Ramona Singer Announces Split From Husband Mario


As we previously reported, Mario Singer was recently spotted cozying up to his mistress Kasey Dexter again and Thursday Ramona announced she is leaving her husband for good.

“I have decided to move on with my life without Mario,” Ramona wrote on Twitter. “I tried my best to make my marriage work. I am excited for the new chapter in my life.”

Ramona’s friend told Life & Style, “She packed up all his belongings and left them in the hallway outside his friend’s apartment. She’s so angry she can’t look at him or talk to him.”

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22 Replies to “Ramona Singer Announces Split From Husband Mario”

  1. I usually don’t make light of situations like these, but Ramona has this coming to her spades, you get what you give, she’s a big girl, she should know better than to always act like a straight up bitch to everyone. This is karma if ever.

    1. I don’t much care for Ramona and she can be a bitch but to say she deserves her husband cheating on her is stupid. One has nothing to do with the other and regardless she is not only hurting for herself but for Avery also.

    2. Spot on.
      What goes around comes around. I hope Luann has a good chuckle and moves right along. I also can’t wait for that little chickee to leave Mario for a younger man.
      Karma for all.

  2. I have great compassion for Ramona. Not a good idea to talk about her karma. None of us are in a position to do that. Better to pray that she finds peace. It’s difficult to watch her suffering.

  3. Atvthis point Ramona had no choice but to split–Mario wanted to be seen now. I think he did this intentionally because he was beyond miserable with her. What he did was wrong, but can you imagine living with someone like Ramona day after day after day…

    1. Well, he managed to for 21 years. I don’t care who it is, I hate see a marriage break up. Even if Avery is older. She’s still a kid and kids don’t want to have their mom and dad split up. I’m not saying he should stay if he wasn’t happy, but to say she deserved it and stuff like that is childish.

  4. Ramona seems a very proud woman, wants people to think things are perfect when it’s not. i imagine things in her marriage weren’t that great for a long while. hopefully she comes out of the divorce for the better. must be hard having to essentially restart your life at her age.

  5. I don’t think looks are the deciding factor when it comes to matters of the heart but ramona wins hands down. She should rest assured that she looks great & is still young enough to have a wonderful life & relationship. I hope she uses this to do some introspection & then moves on. She’s better than this mess. This girl appears more unstable than ramona has. Onwards & upwards, Ramona!

  6. Ramona probably had Mario stay with her during filming. The way she’s talked about other’s marriages – it is Karma. She probably treated Mario like crap too. Seems to be how she does others.

  7. I find no pleasure in another’s pain. I agree with you Jody. Actually, Ramona has given me a
    lot of laughs. Who can forget the fairway walk? Or her walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with
    the Beth.
    I don’t think for a minute that this is Mario’s first rodeo. I’m glad that she has Sonja for a friend now. She is self made; whereas Mario has fallen into it.
    He doesn’t want to grow old. Hence from an older dingbat to a younger one. Although the
    word on the street is she this one is not playing with a full deck.

  8. I am not a Ramona fan, that being said, I would not wish this on anyone. I have compassion for her. I am a firm believer in if you want the world to see the good then show them. I think she is a wounded bird that has never learned about the blessings of life. She has a different set of values than I and realizations of what is important and what isn’t in life. Still no one deserves this humiliation but once again…it is what you get for being on these shows. How many marriages have been “exposed” and lost on reality t.v. shows? I found it interesting that both Kristen and Shannon had both made it a point to mention that the show HELPED their marriages. I think there has been a lot of talk about what the exposure has done to already fragile situations. Do you all think it made it harder?

  9. I can’t stand Ramona but I cant help but feel bad for her, I think she will have the last laugh that girl (whatever her name is) will spend all Mario’s money then come to her senses and find some young hotti to help her spend all Mario’s money!!!

  10. Ann- you are right, the absolutely worste and most unforgivable thing Mario did was what his did very publically – to Avery. He hurt and humiliated her. For this yhe is an Ass of gigantic porportions. How can you be that self absorbed?

  11. Hey has anyone thought it might be interesting to watch a newly single Ramona, I haven’t really been interested in her, find her ridiculous but then thought it might be fun to see her single and fabulous haha well lets hope she will be fabulous!!

  12. I don’t want to see a newly single Ramona. She is so rude, ill mannered and uncouth. Both her and Sonja drink far too much, act like spoiled children, embarrass themselves and make Americans look like ignorant idiots wherever they go. Obviously money cannot buy them class!
    Not only that, they are not spring chickens anymore, and they are beginning to have an air of desperation about them that is not fun to watch, it’s more pathetic and sad.

  13. What the heck is wrong with Mario’s eyes?

    Ramona is doing the right thing by divorcing. Let him leave to live his life. I am sure she’ll be just fine and she’ll have a pretty good dating life. She tried to make it work and it didn’t. No need to hang on anymore. Mario probably told himself that he would leave once Avery went off to college. He has.

    Time for the both of them to move on and live happy lives with other people at this point.

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