Ramona Singer Admits She Knows a Secret About LuAnn de Lesseps Fiance Tom D’Agostino


When we last saw Ramona Singer and LuAnn de Lesseps, it was during the RHONY reunion and Ramona Singer hinted that she might know something else about LuAnn’s fiancé Tom D’Agostino. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Ramona admitted to Andy Cohen that she does in fact have gossip about Tom.

“There was that moment where I said to you that I felt like you knew something,” Andy told Ramona. “Now you don’t have to say what it is, but I know you.” After a few awkward shrugs, you can bet Ramona owned up to knowing a secret about Tom within seconds. “Yeah, I know something. Yeah, I do,” she said, before adding coyly, “Maybe if I do Season 9 it’ll come out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Ughh…this transparency is gag worthy and I’m really surprised at the desperation of this publicity. Who the F&&&K EVEN CARES anymore what she supposedly knows in order to stay relevant. That fake crying session in Miami was nothing but laugh out loud humor, but for some reason today, I just can’t take anymore of this made up crap..phew…Maybe it’s time for me to take my hormones today..lol.

Drink your wine and play in traffic Ramona.. No one cares what you think

I never have liked Ramona so now I see what a bitch she is! A jealous old hag! And before anyone has a go at me for saying she is old I am five years older than her!

You go Suze!! Me too so we can say that

She is a jealous old hag!

You know.. If we think about it, most of housewives are 🙂

She dresses like a teenager and it’s not a good look for her. Needs to embrace her age. Act and dress appropriately. She looks like a circus clown

She does look like a clown!

Lol Good morning Suze and all♥️!
We’re on a roll this morning ! I myself would like to know what secret lurks inside that Pinot Grigio head of hers. Ramona is so zany she reminds me of one of cinderellas goofy faced stepsisters can’t remember her name maybe Drucilla. I just can’t take her seriously enough to dislike her she’s comic relief to me. I do appreciate how she’s growning out of her horrible old shrieking days and more in control. Prozac? 😉

Good morning Sweetie xoxoxoxxo

How is the weather today in Bonnie land? It’s a lovely early autumn day here in the northeast the sun is shiny and the grass is dewy green! xoxoxoxo

It’s not cold here but it’s blowing a gale. Can’t wait to go south on Friday where it will be warmer I hope! Xoxoxox

Oh, I’m glad it’s lovely Autumn there, too. The best color in anything that colors beautifully in the Fall is from hot days and cold nights. Ramona used to bug me with her insincerity. She still has that screeching laugh she uses when she wants to be noticed during an important moment anytime. That bugs me more than anything, really. Always when the conversation gets deep or others are almost to the point of reconciliation, or some crucial statement is about to be made, she interjects with some loud screeching pronouncement and clapping or saying some stupid thing to break… Read more »

My eyes rolled so hard. Honestly, this seems so manufactured to me. As manufactured as Luann’s wedding will be and the “friendships” on this cast.

Let it go already. Who cares. Ramona is just jealous.

That she is. Jealous because she wants all the intention

Why should we care when the Bride doesn’t -(shoulder shrug here)

Ramona needs to get laid ASAP

I read some where else LieAnn had her bridal shower ,Dorinda the s@$!t stirrer was there and Sonjia however you spell her name .Romona was at a concert so was not in there lol but her not being there makes me wonder

Is Ramona worried she might not be on Season 9?

I was watching the reunion again. Luann is despicable. She is such a total narcissist, that she believes her “engagement” negates the fact that Sonja knew Tom FOR TEN YEARS, BEFORE……BEFORE she did. Ha a FRIENDSHIP, AND A RELATIONSHIP before Tom even knew Luann. Whatever fairy tale she wants to try to convince herself of, mocking Sonja during the clips where Sonja was speaking of her feelings, that she lost a dinner date, a friend and a lover, Luann tries to convince herself it wasn’t so by being a total CRUEL BITCH. Sonja apologized for the comments about the yacht… Read more »
Hi 3D’s. Love reading your posts as usual – I totally agree with you. I’ve liked and disliked just about every HW in NY at some point with the exception of Lu Ann – I have never liked her; her self righteous, holier than thou attitude. It’s all about appearances for her; that became obvious with the “Tom” scandal. And regarding the disappearing act that elegant guests are supposed to do – I was brought up to believe that before leaving a gathering – you ALWAYS find the host/hostess, say thank you for inviting me, I had a lovely evening,… Read more »
My first good laugh of the day. Thank you. Aunt Bee and I have never liked her. I have felt sorry for her in this last escapade of Tom’s, until she blamed Bethenny. In Miami, “could you find out when it was?” In NY “Why did you find out the details?” In Miami, “If you’re my friend you will show me” IN NY, “Stay out of my life with Tom.” In Miami, “Of course I want to know” In NY at reunion “There was no good outcome from you telling me.” Wow. Does she think the audience forgets, like she… Read more »