Ramona Singer Consoles Luann de Lesseps Following Divorce

Surprisingly, Ramona Singer has been consoling Luann de Lesseps after the RHONY star announced her divorce from her husband of seven months, Tom D’Agostino. We know that Ramona dated Tom prior to Luann’s relationship with him, which has caused a lot of strife between the women. But that hasn’t stopped Ramona from being there for her friend.

“We’ve texted each other. We’ve talked about how my heart is really broken for her because I know when something ends, it’s really, it’s horrible,” Ramona recently told E! News. “And I know she had her heart and soul in this relationship. And once she decided she wanted to marry him, we were all behind her 100 percent. And she really was never happier than when she decided to marry him, and I never saw her happier. So I’m really sad for her, I really am.”

Singer gave more of her opinion in another interview with Extra. “I think Luann is a person who, like every woman, wants the white picket fence and the knight in shining armor,” she explained. “Of course, that doesn’t always exist, but we still want for it and hope for it, and that’s what she was hoping for.”

Are you surprised Ramona is supporting Luann?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • starr

    Luann was a fool & that’s it, period.

  • Melp

    Watch Ramona giving hugs or any type of sympathy she bites “HARD” She is the epitome of looking you square in the face and telling you how sorry she is then as you turn to walk away………. She brings out her rattle and strikes.
    Not a good friend nor good human being. Feel so sorry for Avery, but I think Avery is fully aware of exactly what her mother is like. Watch out Luann……. after she bites she will suck the life right out of you. I know Luann is a mess, but she needs to just start telling all these woman who involve themselves in her business to F… off and shut the F up.
    I do know it guarantees Luann a place in the next season she has her storyline.

  • Bon Vivant

    Lu’s been nursing her wounds in the Swiss Alps, posting scenic video of her train ride through the countryside as she makes her way back home. Her swooping in to scoop up Tom and marry him after a whirlwind romance was an epic fail, but I do hope the tabloids will let her be in for a while while she finishes her summer in the Hamptons. Things are going to be awkward enough when she returns to the city.

  • Ashley Madison

    “I think Luann is a person who, like every woman, wants the white picket fence and the knight in shining armor,”

    Yup, several knights at the same time…she was hooking up with strangers even when she was engaged to the Frenchie who sold wines…