Preview Tonight’s Episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


In this preview for the season premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump come face to face at a birthday party for the first time after the dramatic ending of last season.

Lisa Rinna approaches Vanderpump, who quickly introduces her to her friend Dorit. When Rinna asks Lisa how she’s doing, Lisa responds, “I’m well. That wig didn’t get pulled from the back, did it? ‘Cause I might give it a tug later. I think it would be well deserved.”

“Oh, good!” Rinna says to the camera. “Game on. We can start taking the piss out of each again. Yay, that’s what we do best.”

Vanderpump tells the cameras, “Lisa Rinna and I, we used to have a lot of fun together. But she changed that dynamic… she made that decision. So it would have to do a lot to work to get back to where we were.”

Eileen Davidson admits to the cameras, “I am struggling with the situation with Lisa Vanderpump… I am. Things change, people change, Lisa Vanderpump and I could actually have a meeting of the minds at some point, you never know. I mean, look what happened after the Vietnam War… everybody’s going to Vietnam on vacation now.”

Watch the preview below.

Are you excited for this season of RHOBH?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Is Eileen for real? What a stupid comment, the worst I have heard from a HW! I didn’t think much of her before but even less now!

Not to get political, but jokes about the Vietnam war are in poor taste. But back to the new season…..It looks like the same thing again, just the same fights brought over to a new season. This show was soooo good for the first few seasons, it’s just a shame, but we’ll see how it goes.

Hi freedom girl. I think actually lisa wasn’t making a joke about Vietnam. It’s true. Years ago no one would have thought to visit there and now people do. I can’t remember the context in which she said it but I believe it was something about anything is possible.

I actually found this clip tedious and boring. Are we going to have the same feuds AGAIN???
The one thing I enjoyed was the Kyle walking by lol.

I could not agree more!!!!!!!!

Kt ❤️❤️❤️

I agree with all of the above. I happened to catch part of one of the earlier seasons with Taylor, Kyle, Kim, LVP, Camille and Adrienne. It’s amazing how things have changed on RHOBH – not just with the cast members, but the whole attitude has changed and not for the better. After watching tonight’s episode, it just seems like it’s going to be more of the same old same old. I was bored, and I really don’t think I can take another episode with Eileen and Rinna, much less an entire season. That being said, it’s been a while… Read more »
Janelle hello! ❤️ So good to see your name : ) so this is what I have to look forward to? Oh no, same ole stuff different day and a few more nips & tucks? I’ve had the tv on in the background on barely audible so as not to spoil it, while I do my other stuff, and I’m going to settle in now and watch Below Deck final season and BH and hope it’s at least entertaining enuff to stay up till 1:30. : S I’m dying to meet the new girls though. Stay awhile Janelle, I think… Read more »

Hello Miss M! What crazy did I miss? Were there trolls about causing problems? I hope you’re doing well…xoxo..

Yes they were, and in my opinion a certain one still is, Janelle, in my estimation. I don’t want to rouse “it” so I better not name it. Anyway I’m doing ok of late, feeling under the weather somewhat but it will pass. I hope you’re well sweetie❤️❤️❤️

Good Morning Miss M! I was reading some comments on the thread about the RHOBH premiere party (mostly comments about the HW’s clothing choices) and I think I know which one you’re talking about?? I think I Know anyway?? Right? Hope this doesn’t sound too nonsensical! xoxo. 🙂

I think I Counted a 2nd one in that same thread Miss M. Maybe I’m being too Judgemental. 🙂 Ok, I’m going to stop now because if you’re not getting the vibe of these posts you’re going to think I’ve gone wacko. I’ve gotta go, Have a great day Miss M! xoxox…

P.S. I made it through the first third of the Housewibes show and started nodding off so will rewatch tonight. I have to say I wasn’t loving the new girl Dorit already. She seems very superficial and haute to me but I’ll have to give her more than a minutes glance lol.

I said on another thread that I’m to sure about Dorit. Not my sort of person!

Great minds ; ) xoxoxox


Suze and Miss M ❤️❤️❤️

Rain❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Suze❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Can you feel the love here? lol

I feel it!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxxi

Good morning Rain! How are you feeling these days? Good I hope! I’ve missed you too Suze and the other ladies as well! Big xoxo’s to you both. Rain, I’m glad you liked the first episode – I didn’t much like it, but I wasn’t even really looking forward to it, so I’ll give it a few more episodes.

Janelle ❤️❤️❤️ How are you sweetie 🙂 I was so traumatized by OC , this seems like a summer breeze lol. Yes give it a few episodes and I hope you watch because I look forward to your posts xoxo

Suze, All I can think of whenever she is on is Dorito – I’m not making fun of her moniker, it’s just what comes to mind – I used to love Doritos! and then I start thinking about a recent WWHL where Andy’s assistant says his most annoying habit is that he likes to suck all the cheese off of his doritos before he eats them and…oh man this sounds so tacky as I write it – but when I see Dorit it all just pops into my head! Cheeseless doritos!!

Oh lol! That’s hilarious! I have to watch this series now as I have subscribed to something to enable me to watch so I’m not wasting my money! Funnily enough when I did it none of OC was on it only old series! I would love to see Lisa squash Eileen and Rinna but she won’t! But she won’t forgive though, neither would I!

Hi Sweetie! I have missed you! Xo

I want to know what happened with closed captioning on some of these Bravo shows. I am hard of hearing and rely on the CC. I missed half of what was said last night.

Let me know when you know. I use the captioning all the time, and lately, Bravo is leaving out the captioning, or only having it on some shows. It is annoying. Captioning is not only great because of my hearing issues, but sometimes, like with some accents, etc., it is nice to be able to understand what is being said more clearly, even if the volume is high enough. Sometimes they will put some words in if they are mumbled, but that is not captioning.

❤️Oh Aunt Bee that does stink. Someone who’s good at finding numbers should post or email Bravos phone number so we can all know where to call to air grievances. I haven’t got a clue :/

Hello Aunt Bee – I looked up the info on CC for Bravo and this is the contact info that I found: To report an issue or concern regarding closed captioning on, contact us at Please detail your issue or concern by providing the following information: •Name of the program •Description of the issue (e.g., missing captions on a particular episode, captions cut off, timing is off) •Website or application where you viewed the program •Approximate time and date that the issue occurred •Your name and contact information including mailing address, email and phone number I personally don’t… Read more »

Thank you so much Janelle. I will do it now.

I thought Ken was very quiet last night and when he did speak I couldn’t understand without the closed captions. Come on Bravo – if you want me to watch bring the CC back.

I miss a lot too. Maybe we have to let Bravo know somehow.

Send a tweet to Andy might be too late for this season though!

I don’t tweet. Wonder if our administrator N knows how to let Bravo know we are unhappy about no CC.

Aunt Bee, the comment that i posted above has the link to email bravo. You can go directly to and the link is at the bottom of the main page under closed captioning.

Hi Janelle, you know I definitely agree with you. Watching this show now is absolutely nothing compared to the first two seasons, with all the glitz and glamour of Camille’s, Lisa’s and Adrienne’s houses. The storylines were so much better as well, and I completely agree that Rinna and Eileen make this show very boring, like their own boring soap opera!!! lol.

Eileen is so stupid she didn’t learn anything from last season and her remark about LVP loving dogs more than people. Now a stupid remark about Vietnam. She and Rinna are disgusting soap actresses. Go away please.

Hi aunt bee. Someone else criticized the comment about Vietnam and I didn’t see it as stupid, but now I see you made a similar remark. So I’m wondering if I’m missing something? I thought she was just saying things that seem impossible can change. And that years ago Vietnam wasnt a place people would go to voluntarily, but now people vacation there. I know many people lost their lives during the war but i don’t think she was making light of it. What are your thoughts?

Momto3 you are probably write about Eileen’s intent. She just needs to think about what She says before she says it. If she had explained it the way you did it probably would have been better received BUT So many of us are sensitive about that war how many died, how many were horribly wounded and disfigured, and how badly those returning were treated that we must be very careful how we reference it.

I understand. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Not to get all political…and jokes about Vietnam are disgusting, I did not read this as a joke rather a comparison – (and no…no comparison between a war and a reality show). I mean if you want to pick apart words LVP was issuing a little threat of violence of ripping a wig (as ugly/silly as it is) off Lips head?!

I don’t think it was supposed to be a joke just a stupid comment that will offend a lot of people. Lisa’s comment about the wig would only offend Rinna. To me that’s the big difference!

I’m really not being stubborn…I don’t understand what about the statement is offensive. Because, things can change and people are vacationing in Vietnam more than ever. I 100% am not being rude or disrespectful – matter of fact I recently (this past week) lost someone very very dear to me who was a Vietnam Vet – I wish he were here so I could call him…although I already know what he would say. I guess some things I am not meant to understand and that’s all good. Suze, I hope you are well! Will you be watching the premiere?

Hopefully if this thing works that I have downloaded! It better I have paid for it.
As for the comment it’s no biggy we just see it from different angles! Xxxxx

I hope you will be able to watch!!!! And I hope this year isn’t as boring!!!!!

Surely it won’t be as bad as last year? Please!!!!

I lost my brother this last Sept. 19th., who was a Viet Nam Vet too. The comment wasn’t exactly offensive, just stupid. But then, I can’t stand her. Anyone, like her and Rinna, who can make an entire trip to Dubai and 1/2 of a season about one sentence that wasn’t even about them are petty, bored or simply have nothing better to do than make trouble. Making huge statements like that Kyle’s friendship with Lisa is wrong somehow …or whatever she said on the yacht…because Lisa and Kyle had already spoken of the stupid thing and resolved it is… Read more »

That is the exact word myself a several others stated. STUPID! I don’t like her and never have but anyone who said that I would say the same, even if LVP said it, just Stupid!

Agreed, Kyle is stupid.

Sorry, I meant Eileen is stupid! Xo

I’m sorry for your loss, 3D.

Clearly you didn’t live through the boys coming home from Nam. Read some history. There is no sense in what she said other than show us how ignorant she still is and always will be.

Wow I should learn to read all the way down before posting lol! I posted responses to two people about this. I agree with you. I have known people who went to Vietnam (and a couple who didn’t return), so I’m not being flip or uncaring but I didn’t see her comment as bad or even as a joke.

Is Eileen really that stupid?!? Clearly she hasn’t heard the expression of one keeping one’s mouth shut and be thought a food, rather than open it and remove all doubt. Beauty is skin deep but Eileen is ugly to the bone.

Eileen is THE STUPIDEST person on reality tv. Referencing Vietnam? There should be some sort of vacuum that sucks up morons as soon as they stuff like this. Then again, Harry Hamlin wore that nazi sign on his t-shirt so it’s no wonder these clueless, will-do-anything-for-a-buck idiots are friends. Why does Rinna think just because SHE thinks it’s over, everyone else should forget it? It’s either she is that smug and arrogant (Hillary) or else this is scripted.

Eileen is still annoying. Rinna is a fool willing to be pushed in either direction. Meeting of the minds? You accused LVP of the exact same thing you were doing. Your mind is twisted, hun. And the Vietnam joke was in poor taste. Maybe it’s cause I’m the daughter of a vet, but to me…it irked me.

I agree it was in poor taste and stupid…I hope no one here is misunderstanding my comments or question.

Is it just me, or was LVP extremely petty and mean spirited in this exchange? I thought Rinna was trying her hardest to be cordial and polite and every step of the way LVP went for the jugular. ugh

I tend to agree with you – although I think she’s had enough of Rinna (think about BG towards the end) and when she’s had enough….that’s it, she’s done.

Ugh and then they’ll be fake friends in a couple of episodes, and LVP will be plotting to get her, and on and on and on, every year the same sh*t. #bored.

I couldn’t of said it better!

Eileen has no class. It’s evident that she is jealous of LVP. Why is she still on the programme, she brings nothing to it other than negativity.

Totally agree!

We’re is Suze?…!!
I’m only watching cause of you….


I was asleep! Quite a time difference between myself and all of you up to 8 hrs. I haven’t seen it yet! Hopefully this morning!

Sorry Suze, I forget the time difference, my apologies!

Ok for once I have managed to watch one of these shows without YouTube! So at least I will get my money’s worth! WTF has Rinna done to her lips at the party they looked enormous! Like an animated puppet of herself! Hoping the party is how the show will be or even more of an improvement. Go back to the bitchy comments and leave the nasty behavior of last season behind! Not sure about Rinna as it looks as though she has a go at Kim again. Why is it her business or just for a place on the… Read more »

Thanks Suze! Missed you too! xoxo…

I’m sorry for your loss, 3D. (I’m not sure if this will post twice. I forgot to add my name before)