Ramona Singer: Bethenny Went Off The Rails at The RHONY Reunion


Part one of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion airs tonight and Ramona Singer is promising viewers a lot of drama.

“There were so many bombshells [at the reunion], my head was spinning. It took me two weeks to recover,” she said.

Singer tells ET that the cast arrived at 6AM and didn’t wrap until 9:30PM, with just a one-hour break during the “grueling” day.

Ramona says Bethenny Frankel had a fever that day, but that didn’t stop her from bringing the heat. “For not feeling well, she really went off the rails,” Singer says. Frankel tells ET this was her most difficult reunion ever for the show. “I didn’t enjoy it at all,” she says. “Last year, we all went to dinner afterwards. This year ended differently.”

Bethenny says she’s always lived her life honestly on the show, but says that’s not true for some of the other women. “You have 50 percent of the cast that has a whole taboo, police line, do-not-cross section of their life that is not discussed on camera and never has been,” she says. “For legal issues and liability issues, Bravo doesn’t need to bring it up. It’s a difficult line to ride and that may be why I don’t come back.”

During the reunion, Frankel accuses Jules Wainstein, who is splitting from husband Michael, of planning to get divorced before the season even began. But Luann de Lesseps tells the site she doesn’t buy that theory. “I think Jules came into the show very much married,” she says. “They looked very much together. I was surprised, like everybody else, to hear.”

And although de Lesseps’ engagement and Tom’s cheating scandal was a big storyline this season, she seems to be pleased with how the reunion went. “I actually like the reunion because you get to really tell your side of the story,” she says. “There’s redemption. There’s starting over.”

Frankel previously revealed that she might not be back to the show because of how intense the reunion was. “Something very dramatic happened at the reunion to question my integrity,” she reveals. “If someone questions my business or my integrity, I take it really seriously; I don’t just kind of gloss over it. So, I think maybe the ‘fun and light’ Bethenny that people expect, with the quips and the comebacks, wasn’t there.”

Are you ready for tonight’s reunion?

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20 Replies to “Ramona Singer: Bethenny Went Off The Rails at The RHONY Reunion”

  1. I don’t know if I am ready. I can’t take all the screaming and shouting and B talks so fast I don’t understand what she is saying.

  2. Ok, so here is a question about Bravo production and Jules. Do they do the talking heads after the season has ended? I thought when watching Jules and her hubby in the beginning of the season, that they looked like they were happy enough as a couple. However, if you watch that first scene where they are introduced at that brunch of Bethanny’s, count how many times she says that Michael can go F$#k himself in her talking heads. lol. That might be telling, but it seemed natural to me. hehe..

  3. I have always liked Bethenny and was really happy to see her back. But LuAnn is really wearing on me. Almost to the point were she is more annoying about her engagement than anything else. Felt bad for Sonya. LOVE CAROL! Gonna be a tense reunion.

    1. I swear, if LuAnn said one more time, I’m engaged, I’m the one walking down the aisle or BL, before Lu, I was going to pull my hair out. She really was annoying. Bethenny has always been my favorite. I would like to see them get rid of Jules and bring Jill back to mix it up.

  4. Bethanny is nut case…. she may be one smart business lady…. but that’s all she has going for her…. she’s certainly not a likeable person…. that’s too bad.

  5. Bethany is a big mouth witch. LuAnn looks and sounds like a man and Ramona loves to flaunt her fake TITS. Stop hanging out in bars and find someone that isn’t an alcoholic like all the ladies. Dorian……wake up and dump the obsessive cleaning mam, he’s disgusting.

  6. I love love love Bethanny. I don’t think RHONY is any good without her. As strait laced as I am, everyone who knows me would probably be shocked at me liking her so much. She is very entertaining. She probably would not like me, however, because I also loved loved loved her husband abd hated it so bad when they decided to divorce.

  7. Waiting for Bethenney to act self-righteous during the reunion .Heather really called it a spade
    when she told her that she acts like she knows everything, she is annoying always claiming
    that she’s the only one who tells the truth. Hope she keeps her word about not returning, the
    show is too stressful when she’s in it.

  8. Bethenny makes me sick. Everytime I hear her voice it gives me anxiety. She is such a hypocrite and just plain disgusting. How can a person have such a lack of self awareness?

  9. I really like Bethnny, not so much Luann who is over-done. The yelling & talking over each other’s heads came as no surprise, we witnessed that all season long. Unfortunately, they are all a bunch of flakes. Was not that enjoyable to me at all.

  10. I hope Bethenny comes back for the next season. I can live without Luann, Sonja & Ramona. They contribute absolutely nothing to the show. But, that would just leave Carole, Bethenny and Dorinda. Don’t think Jules contributed a lot to the to the show. She was really weak and blah. I think she would have to be stupid to not know that her husband was cheating. But, on the other hand, I think she could do sooo much better. Apparently they have been a “work in progress” their entire marriage. I just feel sorry for her children…..they were so upset when she was in Miami and Michael didn’t even bother to come home. This guy seems like a male chauvanist pig from the very beginning. Yuck and eeewwwww!!!!!

  11. I also hope Bethenny comes back. LieAnn makes my skin crawl after this season, she should ride off into the sunset with her “soul mate’, (two peas in a pod). She will definitely get married, she would never pass up the opportunity to be married..at any cost! Carole is just boring at this point. I like Sonja and hope she stays too, as well as Ramona. Jules just doesn’t seem to fit in. Dorinda if fun to watch. We might see some engagements next season, I hope so!

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