Ramona Singer Devastated By Fight With Sonja Morgan


Ramona Singer is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss her fight with Sonja Morgan, Kristen Taekman and Heather Thomson in the Hamptons. Ramona blames the heat for what happened and says she was devastated to see Sonja so angry at her.

Ramona writes, “Watching myself on TV and seeing the day at my home with Kristen, Heather, and Sonja was not the most enjoyable experience. I must say it was a scorching temperature of 100 degrees, and the sun must have gotten to me!!!

I could not believe I called Heather a hypocrite and then within two minutes I forgot I called her that?!?

Kristen, for whatever reason, is annoying me. I guess she is trying to be helpful? However, I see her brining up the issue as being intrusive. She does not know any of the girls well enough to get involved. I would prefer for her to stay out of it and keep her opinions to herself.

Sonja seems to be in a place where she is very sensitive. With all the stress she has been under I should of been more sensitive about what I am saying to her. Sonja is always very proud of her performances — as she should be. Making a negative comment that I heard really served no purpose. I learned a valuable lesson to never repeat any negative hearsay to the people I truly care about.

I love Sonja like a sister and was so upset that she was so hurt. It truly devastated me that she was so angry. Thank goodness we made up. That is one of the traits that is so special about our friendship. We can get angry with each other, but then move on quickly. Sonja and I always have fun no matter what we do or where we go. We love each other so much. I do worry about her at times, even though Sonja is very independent and has accomplished many things.

I really can’t believe how long this argument over the book has been going on for. At what point will they let it go? I have realized it is not healthy to harbor anger toward someone. You need to talk it through and move on. I really hope Aviva and Carole do this soon.
Perhaps Aviva should not have run off so fast (something I myself am guilty of) and should have let Carole get everything off her chest.

I truly believe if Aviva had stayed put on the sand for another 10 minutes and allowed Carole to vent that it would of ended better. Instead Aviva said her piece and just left, leaving Carole on the beach still very angry towards her. Wrong move by Aviva in my opinion.”

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