Ramona And Mario Singer Separated, Cops Called After Ramona Claims Mario Choked Her


Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer and her husband Mario had a domestic dispute on Friday in their Southampton home where the police were called over an intense fight. Ramona told authorities that her husband of almost 20 years choked her. The NY Post is reporting that the couple has quietly separated and are dating other people. It has been rumored that Mario is dating Kasey Dexter, while Ramona has been linked to Travis Millard. The couple has not filed for divorce… yet.

“Ramona kicked Mario out of the Manhattan apartment in the last few days, but the understanding was that he could stay in the Southampton house,” an insider told the paper. The incident came to a head this weekend when Ramona found Mario and Kasey in their Southampton home and “threw a fit and called the cops.”

Ramona allegedly offered the cops “a glass of wine” when they arrived at her Hamptons home, and initially accused Mario of choking her to police, but multiple other sources have denied the allegations. No charges were pressed in the incident according to the paper. 

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Binky

    It’s always the way – people that brag that their marriage is so fantastic (and renew their vows) are always the marriages that collapse. She’s a complete nut job – don’t know how he put up with her for 27 years!

  • Ruth Ann Coleman

    I’m not surprised…..but I do feel sorry for their daughter

  • Deed

    My sentiments exactly…. How did he put up with her this long? I always thought he had to be psycho himself to continually tolerate her outrageous behavior. Phew always seemed to be so amused at her antics though. Guess it got old. Who could ever luve with this over the top histrionic woman, really? Except another nut job.

  • yaya

    Amen Binky! Totally agree.

  • I am not going to say that he didnt choke her, but knowing how she over reacts and throws a tantrum like a crazy person, she migh have just made the whole thing up…

    Also, we all knew that it was all fake … we have seen RHONY episodes