Producers Want Genuine Friendships On RHOBH Season 5


As we previously reported, the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are currently negotiating their contracts for season 5, and RadarOnline is reporting that Bravo wants new cast members to be real friends with the women. The network realizes that viewers want an authentic look into the lives of the ladies from 90210.

Other shows on Bravo like Shahs of Sunset and Flipping Out “resonate with viewers because they were all friends before the shows. Look at Shah’s, Reza Farahan, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi  and Asa Rahmati have been close for over ten years,” a show insider tells the site. “Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos has worked for boss Jeff Lewis for over ten years. It results in an inside look into their lives.”

The source continues, “Producers want the new cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be friends with the ladies. Yes, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump had been acquaintances for several years before appearing on the show, but it wasn’t a friendship.”

“The only time the RHOBH ladies get together is when they are filming,” the source said. “These aren’t true friendships and it’s all for the show. It’s time that changed. Producers have asked the current cast for a list of names of their close friends that would be interested on joining the show.”

As we previously reported, Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster are rallying to get Mohammed Hadid’s fiancé, Shiva Safai to join the show.

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20 Replies to “Producers Want Genuine Friendships On RHOBH Season 5”

  1. Agree with producers. I miss the original cast of this show. It seemed like they had genuine friendships and love with everything they went through. Camille’s divorce, Russell’s suicide. There was genuine love there and I miss it.

    1. I miss that show as well. Those are the ones that show a real life. Some ups and downs. Now it seems to be all downs and the public has stated over and over that it is tired of it.

  2. And agree that’s what I love about Shahs. The genuine love and friendships/family is something that shows through the TV.

  3. I loved Camille and Adrienne. I think Lisa, Kyle and Kim could all be friends. But Carlton needs to be gone. I won’t watch if she’s back next season. I just won’t.

  4. Finally…. We want to see successful women interacting, having fun, sometimes disagreeing. I believe the viewers are fed up with the nastiness and hate. Get rid of Brandi, Carlton, Yolanda – bring us some ladies who are successful in their own right please…. stop the ugliness. Thank you Bravo.

    1. Ita with Cin! Please oh Please, get rid of Brandi, Yolanda & Carlton! These 3 women are just horrid and painful to watch. Excruciating, really. I too think that Kyle, Kim & Lisa could get along just fine if you had 3 other decent, NORMAL even semi-respectable newbies to take their place. It’s just way too trashy, almost violent, and extremely offensive at this point. Bravo needs to truly heed all of these comments BEFORE next season. The show just can’t and won’t last like this. It’s really a downer and just so anxiety producing. Not fun at all.

  5. Well, let’s not kid ourselves here, in the first season there was a lot of hate between Kim and Kyle so it wasn’t roses all the time… but sure, ever since Brandi came in it stopped working, and I want to say it’s because she really is not BH material, I mean, she really isn’t rich enough to belong to their circle (sorry, but that seems to play quite a role in their friendships…) so she is an outsider wanting to fit in desperately… she’s what tv movies are made of

  6. I hope Mohamed’s fiancé does not join. She will be ripped in half by Lisa & Yolanda, each trying to get her on their “side”. I think Mohamed has already seen the tension between the two and he defended Lisa.

    1. Hey Aunt Bee! I’m with you once again. Mohammed is a smart man & while he’s supposedly not really getting involved with Shiva’s decision whether or not to sign on, SURELY he knows it would be horrible for her. Oh my goodness, I just could not watch what these older, jealous women would do to Shiva. Mohammed, please- talk her out of it. They can’t handle a much younger beauty with a super rich man on this show! I cringe to think of it.

  7. The producers will only have real friendships and a show that others want to watch if they get rid of Brandi. She is the main and mostly the only one stirring up trouble. Many has stopped watching RHOBH because of Brandi and the fights. Where is the real reasons these shows were started, showing what the lives are of the rich? All I hear of is the accusations and fights. This is reason why I have stopped watching…so please get rid of Brandi!

  8. I agree as well. I started watching so I could live the fabulous life through these women……now they have turned into trash. I have my favorites I like but even they are starting to bother me. To me a real freind never discusses important things via tweets, texts etc……call, go see them actually show you care..a text or email can be read different ways depending on the mood of the reader.

    1. Cassandra, you would be a wonderful friend that I would love to have. You seem to have some sense and intelligence in what you want to see on TV. I turn this show off because of all the fighting. I can get that anywhere in life. I had gone to this show for something other than what is now shown.

  9. ugh don’t bring back the morally corrupt Resnick.
    And did anyone else notice Mohammed’s fiancé is named after a mortal kombat character? lol

  10. I definitely agree, when Taylor was on the show as well as Camille that seemed more like friends. It was enjoyable, I wish Taylor would come back. BRANDI, KIM, and Yolanda have got to go. It is Horrible the way Brandi acts, she has no class, and the show is suffering. Please do something this is hard to watch. The attack on Lisa was uncalled for, bad behavior needs consequences. It was heartbreaking to watch to the point where a lot of viewers shut it off.

  11. Good luck with that one bravo—the viewer’s have spoken and are tired of this scripted crap of grown women acting like jr. high girls.
    Clean the trash out—-kim has needed to go as she brings nothing to the show–she is a trainwreck still on the drugs and booze, take brandi trash who is just too vile for words, yolanda needs to go as she is too pompous and self-righteous when in fact she is no better than a mean “girl”, she adds nothing but bitterness and severe jealousy of Lisa V..
    And last but not least—-please bravo, do not bring back the rejects i.e., camille, taylor, faye etc…. BH needs real women on par with Lisa V. (classy & successful), not twits……vyle can go too, she is too stupid for words and the only thing she brings to the show is her splits and motorboating ? Really- this is BH??

  12. I also would like to add, there is a real epidemic in this country w/ bullying, where I Live alone there have been multiple suicides mostly between the ages of 10-17 due to bullying. I watch most of the housewives shows and for some reason the gang-up on Lisa by Brandi, Yolanda and Kim was not good for viewers to see. Another epidemic in this country is Sub. Abuse and Alcoholism, when Brandi is drinking like a lush and popping Xanax making a joke out of it is not okay !! Please Get rid of them, they just don’t belong, maybe they could be on bad girls club, but not housewives.

  13. Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster, Camille, Joyce Giraud, and Carlton Gebbie. Plus add Marisa Zanuck would nice, But get Brandi and Kyle off the show they are just too much drama and they are mean. Plus the show is called housewives so why was Brandi part of the show in the first place??? People with no class shouldn’t be on the show…

  14. I agree that they need to get rid of ugly weird Carlton, white trash Brandy and goofy Yolanda!
    I will not watch next season if they bring them back, especially Carton!
    Do the right thing Bravo!

  15. I don’t get when people say they won’t watch the show if so and so is on there who cares? If you TRULY like the show it wouldnt matter. Its not like they are some BIG over powering force. Now if you don’t like MOST of the people then ok. But one clown doesn’t stop the WHOLE circus. But I think shows are better if people are genuine. Even if they like or don’t like someone. Friendships are good and more fun to watch. So that is a good way to go.

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