Ramona Singer Catches Mario Cheating With Kasey Dexter AGAIN


When Mario Singer was accused of having an affair with Kasey Dexter, Ramona decided to give him a second chance, but according to a new report, the RHONY star has caught Mario sneaking around with Dexter again.

Life & Style reports Ramona caught her husband once again hooking up with his alleged longtime mistress, Kasey Dexter, on July 24th.

“She packed up all his belongings and left them in the hallway outside his friend’s apartment,” an insider told the magazine. “She’s so angry she can’t look at him or talk to him.”

“The divorce is back on!” another friend said.

And it doesn’t look like Mario is begging Ramona to take him back this time. On July 27th, an onlooker spotted Singer and Dexter holding hands and kissing in Montauk, New York. And In Touch caught him and his not-so-secret lover sharing lunch at NYC eatery Anassa Taverna on August 2nd.

“Once again,” a source tells the mag, “Mario has made a fool out of Ramona.”


Photo Credit: Bravo/In Touch


12 Replies to “Ramona Singer Catches Mario Cheating With Kasey Dexter AGAIN”

  1. Ouch ! I saw this with his photo with new young girl…I don’t like Ramona but I think this is one that would hurt…His not worth the fight girlfriend I would chalk it up to just his bad taste and go get yourself some-something -something- always stand proud!!!

  2. Ramona can dish but can’t take…she did so much trash talking about other people’s marriages, aka LuAnn, but proof is in the pudding. What a fool for telling TV how wonderful your marriage is.

  3. One question: how has Mario stood Ramona for all these years? I can’t stand her for 1 hour every week. Maybe Mario is just looking for sanity in his life. His big mistake is not getting divorced first.

    1. Yeah, but from what I have read, this Kasey is a younger Ramona. She’s a whackadoodle! He must be a glutton for punishment.

        1. haha! Paging Dr. Freud. Mario has always given me a creeper vibe. This Kasey broad has NO shame if the reports online are true. She’s basically pulled a SWF on Ramona. I don’t care for Ramona’s elitist judgmental attitude at all but I do feel very sorry for her. This has to be so mortifying and sting to the core.

  4. I really hate it when I’m right . Not really. I said it waaaay back in the beginning. Once a cheater always a cheater. If Ramona took him back he would see it as a victory…. Hang in for a bit and start all over again. One thing about couples who have infidelity in their relationship when the wife (or husband ) get caught cheating and the other spouse takes them back they have to sit down discuss it for how long they want then it cannot be brought up again. If your going to give it a second chance in this case Ramona has to start to trust but not bring it up every single day. That’s just fuels the fire. Yes it’s hard. Can you imagine that Ramona just took him back and never discussed it. NO WAY she pounded him every moment she had. This just pushed him further away and right back into kasey’s arms. Who wants to live like that. No one should cheat I think it’s selfish and cowardly. If you don’t want to be married any longer step up be a man (or woman) and be honest say it’s over and move in. Don’t hurt people. I think Mario was just waiting for Avery to leave the house . I think he was miserable with Ramona for a very long time and just cheated when he could and unfortunately for him he got caught. Mario if your unhappy get the hell out be a man a move on. Ramona take a good look at your behavior and how you treat people get some therapy and start realizing your not a nice person. Your a mean, greedy, selfish, lying manipulator. Ease up and MAYBE just MAYBE you’ll find happiness again one day

    1. Very good post, I agree. No one wants to see people hurt, there is sympathy. That said, the person cheated on does have to acknowledge their own role in the demise of the relationship. And yes, even if it’s simply denial or passivity. No one person destroys a relationship (the word itself takes two.) Somewhere, somehow, you BOTH dropped the ball. I agree about Ramona’s personality, this is not shocking news. I think everyone saw it coming and probably way before she was on Rhony. Most people who have been married for a while understand, this is not ownership! It’s partnership. If you kick back and get sloppy and make no effort, Do Not Cry Foul if your spouse leaves you!! Courage & Love to their daughter. Sometimes things can actually be much better when the parents are no longer miserably together.

  5. Well, I guess Karma is a BIG bitch. It’s very very hard to feel sympathy for Ramona because I have watched this woman be gleefully nasty to woman after woman for six seasons. Let me try…. Nope.

  6. I hate that she’s going through this. I don’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. With that being said when I first started watching RHONY I had a feeling he was cheating because she had just come back from a vacation with the girls and she was sitting on a couch and wearing a sexy nighty and he just wasn’t interested at all. I’m sure she knew something was going on but was probably in denial. I think he was just waiting for his daughter to leave home.

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