Ramona Says That LuAnn & Jacques Have An Open Relationship! Plus- LuAnn On St. Barths Trip!

In Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion, Ramona is talking about LuAnn & Jacques, and says they have an open relationship. She says, “Lets just say LuAnn loves her men!” LuAnn tells her “to not go there!” LuAnn on the St. Barth’s scandal? Ramona says she wishes LuAnn would show “the real LuAnn” when the Bravo cameras are up. LuAnn says, “I think I just showed the real LuAnn!” She continues, “I think that I was drinking Tequila, I think I was having fun, and I think I messed up and I told a lie, and I’m sorry because of it. It made me suffer, It made Jacques suffer, and it was really hard for us.” in this sneak peek of next week’s episode. Watch below!

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Tell Us- Do you think Jacques & LuAnn have an open relationship?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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