Preview the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Reunion


In this preview for the Vanderpump Rules reunion, tensions are high as the cast reunites to confront each other about the season.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana confront Scheana about the text messages Scheana sent to Ariana’s mother. “Scheana, take some responsibility!” Sandoval tells her.

“It’s going to take every bone in my body not to go after that guy,” Jax tells Tom Schwartz of James Kennedy, who threatens Jax, “I’ll punch you in your fat throat!”

Lisa Vanderpump also jumps in on the drama when she tells Andy that she was furious at Scheana’s husband Shay for lying to Scheana about his addiction issues. “It didn’t make things easier,” Shay says.

New girl Lala tells Lisa that she is afraid of being ganged up on at the reunion, but seems to hold her ground when she’s confronted by Katie and Scheana.

Then, Kristen Doute makes her appearance to confront Tom and Ariana. “I’ve been in group settings with you and have always been cordial,” Ariana tells Kristen, who replied; “We just ignore each other!” Ariana responds, “That’s f*cking cordial…”

When Stassi Schroeder enters the stage she confronts Lisa Vanderpump about their feud referring to her infamous sex tape. “You and Ken had gone to my parents and told us, ‘You owe me $900.” Lisa furiously replies, “Really? I was saving your ass!”

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20 Replies to “Preview the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Reunion”

  1. Scheana did tattle to Ariana’s mom and really, who would think that was okay? Also, I don’t get why she married Shay. He doesn’t seem to do anything but sit there like a drunken lump and she’s way too cute for him. Of course her plan for curing his drinking addiction is ridiculous though. Next time he runs home to mama, she should just let him stay there.

    Ariana’s and Tom’s anger has gotten old. They are too bitchy and really no fun, but Tom’s band was neat to watch.

    Lala and that little boy with the big ears belong together because they are by far the two most annoying little brats on the show. The ghetto talk from those two spoiled middle-class children is quite annoying.

    Not sure Katie and Tom should get married. They don’t seem to like each other very much. Not even married yet and they can’t be bothered to have sex. Not really a good sign. Both Toms seem kind of gay to me anyway.

    I don’t get why everyone hated Stassi so much but I didn’t watch the earlier seasons. She doesn’t seem to have done anything worse than anyone else on there.

    Kristen is fun to watch. I can’t wait to see where she’ll show up next after she’s told not to come. I think it’s weird that she’s hung up on that little punk, James. She looks like she could be his mother.

    Jax is fun too but wow, what a wreck. I think Brittany would do better to just go back to Kentucky.

  2. JJ, to add, Brittany is a wholesome sweet girl but shes too naive for this slick group. I hope she stays sweet and moves back to the blue grasses of Kentucky too and finds a really stand up nice guy who’ll appreciate her I really do. Go home Brittany, run. It ain’t all that in those Hills.

    1. I just hope Jax hasn’t given her a gift she cannot forget…like STDs. He is not well either. His eyes, his constant sweating, his raging temper. He is on something or things too.
      Maybe Brittany wanted to be on a reality show or whatever. He did meet her at Hooters right? Didn’t she say her mom said she should go big with the implants too? It sounds like she may not have had the best upbringing ther if you ask me. She may want to use Jax…but so far, I don’t think she won any prize in the least, the poor girl. She is pretty and seems sweet enough so far, in some ways.

      1. He’s definitely on something RS and I’m guessing it involves a dollar bill, a mirror and a few bloody noses from time to time! It was especially noticeable during his conversation with LaLa during Pride and a few other times. His eyes seemed dilated, he sweats, he rambles, he’s always wiping his mouth and even with the surgery on his “deviated septum,” he always sounds incredibly nasal. Just my opinion.

        1. Yes. I was thinking anabolic steroids…and maybe coke and/or something else too. I have never seen his eyes like the way they are now…scary looking. His nose may be destroyed by snorting if he is doing that too. I think he has had three operations on his nose so far…at least two, anyway. He is also Botoxed, etc. He looks so different from a few years earlier. I watched Thurs. night and saw the unseen footage show, and it was eye opening. He was always such a complete a hole.

          1. That too! I personally never thought he was attractive, but oh my goodness, he looks horrible compared to the first season. Like night and day! The only one who looks the same is Ariana and well I guess The Toms and Kristen didn’t change all that much either.

            1. Yes. Katy looks pretty much the same too. Jax is the oldest in years only, certaily not maturity, and looks the worst IMO.

  3. Brittany is a sweet door at. Lala’s makeup job looks like it was done by someone who thought it was a remake of the Wizard of Oz and she was playing the Tin man, and LVP got caught in something she didn’t want revealed by Stasi regarding the sex tape shakedown. Stassi forgets Lisa is Exec Producer and can fire her anytime…there goes her fast cash and she will need to actually work for a living.

    1. lol no she can’t, Evolution Media is actually the ones who can fire her. The thing is Lisa didn’t want her back on the show, and Evolution DID! That’s why she’s back. Lisa doesn’t have that kind of power, she can’t threaten to quit like she does on RHOBH, cause here, she’s only a little part of the cast. The show is going and will be going without her shown on screen. If she says she’s done the show can go on and be done without showing her “restaurants”!!! Don’t be mad.

  4. LOL Thank you Stassi for exposing VanderC. She’s really nasty, playing on camera as if she didn’t care about the money, that she was such a great soul and savior for doing what she did. Yes you prevented the tape to leak, good, Stassi offered to pay you back, you refused and you actually went and complained to her freaking parents about it?!!!?????? LOL Lisa is probably the same age as her parents, she should act with a little bit of class. She’s just mad Stassi is back.

  5. Poor delusional La La!! I don’t have to sag a more. I had such high hopes for her when she joined the show and she is the most atrocious
    I ADORE Kristen !!! LOLOL that level of crazy is so much fun to watch. I hope she finds her way
    I’m sooooooo tired of sour puss Ariana!!! Geez gurl, gave that bitch face a rest
    Not sure what to make of ‘nice girl’ Stassi yet

  6. If I can have my adorable Shannon Bedour and Kristen on the same show, I’d be in a constant TV orgasm ❤️❤️❤️ They would be slaying everyone ( AND slaying the concept of sanity) 🙂

  7. Lisa Vanderpump SHOULD demand the money back for that stupid sex tape- stassi deserves a smack in the mouth. Glad scheana is getting called out for her horrid behaviour toward her (friend) Adriana. Scheana tried to make Ariana & Tom look bad to deflect from her awful stupid marriage and shay’s addictions. Scheana tries to be everyone’s friend and acts like a teenager, she ends up being a friend to no-one but herself, herself and her camera time.
    BTW, time for crazy delusional kristen to move on—–really no-one cares about your & Toms past. And stassi needs to go, she is an ungrateful moocher and cannot even thank Lisa Vanderpump for the opportunities she has been given…And lala/james (I just can’t)…

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