Ramona Singer Divorce Final From Mario Singer


RadarOnline, is reporting that the impending divorce between RHONY star Ramona Singer and Mario Singer is now final.

Two years after the cheating scandal that plagued Mario Singer, Ramona Singer is now a single woman. The marriage union was officially dissolved on November 24th according to court records.

“Mario is trying to take Ramona for everything she worked so hard to achieve,” an insider said. “Ramona earned a lot of the money, and he’s going after it.”

Ramona ended up with the Southampton mansion along with the Manhattan condo.

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8 Replies to “Ramona Singer Divorce Final From Mario Singer”

  1. When there are no minor children and it’s a long marriage w/ no pre-nup, the usual deal with people I’ve known is splitting all of the assets 50/50 regardless of who earned what, then going their separate ways with no other payments either way.

    Trying for more would probably just cost him a lot more legal fees, I’d think. But who knows…

    1. If there are no minor children involved, NY will consider who contributed what…which is good for Ramona, if she was the one who earned most of the money. If there are children involved, the parent with custody will usually get to keep the family home, which is what is probably going on with Bethenny Frankel and Jason.

    1. I think cheaters are crap. If he didn’t like it, he could have easily opened his mealy mouth, gone to marriage counseling, or filed for divorce. If you can’t handle the vows, you don’t have any business taking them, especially when it’s so easy to get out of them honorably. I think that regardless of what Ramona is, he is still a sneaky weasel. No sympathy here.

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