that I have listened to ANYTHING she had to say, it all sounded fake to me before. She actually seems to have grown and learned how to be a matur(ing) woman.
    I have to say I thought Sonja’s dress was absolutely beautiful. She has the ability to speak over others, and when she drank, and IMO, was one of those people who always had a level of some substance in her, making her repeat and repeat ( as Bethenny said ) in a very loud voice, in an attempt to get her point across no matter what. She has one of those voices that drowns out others. I have noticed that in many reunions. This year, when she really needed to speak, Dorinda kept interjecting. People say other ladies have that characteristic, but I think Dorinda is the worst. Many times during all 3 parts when another woman was speaking, similar to what Ramona does, she interrupts and “explains” for them what she thinks they should say or what she thinks they mean. I dislike that in a person. Heather Thompson was like that, much more so than Dorinda even. IMO. If she doesn’t like the way the discussion is going, she breaks in and changes it’s course.
    I would like to know how she would have handled it if she had been sent the photos of the as**ipe making out in front of hundreds of people. How does she REALLY think that could have been handled better? The entire engagement, his entire past, his entire dating life, if we can call how he lived such ( instead of calling him a man-whore ) had been private, then obviously it could have been handled privately. Those photos would have become public no matter what Bethenny did or when she did it. She didn’t want to ruin the weekend and she didn’t KNOW what to do. She did what she thought was right, no matter what anyone thinks of her. When she said at the very first “go get Luann” and Carole said “she is so HAPPY” and B said “no, stop, I have to think” or something like that showed she was, probably one of the few times in her life, at a loss as to how to proceed. She HAD to tell her before they went back, as Ramona had said, the entire East Side was buzzing with it. For a 2 season lady, Dorinda sure seems to think she knows it all. Her BF is a pig, for real, and his behavior would get past maybe 5 minutes of one date with me when I was her age. She is a stunning woman, I think, very beautiful and cultured, and her relationship with John is weird & questionable to me. I see why everyone believes she does coke, because it is so, so hard to figure why oh why she remains tied to him.

    • patricia

      ITA! I think Bethany did exactly the right thing. She waited, thought it thru, & got counsel from her close friends before telling Luann. Luann was wrong in blaming Bethany.

  • P.S. I think Ramona was very judgmental about Sonja all season. At the Prosecco BD party, then on the yacht when she actually TOOK the glass out of Sonja’s hand!! Wow. As if she is a non-drinker herself. That “dancing” at the party was evidence of who really also can’t handle alcohol.

  • YoYo’sRobe

    Oh 3’D’s you explain things so much better than I do, I think I’m to lazy to type out all that!

  • One Rotten Egg

    I’m sure Ramona was a little peeved she didn’t get the “first chair” next to Andy….noticed how she sat next to Bitchany? Carol was probably supposed to sit next to Bitchany, but Ramona probably made such a scene, Carol gave in.

  • Thanks, Girls. I get a little protective when untrue things are said. It’s one thing to voice an opinion, another to use lies and innuendo to influence whatever that opinion is and make it seem stronger and more correct. I also think it is downright infantile to rhyme cruel names to the names of the cast of any housewife. For some reason that offends me very much. Again, if one’s opinion does not carry enough weight on it’s own, then it is a low blow to add a school yard rhyming word to their name. A couple people I used to have wonderful conversations with here have reverted to that, and more than a few times I have asked them if we could still be cyber friends, and return to our former fun dialogue. After asking several times directly under their posts & not receiving a reply, I began simply stating my true feelings about that.
    Anyway, I believe Luann was the cruelest person on the entire reunion. She calls Sonja her “friend” and during the entire time after the Tom thing was uncovered, she began slamming her, calling her a liar, when 5 minutes before she was saying she was mentoring her. During the reunion when it was showing clips, she was whispering, again, during Sonja’s parts, with cruel, demeaning things. “Oh so sad.” “Oh, losing a companion and a dinner date.” “She doesn’t remember how she gets home!”Like that. She is the biggest hypocrite on housewives. She is a liar, and does everything she possibly can to make others look bad to make herself look not as bad. Well, Luann, it IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD. You are a bitch, and everything else Bethenny called you. The only problem is you LIE ABOUT IT EVERY DAMN TIME.
    I like to write, and don’t have the ability to concentrate my feelings down into less. So, thanks for making me feel good about that, ladies. 🙂

  • texussgal

    Oh 3D, I absolutely love your posts. Especially when it comes to Lieann. She couldn’t tell the truth if it slapped her in the face. I love the fact that you “tell it like it is” and with your true feelings. You are like me. I can’t be all sweet and nice when the obvious is staring me right in the face. Luann calling Sonja her friend was a laugh. Then she turned right around and defended Tom by stating that Sonja only slept with him once and didn’t remember how she got home. That is truly a pot calling the kettle black. I cannot believe that Luann is so incredibly understanding and defending this person. He gets drunk & mugs down on some woman and she chooses to look the other way??? OMG, is she so desparate to get married that she will settle for just any old snake? I think she is thinking with other parts of her body and I hope this douche-bag is great in bed and can keep her happy so she will keep looking the other way while he cheats on her left & right and spends her money. Wowee, what a piece of work she is.

    • I love reading you too, Texussgal. This is a great blog, IMO. Once in a while we get someone who names names and points fingers directly at posters. On the other hand, how else are we supposed to “reply” with respect unless we actually reply to what was said? We do it with care and thought in order to speak to the topic and not the poster if we disagree. That is completely different than speaking directly about or to someone, unless it is to say “HI” or ask how someone is doing. We have many of us found true friendships here, and being there is endless space and articles, we go off topic to talk a little more directly. When someone is ill, we share our sorrow about it, and we give condolences when someone has suffered a tragedy. That is because we are humans, not robots speaking here. Luann is the biggest liar and hypocrite of all time. I felt so bad for Sonja, Dorinda telling her how SHE felt during her tiff with Bethenny??? Wow, talk about a high and mighty attitude, especially for a HW who has been here 2 seasons. She thinks she knows it all.

  • VileVicky

    Is 3’D’s the blog police?? Puhhhleeeze

    • Daisy

      And who are you ?

    • Suze☕️

      VileVicky, 3D isn’t the blog police and has never pretended to be what about you? Please!

      • Thanks, Suze and Daisy. Looks like VileViki chose her handle wisely? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️ I was speaking my mind just like those do who are so infantile that they feel they must strengthen their position with schoolyard rhyming of names. If VV, ( hey, maybe that’s who VV was.!!…) I stand by my post, and love reading all the lovely ladies and gentlemen here. I am so pleased when we get a new poster, and texussgal seems to be new, unless I have simply been reading the wrong pages. I rarely read the OC, because I don’t know who K. Dodd is and don’t want to know. I get tired of trying to get to know all the new HW they constantly put on there. I still think David is a punk, and I am the fan only of Tamra out of the entire group.
        If texxussgal had disagreed, she would have done so with class and respect, we would become cyber friends either way, I just know it. Just like who I am speaking of when I say “Ladies and Gentleman” I could name them all, but they know who they are. I am off to look for Starr, I went to reply to a post of hers and my computer wouldn’t post all that day, so I have to go find it again. I haven’t seen her name in too long, so off I go. xoxoxoxo HH

        • Suze☕️

          You must have missed it but Texasgirl is Karen Wiltshire! She changed her name a week or two ago.

    • Yep, darlin`, give me a BADGE PUHHHLEEEZEEE.

      • Suze☕️

        Lol xxxooo

      • Daisy

        O M G too f***ing funny

  • VileVicky

    Anybody can come to this site and say what they want rhyme all they want you have no right to tell people what they can and cannot say badge revoked you called somebody a prick hypocrite

  • Oh, yeah, VV, we are all allowed to say what we want, including when something offends us. Many times someone has mentioned when something was offensive to them, and others, out of consideration to the posters and friends here, we stopped using that word or phrase. See? It’s called free speech.