Ramona Apolgozies To LuAnn And Confronts Bethenny Over Houseguest Etiquette


During the second episode of this season of the Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer took it upon herself to apology to LuAnn de Lesseps for comments she had previously made about the Countess’ marriage.

“I owe you the biggest apology,” an emotional Ramona tells LuAnn. “It was just not right on so many levels and I hope you forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m really genuinely sorry.”

“I believe you are and you know what? You say in life forgive and forget, but we’ll see,” LuAnn responds. “If you really mean it… because I’ve gotten apologies from you before.”

“Life is about learning and as long as I can learn,” Singer says.

Later in the episode when Bethenny joined the group in the Hamptons, Ramona got angry when Frankel invited her houseguest Sonja over.

“Are we going to brunch?” the Countess asked.

“Yeah I think we are going to 75 main,” Ramona says.

“What does everybody actually want to do tomorrow?” Bethenny asks. “Go out, go in? We can come to my house we can to the restaurant. What do you want to do?”

When Sonja agrees to go to Bethenny’s for brunch Ramona gets upset because Morgan is her houseguest.

“Actually you’re not coming over. You’re my guest and you’re not going anywhere,” Singer says. “Don’t take away my guests. I have four guests and if you want to do something at your house… I’m the hostess and I originally said…”

“Are you really saying this out loud right now?” Frankel asks. “I didn’t know that she was signed up to your camp.”

“You don’t invite my guest to your house unless you run it by me. That’s not polite, I’m sorry,” Ramona insisted.

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