Producers Told Teresa Giudice To Spread The Rumor About Rino’s Affair?


According to a new report, Bravo producers pressured Teresa Giudice into spreading the rumor that Rino Aprea cheated on his wife her with her mother, Santa.

During this week’s episode, Giudice told Dina Manzo about the accusation that Victoria Gotti made and since Teresa decided not to go on the cast trip to Miami, she is claiming the scene was staged to make her look bad.

“Teresa didn’t want or need in any drama in her life at that time,” a source told RadarOnline. “It was around the time she had pled guilty in the bankruptcy and fraud case. Producers told her to tell Dina the rumor that Rino Aprea had slept with his mother-in-law.”

“It was done to make sure that Teresa looked like the villain for spreading malicious gossip, and she wasn’t in Miami to defend herself,” the source said, adding that Giudice isn’t the only one angry with producers.

“Twins Teresa and Nicole are beyond disgusted that a private family issue has become such a very public matter,” the insider continued. “They had no idea for the majority of the filming, the entire cast would be talking about their mother having sex with Rino! There was no reason that this ever should have been put on television. They are livid that their family looks like some backwards hillbilly mess.”

Now, all of the women are “absolutely dreading the upcoming reunion,” the insider said. “Even though a date hasn’t been set for the taping, there are a lot of hurt feelings. The ladies could end up turning on Andy Cohen and the network because they are so upset.”

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12 Replies to “Producers Told Teresa Giudice To Spread The Rumor About Rino’s Affair?”

  1. ALL OF THEM SHOULD tell Miss Cohen off and walk off set. ALL OF THEM, not just two/three. A United force will force producers/Cohen to shape up or they will walk permanently.

    I doubt it though. #Famewhores.

    1. So totally agree. These HW can’t have that kind of money and be on what’s called a “reality” show and not expect for things to be revealed–no matter how it comes out.

      I’m not a Teresa fan, but don’t think she should be targeted for telling Dina. She actually made sense to me as to why she told Dina–in case Amber spins it differently. If anything the twins should be mad at Victoria Gotti for saying something like that on national TV. Who’s going to go after this mob family?

      1. I agree Rotten egg, but producers shouldn’t have to be hyping made up stories/gossip for the sake of a blowout between cast members. The producers are on my last nerve hyping nothing but nonsese. I’d of knocked someone out by now. I could not tolerate such reality and quite frankly, i’m glad Teresa isn’t cooperating with producers so much, it’s about time she reacted the way she did.

  2. Bravo / RH’s need new producers because all the HW’s shows are coming off too ridiculous and stupid. They have changed since they first began and the viewer’s are sick of it……

    1. i totally agree with you if you watch the old Housewives shows they are more docu drama style

      this has just gotten ridiculous !!!!

      its just constant scripted drama Teresa must be so over this show but really she has no choice she needs the money and oppurtunities that come with it

  3. Teresa obviously messed up the whole Florida storyline when she refused to go. The whole trip was “planned” by Dina and Melissa to help Tre get away from all the stress in her life. It was suppose to be all about Teresa! Then Teresa pulls her Diva like stunt on Bravo AFTER taking her pretty hefty paycheck- supposedly the highest paid Housewife in the franchise. If she wants the Ca$h then she has to play by Bravos rules so I have no problemo with Bravo making Tre do anything when she pulls her little stunts. Like I LOVED it when Bravo/Andy nixed her big idea to auction off the first interview after her sentencing…. Sorry Tre- you didn’t get paid that huge paycheck for nothing!! You signed on the dotted line baby-

  4. So, the twins really had no f-ing clue what this trashfest of a show is all about before they signed the contract to be on it? Ri-ight.

    1. You’re right! I smell BS and it isn’t from the cow pasture near our backyard! When will these “ladies” and I use that term loosely…learn that we as viewers pretty much have learned to NOT believe a word that comes out of their over botoxed mouthes!

  5. These shows have become so scripted, there is nothing “real” about them at all anymore. I’ve gotten bored with their trumped up drama and don’t watch so much anymore.

  6. The thing is, a lot of these housewives start to self edit themselves after each season, and plot and plan, making it less “real” with each season.

  7. This season of RHONJ has just come off as sad and pathetic, with Teresa facing jail time, she’s a shell of her former self, and messy / dwarf acting all sympathic when last season they were ready to throw her to the wolves is just plain ignorant, and then the newbies acting all hush/hush (like a death happened), it’s so staged and stupid. Then throw in the MIL had sex w/rino (ewww gross), 2 stupid whiney twins and ambah (the walking crying clown), and the “zen” dina (so lame / boring, all she has brought this season is her shoe closet??? Bravo—stop embarrassing yourself and ax this show along with RHONY, OC, and blacklanta………..And fire miss andy—stick a fork in her, she’s done……..

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