Ramona Singer Admits Her Behavior Was Difficult This Season On RHONY

Ramona Singer is admitting she was hard to handle on this past season of The Real Housewives of New York City. In her blog, Ramona opens up about what was really bothering her throughout the season and why she behaved the way she did.

“To say I had a difficult season on RHONY is an understatement. Last season, I was helping to make sure everyone got along and liked each other, and I think I succeeded. It was a way for me to focus my energy on something else other than myself and what I was really going through and feeling.  As I watched back over the past few months, seeing myself has given me the opportunity to reflect and face the truth. The bottom line is, I behaved poorly. I treated others in a way that was disrespectful, and there’s no excuse for that, so I have decided to share what I personally have been going through this past year as I have been avoiding dealing with my feelings like the plague.

What I must say is that when you are filming a reality show, it is real, it is raw. No matter what happens to you the night before or the call you get before you start to film,  it’s all there…no script and you can’t become another character. I thought I was OK, I thought I was happy and I thought I was dealing with my divorce well, but the reality is that wasn’t the case at all.

I never thought the man who loved me so deeply and became the love of my life  would cheat on me repeatedly! I never thought he would ask for my forgiveness and then do it all over again. Internally, I was broken and did not know how I could move forward. I never really allowed myself to show anyone the deep pain of what happened with the downfall of my marriage. I thought I was putting on a good facade, but the truth came through in my actions and my behavior this season. This is something that I didn’t realize at the time of filming, no matter who may have pointed it out. I had to relive it by watching the show over the past several months to come to grips wth some things.

As women, we are known as fixers, and our job is to protect the people we love. I was married for 23 years, and when my marriage was falling apart, I did everything I could to fix it, even accepting abusive behavior from the man who was supposed to be my protector. I was so happy for so many years, and then it all just fell apart and at the end, I was so emotionally broken. My husband and my child meant everything to me. I never imagined that I would lose one of them, and I just didn’t know how to deal with all of it. When you are in pain and you’re hurting, it can manifest in many ways, so in my case it came out in my denial that I OK ok and in my behavior. I understand that now, and I am trying to do better.

I thought I had it planned it out so well, and that’s partly why I never got married until I was 37. I am a planner, and my plan of my idyllic marriage did not work. I know what ultimately pulled me through were my close friends and my financial independence.

My mother was physically and emotionally abused by my father on a daily basis, and she drummed into my head to be financially independent because of her situation. My mother could not leave her husband as she had nothing. I came from nothing, and I put myself through college. I had no connections, no mentors, no TV show to give me organic advertising to promote a business or product, yet I, against all odds and through determination, had my own multi-million dollar business at 30 years old. I give all the credit to my mother for my financial success. I also credit Bravo for my exposure of being on RHONY and being the first Real Housewife to be on HSN. I credit Bravo for giving me the platform that helped me develop my own wine, as my fans would always ask what my favorite Pinot Grigio was. Ramona Pinot Grigio was a great success, and I appeared  twice at The Flower Show in Philadelphia, where only the top performing brands are invited. I was proud to be able to accomplish all these things on my own.

For the first time in my life, I have no plans, no set path, where before I always have. It’s scary but liberating. I am enjoying and embracing life every day, and my daughter Avery is the biggest joy.  She is my best accomplishment, and I know from deep down that I parented her in the right way to make her into the wonderful young women she is today.

I’m not perfect, but I like to say perfect is boring. And boring I will never be!”

Thoughts on what Ramona had to say?

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7 Replies to “Ramona Singer Admits Her Behavior Was Difficult This Season On RHONY”

  1. “Difficult” isn’t the word I’d use. Though she is difficult for others. I am SO sick of her & her fake laugh, I have to mute the computer when she is on. Now that we have all been saying we zip certain HW segments, now they break them up into minute slices instead of allowing us a whole 4 minute scene. Like in Mexico when the girls went surfing and 1st Sonja and Ramona were out there, then when her and Tinsley were arguing, the scene went back and forth so it was almost impossible to drag the curser past the ones I don’t want to see. That made me notice how all of the segments are like that now. Adds were bad enough, so I went to Amazon watching. Now I don’t get to choose who to see on there either.
    Sonja is the most delusional woman I have ever seen. It wasn’t 10 months that she didn’t drink, for one thing. Why can’t she simply be honest that she didn’t party and get sh**-faced until Mexico. The stuff in the Post too. Deflect and lie. She is the pro of all pro’s of deflecting. I used to like her. I guess she thought she was going to have Tinsley trailing behind her like a little duck. When Tinsley went out & did her job and also lived her life, that made Sonja prove to us that she is exactly what Dorinda said she is, a jealous grudge holder. She mocked Tinsley to the point of cruelty, then was angry that it was Carole that set her up on the famous 5 day date. How hypocritical. She herself would go with a man anywhere and for as long as possible as long as she wasn’t paying. That isn’t “friend dropping.”
    The reunion was kind of anti-climactic. I think Bethenny should have backed off a little. I am a fan, but I see her faults. Being we all have them, I think one of hers is that when she has something to say, she can NOT stop herself from saying it. I also grew up not being allowed an opinion. It made me more apt to blurt mine out as a young adult. My upbringing wasn’t what hers was though. So, I learned mostly. See you all at BH!

  2. WTFE crazy eyed bat shit crazy woman. Once again making excuses for your poor behavior but yet getting jabs in on your wealth. Apparently you skipped school on the days the true meaning of class was discussed. Everyone could tell seasons before what’s his name was cheating on you. He was so disinterested in you from your behavior and I don’t blame him. Your a nut job and you make a total ass out of yourself. Lay off the bacon, Botox and dress to your appropriate body size. Yes it’s time someone insults you the way you have been insulting others the past year.

    1. She always has n always will b difficult
      She is not a nice person period.
      Rumor is Bethenny is friends with Mario’s new squeeze and had an idea that Mario was cheating

  3. No, Ramona is not boring. She is struggling with trying to live as she used to…as a narcissist who flaunted her happiness and wealth (and formerly, her husband) for all to see, with little empathy for others, and yet as a woman in her 60s (great toned figure and cosmetic enhancement) without a significant other in her life, and maybe hiding a depression, masking it by wild antics on screen and more craziness than ever. The Ramonacoaster it is, and Ramona is never boring, though she has been far from nice.
    It is always Me Me Me with her, even choosing her room before the host has…when she is a guest. The nerve and sense of entitlement she has leaves me gasping in horror. I don’t believe Ramona is anyone’s friend, but maybe she was knocked down a notch when her marriage ended, and became a little more human…just a little. I actually feel sorry for her a bit…just because it was so obvious that she loved Mario, but maybe she has always been too self absorbed. I blame Mario for his cheating, and never Ramona. He had a choice. According to what was said, they had a very close physical relationship that never wavered too. It had to be a shock to Ramona, and it is a pain that tears at one’s soul. I cut her some slack…just a bit, for what happened post Mario.

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