Ramona Singer Admits She Was Not Proud Of Her Behavior in Mexico

Ramona Singer wrote a brief blog about the backlash she received from her behavior in Mexico on the RHONY cast trip.

“I just got back from Anguilla and had the most relaxing trip on the beach for five days. Avery is now home after graduating and just started her position at a major financial institution. I could not be prouder of her.

What I am not proud about was my behavior on my night in Mexico with the girls. I acted out in too many ways to count. What a difference a year can make! Last year Bethenny did not want to include Sonja or Luann on the group trip. I was trying to convince Bethenny not to exclude them. This year Bethenny was trying to exclude me. The place we went to was magical and the irony is there was not a bad room in the villa. I would have been happy to sleep in a beach chair. Bring on the tequila!”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • ChristopherM

    She acted on this trip how she has acted every single trip ever taken on this show. I don’t think I would have been able to resist pushing her off the nearest cliff. She is ridiculous, and her apologies mean nothing if she does not change her behavior.

  • mollyredwine

    She is a perfect example of
    The ugly American….I was embarrassed and turned the tv off..

  • LainieSings

    She is WAAAAAAAAY too OLD to be acting like a twentysomething!!! Her behavior towards the villa staff was APPALLING!!! Snapping her fingers and demanding to have her bags unpacked… What a sociopathic self-entitled HAG!!!

  • timhun

    She’s says that she’s embarrassed by her behavior but I’ll bet she acts the exact same way on the next trip.

  • kay

    She did not mention the staff – she treated them like they were her slaves

  • Lola

    I thought Ramona acted like a spoiled child! Bethany did not want her there to begin with, for her to act the way she did was ridiculous! Indeed, any room in that house was amazing, you are blessed to have friends that can invite you partake in such an awesome vacation. Your behavior was deplorable, shame on you!

  • starr

    I agree with every comment listed below. Ramona is a spoilt, demanding, low-classed, unappreciative fool.