Proof Lisa Vanderpump Was In Missouri And Could Not Attend Kim’s Daughter’s Graduation


In the preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards believes she caught Lisa Vanderpump in a lie. Kim was upset that Lisa didn’t attend her daughter’s graduation, but Lisa explains she was at a charity event in Missouri. Now, RadarOnline has proof Lisa was at the 28th Annual National Alopecia Areata Foundation Conference in St. Louis, MO.

“The truth is that Lisa was in St. Louis attending an event that is very close to her and Ken,” a source tells Radar. During her 24 hour trip to Missouri, Lisa was with her dog Giggy, who has alopecia areata, and taped a Public Service Announcement for NAAF, met with conference attendees for an impromptu photo session before walking in Saturday morning’s Tortoise & Hair march.

Lisa reportedly left Missouri Saturday afternoon and stopped by SUR on the way home. “On the way home, she went to Sur, yes. But the bottom line is that she would not have been able to make it to Kim’s daughter’s graduation, anyway. She had another commitment, which is very close to her heart,” the insider tells the site, adding, “It was a huge effort for her to go all the way to Missouri, but it was important to Lisa, Ken and Giggy. To suggest that Lisa was caught in a lie, when she was supporting a charity, felt very unfair.”

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  • Oh Kim please… it’s not like you were real friends ever before…. she is not obliged to go to her graduation… you would obviously invite people that are important to you and my feeling was always that you didn’t give a lot about Lisa… not even when she was trying to be close to you (as hard as she could, b’cause you were an alcoholic and at that time you were in a world of your own)

    • Felina

      I totally agree with you. And this season she hasn’t been too nice to Lisa. First the whole ” fake fainting” thing then the ” you’ve been nothing but dismissive to me today”. This behavior reminds me of when she was drinking. She would take a comment out of context and blow it way out of proportion.

      • Sunny

        It really rubbed me the wrong way when Kim grilled Lisa over and over about that friggin’ graduation babecue, luau. I don’t get it, Kim. When someone RSVP’s to you, sends your daughter a gift that’s the end of it! I don’t care who spotted her or if she was next door, at Sur or where ever! To constantly try to pin someone down for not attending a function is poor etiquette. You are not in a position to question someone that is obviously not family or even a close friend when they’ve said they could not make it. It’s the badgering that get’s me so disgusted. It looked like your party went well…even if Brandi and Carlton stopped outside and ate a burger. (to sober up, I think) before walking in. Kyle saw them outside and was upset by that but no one questioned them or grilled them, that I saw. You’re all too concerned over Lisa’s life. Why do you think people are saying you’re all jealous of her. She’s got a family, several businesses, charity events, to run and keep track of. She is honestly very busy. Just like you have kingsley, your daughter, your sister and her family, Yolanda and her family, Brandi to keep you active and busy. So, please stop this big hurt charade. You don’t even like Ken or Lisa. Let it go. There are so many things to really get worked up about. Like world hunger, the homeless, mistreatment of animals, etc…
        It looked like you had a nice gathering and everyone seemed to have a good time. Be happy.

  • Aunt Bee

    Kim how rude of you.

  • Mae

    Why is Kim even on this show? She is a bore. Lisa has been nothing but nice to Kim and she tries to put a knife in Lisa’s back every chance she gets. I wish Lisa would have let them film her with her dress pulled up and taking a pee instead of protecting her and closing the bathroom door. I think Kim has killed off some brain cells from drinking all those years.

  • Afton

    Ahhh Lisa’s posting stories AGAIN – the “proof” that Lisa keeps posting over and over (and having her Pump Pack retweet over and over which is ironic in itself considering Lisa claims the best thing to do is “ignore lies” yet shes working OVERTIME to make sure we all know) is not actual proof…yes she went there, yes she went to the charity…but the proof she keeps posting is an event announcement BEFORE the event…the article from AFTER the event states she arrived Friday morning and left late Saturday morning. …the issue isnt how long she spent at a charity event or whether or not she went to the graduation…the issue is she didnt just say “Hey I cant come” or “Hey I dont wanna come” and if Kim had done the same (which she has) Lisa would be sure to point it out and make a big deal out of it.

    • Nate

      She did RSVP before the event saying she wouldn’t attend AND sent a gift.

    • Sunny

      She did tell Kim she could not attend and sent a present to Kim’s daughter for her graduation. Why would she say she didn’t want to come? Then Kim would say how bad Lisa hurt her by saying she didn’t want to come! Maybe you didn’t watch the show. Lisa had a prior engagement to attend a fund raising or awareness of Children with alopecia areata in Missouri; that’s the disease her little dog Giggy has. Can you imagine how the kids would have loved to see Giggy? He’s so cute and because he has this disease he has little hair over his body. So Lisa and Ken dress him in the cutest outfits each day. It keeps Giggy comfortable and warm which can’t be easy without hair. So maybe you should research before you accuse. Thank you.

  • yaya

    Kim, you don’t even like Lisa! What’s wrong with you putting her on the spot as to why she didn’t attend! Kim shape up or ship out! Lisa isn’t even your family friend! Good God!

  • SoniRay

    Kim is just trying to stay relevant. She’s either trying to stir up drama with Lisa with her ûber-defensive nonsense, or chronicling yet another awkward ‘finding herself’ tale. Kim seems to live in the realm of the absurd and ridiculous. All somewhat desperate and embarrassing.

    • Nate

      She would have been great on Desperate Housewives…

  • Stephanie Natyshok

    I have photos with Jiggy, Lisa and Ken in STL while they were at the Alopecia Areata Foundation meeting!!!! Where can I send the pics! Shame on you Kim! Should have taken them at their word!!!

    • AllThingsRH


      You can send the photos to me at allthingsrh@gmail.com and I can share them if you want 🙂


  • Nakela