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In this first preview of the season eleven Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the gloves are off and the women are back to discuss this season of the show and in the words of Andy Cohen, “The sh*t is about to hit the fan.”

Vicki Gunvalson says she comes with proof that she is not a liar regarding her allegations that David Beador was physically abusive to Shannon, which causes Shannon to become extremely emotional and leave the stage.

Shannon calls Vicki despicable, while Tamra Judge says to Vicki, “You shut up, old lady!”

“She made me out to be a con woman and a liar! You don’t like me? Bye Bye, Felicia! Get off my show,” Vicki screams.

“If you’re going to fight, I’m going to fight dirty,” Kelly threatens.

Watch the preview below.

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36 Replies to “Preview The Season 11 RHOC Reunion”

  1. So so pleased I’m not watching this trash! Time to say bye bye to this show and since when has it been Vickis show? Her ego is enormous, maybe sack everyone else and see how she manages on her own.

      1. Freedomgirl it’s about time it is stopped! The shows don’t belong to any one HW. Andy needs to grow a backbone and listen to the viewers for a change!

    1. I heard her say that too and nearly fell off the couch! This woman feels she has so much power and I’m sick of her. It is time for her to go!!!!

      1. know that is how she is treated by Bravo. When they did the 10 year “behind the scenes” special, they showed her treating the producers and camera folks like crap. They wrote it off as cute and funny but it wasn’t cute at all.

    2. Vickie has been on the show the longest so of course she is going to say it’s her show. It’s be bad Tamara became so 2Faced she was the one who started runnning her mouth about Shannon
      Now there bff I call bull on that one

    1. You might be onto something. He is starting to remind me of Stanley Tucci as the MC..”Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 11th annual HUNGER GAMES!!! LOL… except it’s housewives, not kids.

  2. I hope Vicki brings proof of Shannon’s lying about David’s assault case – it’s time for that sanctimonius phony to be taken down a peg or two! Shannon’s tagline really should’ve been “Karma is a lying bitch, just like me!”

    1. Totally agree, Dave, I hope truth shows it’s face. They have all treated Kelly horribly & persecuted Vicki to hell’s damnation, time for karma to pay them a visit I like Kelly, feel badly for her, dislike all the rest. I also like Andy. If I were Kelly, I’d fire myself from this rotten group of women.

    2. And, there are children involved here, Dave. I read about this years ago, but forgot about it until Icky opened her mouth. This whole show has been disgusting, going back to last year. Naturally, Icky will say it’s “her” show and Andy loves the drama. Cancel OC and do not do any other city. This whole Housewives thing needs to go away. I stopped watching.

      1. What the, I am just catching up on comments I missed yesterday, I’m in Scotland and thank you for saying that to Dave about Shannons girls. Some posters seem to forget that they will be the ones that will be the most hurt by this! So thank so again! XO

        1. Good Afternoon Suze. You’re welcome. People (not the group of us) really don’t think before they speak. I hope all is well and beautiful in Scotland today.

    3. Preview shows Vicki LiarFACE does bring proof. However, no need, as charges and guilty plea is on public record and this discussion has been exhausted. Shannon just upset it was revealed and just wanted to protect her family from further shame is all.

    4. I hope she is aloud to show her prof on the show David but you know no what prof there is she going to call it fake
      She is such a phoney I dislike her so much when she on I mute the time not interested in what she has to say

  3. Does no one remember Tamra calling Slade’s ex-wife over his child support. Tamra has gone further then lying and she has truly truly hurt people beyond just lies. I don’t know why everyone just thinks it’s ok when she does it.

    1. IMO, Tamra has done more contemptible things *and* has gotten away with more contemptible things than any other HW.

      Heck, she is *rewarded* for her heinous actions every time she is asked back to the show.

  4. Is it just me or did all of them look really bad?? I try to stay away from commenting on looks and im not saying by any means theyre ugly but what was going on with the makeup and lighting? 1. They’re all oranger than Trump, 2. Their foundation looks like it’s flaking off 3. They all look wet????? Wtf do they all look wet!?

      1. The double standards employed on this show truly boggle the mind. The whole lot of those women run around throwing stones at others without ever once looking at their own outrageous behaviours.

  5. I hope to never see Kelly again. Every SINGLE time even a friend brings up how she hits below the belt, it’s always “well, was it ok for & so to do …such & such to me? Never saying, yes, that was shitty of me. Viki belongs….anywhere else. Tamra has repented for her sins, and continues to, IMO. Heather is a little bit of a pompous fancy pants, but not cruel. Shannon has some issues to work on as we all do. Meghan looks so pretty and I wish only happy, good luck and health to her. And, lastly, I like Andy, always have.

    1. Well said! Shannon, Tamara and Heather are great at calling out the behavior of other people but not taking responsibility for their own bad behavior. Shannon lies to cover up the dysfunction in her own family by lying but calls Vicky a liar. Tamara spouts she is a Christian but still displays the same trashy behavior as she had before her conversion and Heather attacks with her amateur diagnosis of others. All three will lie to protect each other while calling out others behavior. I do not call this good TV. All of the women are poor examples of human beings who have sold their souls for fame and money.

  6. No one made Vicki out to be a con woman. That is like complaining about the edit. They can’t show something you didn’t actually do. She made herself out to be a con woman.

    1. Lol..ChristopherM you just made me laugh with your comment because it made me think of Gina from RH of Melbourne. She denies so much that when they showed her say something right out of her mouth on camera…she STILL said “I never said that”..haha.

  7. tamar has always done this remember what she did to jeana . she will do anything for fame or a paycheck . and lets not for get mike . vickies son got this show started . so vickie was the first . tamra and heather and shannon feel they are this shoready for tamar and shannon tto go heather talks about more time with her husband and kids . hey terry makes the money stay , ater all you dont need this drama lol right can you say money and tv time

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