Quinn Fry


Season 3

“I love having a younger man in my life.”

Fry joined the cast mid-Season 3 on December 11, 2007, by answering a casting call advertisement in a local newspaper. She was born in 1955 in Fort Knox, Kentucky, where her father was stationed in the military. Married twice before and now single, she lives in San Clemente, California. She has two children, one from each of her marriages: Shannon (31 at the time, a Eureka resident) and Colin. Colin lives with Fry and attended San Clemente High School as a senior at the time. She works as an internet marketing manager and managing editor of an Orange County-based lifestyle and entertainment website and has also appeared as an on-air personality for the Cox Communications cable program, OC Lifestyle.

She is portrayed as a “cougar” as she is casually seeing a 26-year-old named Jared and she comments that “I love having a younger man in my life.” However, a liaison with a golf pro in his forties, named Billy, is the relationship that Fry more seriously pursues. The other housewives meet her for the first time at a Mission Viejo restaurant where they immediately ask Fry a number of personal questions, such as, her age (52 at the time) and the name of her plastic surgeon. At this meet-and-greet, she calls the other housewives “catty” in response to their derisive comments after being introduced to Jared. For example, Barney comments in her camera confessional about Fry dating Jared that “I think if you’re super hot like Demi Moore you can get away with it, but that’s not the case.”

The series chronicles her search for a committed relationship that will lead to marriage. She struggles to balance her self-purported “sensual” side with her religious conviction that she is meant to be married. She describes her most recent relationship with a man that she lived with for three years as a waste of time because he was simply not interested in being married. At the end of Season 3, Fry breaks up with Billy because he could not even call her his girlfriend let alone marry her.

Fry leaves the cast after the end of Season 3, but attends a party Keough gives during the premiere episode of Season 4. She keeps in touch with Keough, calling her the “glue that keeps the housewives together” and describes her as the “peacekeeper.” At Keough’s invitation, Fry plans to attend a “Housewives” function to reunite with Gunvalson, Keough, and Knickerbocker. However, she describes Waring as a “fake” and classifies Barney similarly, stating that they smile when the cameras are on but are completely different when she sees them on the street. She makes a party appearance in Season 5.