Ramona Singer To Blame For Countess LuAnn’s Demotion On RHONY?

Ramona Singer & LuAnn de Lesseps

Ramona Singer was a “key player” in having Countess LuAnn de Lesseps demoted from The Real Housewives of New York City. “Ramona has been trying to get Luann off the show for years,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “The two have been at each other’s throats for years. Ramona saw an opportunity to pounce when Luann was in a contract stand-off with Bravo. She pointed out that Luann had no storyline since she and her much younger boyfriend had broken up.”

“In Ramona’s opinion, Luann didn’t bring anything to the show and was only dragging it down,” the production insider dished. “Ramona is now acting like the queen bee on the show!”

LuAnn did not admit to being demoted, instead she claimed, “I just made the decision to step back so I can spend more time doing my things with business and my family.”

“Privately, it’s killing Luann that she won’t be a series regular,” the insider says. “She loved being on the show and wanted to use it as a vehicle to promote her singing career and books.”

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  • tamara hope

    I think that is soooo funny I can’t stop laughing! I hate Luann she is a very vindictive person who thinks she is better then anyone else & throws her title around which was only honorary & lost it in the devorce! I also thought she was making a fool of herself with Jaq. he was using her but she was too stupid to notice. Luann can’t sing either so I’m glad she is gone. Now if we can only get rid of 2 more it will be my fav. of the housewives again!

  • TOTALLY agree with ‘good riddance’ Luann. Listening to that flat mid western, middle class voice instructing others on etiquette as if she was Emily Post reborn was bad enough….listening to her attack American icon JFK’s niece regarding pretentiousness & titles was worst. FYI Luann, princess tops countess & Carole’s title was hers from birth because her mother, JFK’s sister in law, married a prince plus came from very old moneyed southern family. She outclasses Luann in every way possible.

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  • karen

    Well, I have to jump on here and say, now that ol’ Ramona has been taken down,