Preview the RHOP Season 1 Reunion


In this preview for the Real Housewives of Potomac season one reunion, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Katie Rost are bringing the drama!

There are allegations among the women that include ho-like behavior, and drug use. Robyn also calls for security at point.

“I don’t say Gizelle’s a whore, screwing around with everyone around the country,” Charrisse says.

“‘Cause that’s not true,” Gizelle snaps back.

“It’s not?” Charrisse asks.

In another scene, Gizelle is describing something we didn’t see… “You were two hours late, you were drunk, and you peed on the couch.”

Watch the preview below:

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I can imagine the auditions for these shows, the trashier the better! Right through all franchises!

Well, as Luann likes to screech: Money Can’t Buy You Class. LOL

Personally, I don’t find these women trashy in comparison to the usual felonious, coke-sniffing, mob-affiliated, potty-mouthed, man-swapping, anal sex loving stars of the other franchises. Their drama has been pretty tame and superficial compared to most others.

To me all of the franchises are getting worse in their HW choices as I said not just this one.

I forgot a while back Ashley was in New York and appeared on the young urban morning show, “The Breakfast Club” : be careful as the language is NSFW (CTG is the resident caustic comic) – most younger, mainstream personalities are terrified to go in there as it’s like walking into a lion’s den, but she’s rather um, perky and figured out how to finesse the monster:

I don’t mind Ashley out of all of them but some of them I can’t stand!

Agree with you, I liked Ashley as well. She seems young and fresh but not a door mat for the bullies.

Most of them are a bunch of broke ass bitches!! This show has 2 of the most racist people I’ve ever seen on a HW’s show, but what’s funny is on both these ladies family tree’s they have white people on there somewhere, God Forbid!!

A bunch of superficial, trouble making women with false ideas of etiquette & class.

Starr you are absolutely correct.

“I don’t say Gizelle’s a whore, screwing around with everyone around the country,” Charrisse says.

So much for etiquette and class

Another HW franchise example of having money doesn’t make you any less trashier.

I don’t even watch but this was enough to convince me not to bother lol