Ramona & Avery Singer’s Trip To South Africa! Avery Is Leaving For College!


Real Housewives of New York Star Ramona Singer has been vacationing with her daughter Avery, who is getting ready to go off to college, in South Africa. “Avery is my only child and she is graduating from high school and going into college and that is a major transition for her,” Ramona tells RadarOnline. “And it’s going to be a major transition for me because she is on her way growing up and separating herself from us and I wanted to create a really beautiful memory and do something really different.”

“I went to Africa three years ago and fell in love with it and Avery always said she wanted to go to Africa,” Ramona adds. “You are propped in the middle of nowhere with nature. Something about the air in South Africa, it’s the freshest smelling air. There’s nothing like it.”

For eleven days Ramona, her husband, Mario, Avery, and Avery’s friend traveled around South African staying at luxury reserves including Phinda Private Game Reserve, Dulini Game Lodge, and Ngala Tented Camp.

“Every morning, we got up very early for a three-hour safari ride,” Ramona explains. “We would have our early morning tea or hot chocolate [out by the water]. And then you go back and have a big breakfast at 9:30. And then it’s time for lunch. And then you go out again for a couple of hours. You get back around 7:00 PM and you have to be escorted to your room at night because there are animals there.”

“Avery is big on helping children,” Ramona says. “And I’m involved with the Empower Africa Foundation, so we went to some of the schools and to an orphanage that was built in one area. We are involved in helping to raise money. We wanted to see where the money goes.”

“Avery wanted a more hands on experience spending time with the children,” Ramona said. “Avery played with the kids. We brought soccer balls for the boys and for the girls, the nets game. They gave Avery a uniform and she went on the field and played netball with them. She interacted with the children and played with them and talked to them and took pictures with them.”

Ramona is very emotional about Avery leaving for college. “I have so many emotions going through me,” Ramona admits. “I’m excited for her and happy and sad and confused. I feel a huge loss. Sometimes, this overwhelming emotion comes that feels like my heart is being ripped out.”

“You know how people don’t like to talk about how difficult child birth is?” Ramona asked. “Women don’t talk about how gut-wrenching and heart-wrenching it is when your child goes off to college. It is devastating for every woman.”

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