Preview The Trailer For RHOC Season 8!

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In the first trailer released for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, we get a sneak peek of the drama that’s ahead. In the preview we can see that Vicki takes Brooks back and her daughter, Briana, is not happy about the couple reuniting. It appears Tamra is pressuring Eddie to set a wedding date and Eddie isn’t happy about the added stress. Alexis is back and she still feels bullied by Tamra, so Alexis turns to Vicki and her new friend Lydia for comfort. But how will Lydia side when she’s introduced to the other women? Lauri Peterson is back for Season 8 and has some shocking news about one of the women that is going to stir up a lot of controversy! It appears Lauri’s news is going to be about Gretchen. Watch the trailer below!

Are YOU excited for RHOC Season 8?

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6 Replies to “Preview The Trailer For RHOC Season 8!”

  1. This whole show is a hot mess. I am glad to see Laurie is filming with them. She seems to be a way cool “girls” girl.

    I’m not going to watch OC. I want to be entertained when I watch TV & I can’t find one thing entertaining or interesting about “Tam’s” Tamra Barney and her henchmen. Bravo TV nor Andy will do a Tam’s fake cry count, therefore I can’t.

    I have seen the most childish, hurtful exchanges on twitter between Tams & Heather Dubrow about Alexis. They act so ugly it makes my lip curl. Blech! The visual of Tams squirreled up somewhere, little iPhone in hand, brow furrowed “tweeting” ugly things about Alexis? I can’t.

    From the “spoiler” commercial Tams is pressuring Eddie to get married. SMH Desperate much?

    I use to DM with Gretchen back & forth but when she decided to become BFF’s with Tams I simply said “Be careful. She has burned every other relationship” Gretchen fired back a very defensive DM & blocked me. Whaaaat? Ok. I’ve talked with others who have had same experience.

    I don’t understand the following Tams has. I know she has been losing fans so I’m not sure what new season will hold. I hope she gets married, lives happily ever after & takes care of her kids in the OC but not on my telly.

    My 2 cents.

  2. All true as we saw it play out exactly how we new it would. Sick of it.sick of Tam/Vicki. Alexis crying.grow up.thought u were leaving show.ur to weak for this group of bitches. Yet ur still around .what gluent for punishment???? Omg I’m over this crap hate the show unless that tKe my advice I offered them as to bring in more viewers and a great way to interact with the cast. Hotseat I will call it for now.I’m waiting on their redponse. I feel its a great idea and would help the shows ratings which are going down with all yhis boring repeative same old bs over and over.

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