Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel Have Epic Feud this Season on RHONY

On this season of RHONY, Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel get into such an epic argument that things might not ever be the same between them.

“I had the biggest altercation with Bethenny that I ever had with any woman in my life that it was very hard for me to handle,” Ramona told The Daily Dish. “It was almost, it was like torture. It wasn’t good.”

When Bethenny spoke with The Daily Dish about the upcoming season she didn’t fully say anything about an argument but did say, “I get burned worse than I’ve ever been burned this season by one of the women,” she said. “Worse than ever. I got blindsided in way that I’ve never been [before]. Someone’s true feelings about me come out and I can’t even believe it.”

Andy Cohen even commented on their fight by saying, “[The season] starts off great, and by episode 3 Bethenny and Ramona are at each other’s throats. They splinter apart; they come back together — it’s a roller coaster.”

“Once you’ve opened Pandora’s box, it’s really hard to put things back in,” Bethenny noted. “So this season was extremely surprising.”

What do you think about their upcoming feud? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • MaryBoston

    Two bitches fighting…next. Sorry, nothing to see here. Ramona, you were always such a pretty lady, what did you do…why the awful plastic surgery. You were aging gracefully and lovely. Oh, well.

    • Sunshine

      I agree, Mary Boston. She is going too far with something, hopefully it’s not permanent.

    • sadie87

      Hopefully it’s like when Vicki from the OC had all her face work. The first year it looked horrible but now it looks pretty great, especially when you see the old episodes and compare. She looks like a different person.

    • cat62

      The neck doesn’t lie…

  • barbara

    Ramona really showed her dirty side. I never could stand her. However, Bethenny rose to the occasion. Instead of engaging with the crazy eyed Ramona she simply left the dinner. I do wish she had put Ramona in the ground with her wit though. Always such fun for me!

  • Kate

    Ramona can always dish it out but can never take it back from anyone. I can’t wait to see this, although I hope Bethany keeps it an intellectual fight and not just mean like she did with both Sonja and Luann last year.

    • cat62

      Tit for Tat – Mutt and Jeff – can dish it out but not take it – blah – blah – blah. My two least favorite “ladies” on the show.