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Ramona Addresses Drinking Problem Accusations On Anderson!

Real Housewife of New York Ramona Singer was on Anderson Live, and after siding with Anderson on his treatment of Teresa Giudice, she’s now answering questions about her alleged drinking problem. Ramona says former housewife Jill Zarin is the reason people even think she has a drinking problem.

“Jill Zarin decided I had a drinking problem last year because she was very jealous I came out with Ramona PinotGrigio,”Ramona tells Anderson when he asked her if she had a drinking problem. “I’ve been drinking no more or less than the first season. Do I have my wine with my lunch? Absolutely. When we are entertaining on camera for dinner? Yes. For a cocktail party? Yes. I have a couple of glasses,” she reveals. “I haven’t had a wine in two weeks but when we are filming it’s very tense, I need a wine to relax me around those women,” she excuses. You can watch Ramona’s full interview with Anderson Cooper Below!

Click Here To Watch Ramona’s Full Interview With Anderson Cooper

Photo/Video Credit: Anderson Live

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