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Vanderpump Rules is back for its fourth season and there is more drama than ever! This season introduces new girls; including Jax’s new girlfriend and a new SURverร‚ย LaLa, a proposal for Katie Maloney, Jax going to jail in Hawaii, potential substance abuse problems for Scheana’s husband Shay, and a surprise return from Stassi Schroeder… this season will not disappoint!

You can watch the trailer below.

Season 4 premieres Monday, November 2 at 9/8c on Bravo!

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66 Replies to “Preview Vanderpump Rules Season 4”

    1. I left you a reply on the did Brooks break up with Vicky thread, something re your comment about teeth that had me giggling last night for ages!

  1. Oh boy! I think I might be busy on the nights it’s shown, yup definitely have a boxing, judo, roller derby class! Well maybe not but I won’t be watching!

  2. bummed to see Stassi’s mug on the preview… also bummed to see Kristen…. as for Jax – what a loser. Come on VPR…. you can do better!!! We want more fun and less skank.

  3. hi there. I don’t even know what to think about this show. on the one hand I’m glad these people are actually “working” but on the other, I wouldn’t want to employ any of them. These comments are hilarious tho. “Jax is 95….” HA HA HA

    1. I don’t watch them let alone would want to employ them! Can you imagine employing Jax, even at my great age I wouldn’t feel safe around him. He isn’t very discerning!

      1. Lisa has said she hired her staff by looks first. They were starving models and actors for the most part. She also said that Villa Blanca was the place to take your spouse and Sur was the place to take your lover. She wanted beautiful people working there, but their intelligence was never a priority it seems. Having Jax there is not wise in my opinion, knowing he has no conscience as shown from his behavior, though Lisa also knows that VPRules is a moneymaker for her, so she will keep the characters who bring in the viewers. I cannot stand Jax either. He acts like a not so bright 18 year old at best, though he is 36 and as per one source, is a self-admitted sex addict.

        1. I’m surprised he says he is 36! That really surprises me I would add a few years on to that. He is just so sleazy! Some of the others are ok, I will probably watch when your season has finished and it comes to the UK. I wouldn’t be bothered to watch it on You Tube. I don’t like Stassi but I guess she brings the drama. I was reading there is a problem with Scheana’s husband and substance abuse. I might be naive but he seemed ok! I will keep informed here!

          1. Yes, I read that about pill addiction rumor (alleged) about Mike Shay too. I believe he is a music producer. That marriage surprised me really. Sheana’s history with Brandi’s ex made me see her has a girl who just wanted someone to spend money on her…and she had to have known who he was and that his wife was pregnant with baby number two at the time. I am sure everyone there knows everyone. Shay must have the money, but I wonder how happily married they really are. Sheana was so nutty at her wedding. She seems so petty and self absorbed, but then again, I think they all are to some degree. I did feel sorry for Shay. She is pretty, he is pretty average, and I just don’t see her as the kind to stay with anyone too long, but I hope to be proven wrong, really. Oops, wrote too soon. I just read (could be gossip of course) that she was thinking of divorcing him already for his alleged cheating….. Unreal.

          2. I honestly think that all the Botox ages a younger person by making their faces resemble older people who have over Botoxed and used fillers. I saw his year of birth online, though of course, it could be wrong. Either way, he is older than all of them, except Lisa!
            He is not too young and looks like he is taking more than protein drinks…I remember Stassi talking about his “supplements” etc.

            1. I remember someone saying that his wide jaws were due to excessive supplements. I have no clue about any of these I only take calcium and magnesium and don’t think it’s those!!! Scheana comes across as a spoilt brat. She almost sounded proud of her affair with Eddie Cibrian. Mike Shay never seems to say anything he is like a little mouse!

              1. I believe when they say “supplements” they mean legal steroids. He actually had lumps in his chest caused by the “supplements.” Between the botox, plumping injections, (i don’t remember the drug’s name) and steroids, they all look just plain weird. When Sheana started filling her face and lips it made her look older, not younger. Because we associate that frozen look with someone older. I would like to see one woman just do good skin care ’till she is 40. Just an experiment. And see who looks better. It makes them look like they are not real. No expression on their face, and I really think it ruins their looks.

                1. I totally agree! If only women just allowed themselves to get older naturally. I have never done anything other than good skincare and if I say so myself my skin is good! Judy Dench is my hero I think she has got better looking as she gets older!

                  1. I agree about Dame Judi Dench. She looks great. I also love Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith. On that subject, I watch a soap where the elderly maid who has been on the show for many years is so Botoxed with fillers that it is even more unbelievable of a soap. How many maids can have that done…except Jeff’s “maid/mommy” Zola on Bravo’s “Flipping Out” where he paid for her facelift…though that looks more natural. It is like no one in California ages naturally…or so it seems from what I see…then again they are on TV?

                    1. Another one I like is Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirran. I live most of the time in Newport Beach, southern California and the rest of the time Chicago. The faces I see in Califirnia are ridiculous. People are in love with fish lips, frozen faces and fake boobs. It’s insane.

                    2. Gigi, I know what you mean about the fish lips, fake boobs and botoxed. My nephew lives in West Covina near Newport Beach, I’ve seen them too. Couldn’t agree more!

                    3. Maggie Smith is brilliant! I just think about Judy Dench first because she has been on our television so much doing brilliant sitcoms, whereas Maggie Smith has done little TV and more theatre and Hollywood. Helen Mirren Is stunning and done a really good mix. All three really became popular as they got older. I admire all three of them rather than these botoxed celebs.

                    4. I agree Sally. They ate aging naturally and still going strong. I honestly feel that Botox is addictive in many as are fillers and even plastic surgery. Over time, people lose all human expressions and end up looking quite robotic or even scary looking. I admire these women for keeping it real by being who they really are and proud of their accomplishments.

          3. I know. He said it was all along since the beginning that he had been addicted to some kind of Rx. drug. That is so common among everyone. Every age and socioeconomic background, more women than men I think I read on wikipedia. That will be interesting to watch since they just took their vows, for better or worse, in sickness and in health. I really hope and pray that they make it and he is able to recover. I saw a lecture about 30 years ago given by an oncologist who also worked in the addiction field, and he said only one of six people who are addicted to narcotics like percodan go their entire life after the initial getting clean without relapse. In So. Ca. they have many hospitals dedicated to the recovery from addiction. And it looks like they have the money to get him into one.

              1. It is sad. In the old days when I was 14, doctors routinely gave out Codiene, vicoden, ionimin, parest (which turned out to be qualude) and BTW, none of these are spelled right, my Mom’s old medical encyclopedias are packed so far in the rafters I would hurt myself looking for them. And addiction isn’t something one is aware of at that age. Secenol was routinely given out, along with tuinol, just everything one could want if they needed to wake up, feel no pain, and go to sleep.

  4. I will watch, because that’s why I watch reality, to see the really ridiculous stuff these kids do. When I really sat down and watched, without all of the adds, I started liking Katie and Adriana. Tom too, Adriana’s Tom, not Schwartz. He is a wuss IMO. Can’t even stop hanging out with Jax because he doesn’t want to grow up. Can’t be a model forever. I have always liked Lisa, and I kind of envy her the level of power she has over everyone. It’s an interesting life to say the least. Hey, it’s only 42 minutes a week, for 20 weeks of the year. Can’t garden in the dark.

    1. I know what you mean. I watch because I see how some of the younger ones act and think, though this is California and they are not middle America or anything. If it is on at a reasonable hour, I watch it. Stassi seems totally crazy to me and some of the guys appear not to be as straight as they supposedly are. Jax would be with anyone based on what I saw.

      1. I am not a huge Stassi fan, but I did feel for her when Lisa wouldn’t even listen to her that last sit down in the restaurant. I felt like Stassi has a right to her point of view and Lisa just was on a loop about them being her long time friends. Jax, well, him and S.Slimey from OC are the two biggest douches in reality, IMO. And Katie’s Tom, I see why Stassi has trouble when seeing how he cares more about what Jax, his little friend, thinks than what the “love of his life” thinks. Even a teen age boy seems to have more morals than that guy. I am glad to see Kristen is still on. She is troubled and all, but she does bring the drama to the show. We all have our personal boundaries with right and wrong, of course, but really what would this particular show be without the cat fights. I honestly laugh out loud.

    2. As I have just said to RS I will watch but it will be when its finished there. For the ones I really like I watch on You Tube but it’s a bit of a pfaf to find them on a smart tv!

      1. I like Lisa V too, Gigi, she’s so classy. She can insult someone with a smile on her face and her cute little giggle and the person can walk away, not realizing they’ve been insulted. She’s also gracious, a joy to watch.

        1. Gigi and Beth, I love Lisa sure she can be devious and snarky but it makes for good TV. I hated the season before last it has just shown the final reunion episode here. (Repeat) it was nasty viewing! I love her relationship with Ken and their love for animals. Adopting Pumpy for Rumpy was lovely! I also love her tradition of afternoon tea! Love it myself! Nothing like a cup of Earl Grey!!

  5. The people and events on this show are boring. For heaven’s sake, they are waiters and waitresses. Yes I’m being snotty. How ambitious! Jax is the worst bc in a few years, this fast approaching middle aged alleged sex addict won’t have that problem any more, he’ll be looking for work to advertise erectile dysfunction drugs.

    1. Yeah but it’s not like the show is about them being waiters.

      The season 2 story line was phenomenal reality TV, the lies after lies getting revealed of the friends cheating behind each others backs and sleeping with friends was shocking TV, and better than a lot of the housewives seasons. And cuz these people are actually friends it felt like very genuine fights, whereas Housewives is just catty women thrown together, Vanderpump Rules has a cast that actually hung out together and actually hangout together when they aren’t filming

      1. Time for all three of them to go, there will be thousands of aspiring models and actors( male and female) that would love to get on VR.

  6. Stassi must have been really desperate to coming crawling back to the show after saying repeatedly that she would NEVER return. Seeing her acting coy around Jax in the preview made me want to projectile vomit.

    1. Unless they offered her a TON on money, why would she come back at the end of the season if they weren’t disappointing with the amount of drama they are getting.

  7. Ummm? What’ up with that? Did these girls finally give up on the losers they are dating and turn to each other? Love LVP… But can not stand the snotty mean girl stassi who tried to put out a sex tape last year and everyone yawned…..

  8. This show is better than ANY HW’s show on Bravo… the HW’s franchise is old, used, repeat, boring story lines.
    VPR is sexy, fun, crazy, stupid but I love it. My DVR is set.
    I just took a look back at a few episodes of season 3 and remembered that Kristen is a disgusting, lying pig and has the maturity of a 14 year old. She is no more ready for a mature relationship than Jax is. I have to say the Jax story line is getting really old. Every season he lies, manipulates and makes a total ass out of himself and Im just bored with him. Lala sounds like she is going to take on Kristen,,,,, I would love to see them in a physical fight.

  9. Oh my Stassi got wwaay to much filler in the lips… she looks horrible. I don’t particularly like Stassi at all but she is a no one on this show an anomaly and one up. She brings NOTHING to the show except her horrible hypocrisy and her need of followers to tell her she is perfect. if she needs the money so be it. It’s always the same thing over and over and over with her. This LaLa is here to create trouble and she and Kristen are going to blows sad part about that is it is all wasted on loser James. He is so immature and so uneducated. I rewatched the season 3 reunion and poor james looked like a moron every time he opened up his mouth (Hot people want hot people, really!!) then he said he had facts about TOm and the other girl when he knew nothing but gossip.
    Im looking forward to Monday night I like VPR much more than ANY of those HW’s shows.

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