Preview RHONY Season 8 Reunion Part 2


In this preview for part two of the season 8 RHONY reunion, Dorinda Medley was especially upset with Carole Radziwill over one particular thing Carole said this season.

Medley didn’t like the way Carole talked about Dorinda’s house, that she referred to her late husband as a ghost there to the Bethenny. “I would never mention your late husband, so you in general say mean things!” Dorinda yells at Carole.

“That was taken out of context,” Carole insisted. Bethenny added, “She was making a joke about the fact that I became possessed there.”

“Bethenny, it hurt my feelings! Can you allow me to have that?” Dorinda snapped back. “Stop explaining it away for a second.”

“Dorinda if I hurt your feelings, it wasn’t my intention,” Carole said. “I’m absolutely sorry and you know that and you know I would never say that.”

Dorinda continued, “That’s not how I read it. I called up Jules crying.”

Carole said that she should have reached out to her if Dorinda had a problem and that she thought they had a relationship, but Carole insisted Dorinda did a complete 180 this season.

“Because you had no interest in being with anyone other than Bethenny!” Dorinda insisted as to why their relationship changed. “We had no chance to develop a relationship.”

Watch the clip below.

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  1. Not watching NY I’m not sure why I watched the clip at the top of the story but as it finished a Melbourbe clip came on with Petifleur and Lydia, how funny! That made my day!

      1. No but I can get it on YouTube, after tomorrow I will have more spare time doing nothing for a few days so am going to find it and have a catch up. The clip of Petifleur and Lydia really made me laugh. She is absolutely bonkers! Xoxoxox at the weekend I will be up to date.

        1. Ok, good deal. I think you will LOVE Gamble’s wedding and toasts, plus the drama with Gina/Celebrity Apprentice. lol. Lydia and Pettiflauer in Dubai were ridiculous. I really hope they are acting for attention and this is not their true personalities. I love Chyka as well 😀

  2. Carole is Bettheny’s shadow…. I don’t understand that – who the hell in their right mind would want to follow Bettheny around… she would drive me nuts!!! yak yak yak…. B never stops with her mouth…awful….. she should take a look at herself on tv and scale back on the mouth.

    1. They seem to have a pretty solid friendship as evidenced by all the time they spend vacationing together outside of filming, but like anything else in reality TV world, a lot of one’s survival”on” the show is due in part to alliances.

  3. I would like to say to Carole, though most likely she is not reading this, that is fine when some people are closer in a group of women, but when those women become a mean girls clique, then it changes the dynamic of the entire group.
    Bethenny is hard to get close to for most, and she actually repels people with her mouthiness. Yes, she is quick-witted, and yes, Carole and Bethenny are both very intelligent witty people. Yet the fact is, that Bethenny has been unfeeling and just spouting insults nonstop a lot of the time, and it is not funny when others are hurt by those words. We are not in high school and hanging with the popular girls here. These are supposed to be adults. Most would want to run away from that energy, and I do understand why Dorinda wanted to go to her friend and not to Carole, who was aligned in a big way with Bethenny. It is like hanging out with a bully in a way, and no one wants to be around you when you are friends with a bully. Bethenny has serious problems, and she seems to displace aggression onto innocent people.
    Okay, the ghost comment was not so bad, really, but the way I see it, Dorinda is still grieving for the love of her life. That is why she will not commit to another…not yet anyway. She is so sensitive, and maybe that is why she keeps all of her former husband’s things around. It brings her comfort. She is lost without him. She did say she spent 8 days alone in the Berkshires without John. Maybe she even talks to her deceased husband. It is okay if she does. Everyone has to deal with things the way they are equipped to deal with them. I only hope that alcohold and/or drugs are not her go to coping methods as well.
    Yes, Carole has changed since she has been hanging out with Bethenny. Even that day at Jules’ house in the Hamptons was unbelievable with all the criticism from Bethenny and Carole laughing with her…just wrong. I imagine watching it back and seeing how nasty it was could not be easy either. Carole is a decent person, and I read her book. She really has to try to see herself as we see her when she is with Bethenny…and for me, it is not usually so good when they are a twosome.

      1. I still like Carole. Year before last she was attacked by the one legged wonder and accused of using a ghostwriter – then last year relentlessly attacked by the phony countess on air and in social media for dating a younger man. I am glad she found a friend but unfortunately B’s less worthy personality traits seem to have rubbed off on Carole. I don’t think we have seen the real Carole this year.

      2. I said that Carole is a decent person. I did not think it was her true colors coming out, but that she changes for the worst when she is with Bethenny and that seems so unlike the Carole I have seen and I did read her first book which said a lot about her character. I still like Carole, but wish she would not try to be like Bethenny in any way.

    1. I thought Carole was going to say something totally different about Richard and the entire ghost word. When the whole thing with her kitty happened, I thought she really learned that she had set up her life as a temporary thing, like she said. For some reason I aligned the “ghost” reference with her inability to love anything permanent. The fact that she left her husbands ashes in another country at all I thought was odd, ( for me ) and I saw all of those comments and that set up of things and situations in her life, like love, to be something she can only commit to if she can see the end of it. I thought she would say to Dorinda that she was so genuinely sorry, because she said and thought that BEFORE she learned the lesson that only that kitty could teach her. That she had not as yet learned how incorrect, and wrong she was to feel that, much less say it about Dorinda’s choices. In other words, a lot of people, I am assuming, believe that to keep a small shrine, or to keep photographs and momentos scattered throughout one’s home, etc., is something to avoid or to be ashamed of. Dorinda is like me in that I believe each person has their own way, and like all things about others, friends, we should at least try to accept those differences. It seems Carole got rid of most of Anthony’s things, and Dorinda did not do the same with Richard’s. In that scene it seemed she was unaccepting of that in Dorinda, and I did not see it as a joke either. I thought it was very hurtful what she said. To justify Bethenny’s horrible words by saying she becomes possessed by Richard’s “ghost” was deplorable.
      I have to say I agree with Bethenny about Luann though. She has been shown throughout this entire show to be a hypocrite. She has been known, and told by many of the cast in episodes, written about in blogs as one and spoken of as someone who likes to sleep around, especially with very young men, but criticizes others for doing it. In Carole’s case, Luann was spitting jealous that Carole attracted, and KEPT, the romantic attentions of someone 20 years her junior. Which, BTW, would never have been spoken about at length had the genders been reversed. I have all the seasons of NY, and sometimes I watch them in order for fun, or for company when I am drawing or coloring, because there are no adds to distract and annoy me. So, when I am lucky enough to have an entire day to do either artistic task, I might see a few seasons all in order. It is amazing what I forget, or don’t notice at all. Then to see it lined up like that, I feel like I kind of see and FEEL more of what the ladies do. I am saddened to see Carole making a joke if it and continuing to even when Dorinda was getting flushed from emotion.
      I believe people in this situation are simply co-workers put into a situation where they have a job including attending functions together, being in close quarters frequently, and I can only imagine how tiresome that might be. At times two ladies will become very close friends. Naturally all people don’t like all other people. It is another form of acceptance, IMO, to at least consider that Bethenny and Carole have the absolute right to be close, to hang out together, and even to exclude others when they have a chance, which would seem is rare. Dorinda is as the rest of humanity in that she is not perfect, and usually she admits her own shortcomings. Certain topics are more troublesome for all of us, I believe. I don’t see Bethenny as mean or hostile until someone gets too close to what is at all times crucially important to her. Her Daughter and her business. Another thing Luann is so jealous of it that it tears her to ribbons inside is that Bethenny built a hugely successful business, ON HER OWN, NO MAN. Luann hasn’t worked for so long she doesn’t know what it even means. Luann will NEVER GET OVER THAT ONE FACT. She will do everything in her power to lower Bethenny to her own level, which simply can not be done. She is the mean girl, IMO. The way she back stabs Sonja, says she loves her while saying she is a liar. Using that disgusting hand gesture to describe what she wishes was all that was between Tom and Sonja, while IN THE SAME DAY, saying how much she loves her and is mentoring her. What a total joke. She is the one who is cruel. IMO. 🙂 ❤️

      1. Carole did scatter ashes at the beach behind Anthony’s mom’s house where she and Anthony were married and saved some to bring to London 15 years later to where his father was buried.

  4. I am not believing Dorinda here. Of all people, Carole wouldn’t make any deragatory remarks about Dorinda’s late husband. She has lost a husband here, and I don’t think she would be that mean or malicious. I think Dorinda is wearing her heart on her sleeve here and was just looking for a way to interject herself into the conversation. Of all the women here, Carole is the last one who starts stuff. Case in point, when she was attacked by Aviva. If anyone has read Aviva’s book, I think we only have to wonder who the “ghost writer” in the group was. Carole is the least confrontational woman in this group. I think the others just see her as not as strong as they are and create drama about Carole that isn’t true. I don’t find her to be like Bethenny in any way, shape or form. I think Carole is her own person, but maybe I don’t see what some of you other ladies do.

    1. Karen I again agree with you. I think Carole and Beth are drawn together intellectually. Ramona and Sonja are party girls. Luann is acting like glassy eyed teenager. Poor Jules is strange putting odds and ends in her calzone. I think Dorinda is a smart lady but she enjoys her time alone. And if there are drugs involved maybe Carole and B keep their distance. Carole has never been a big talker while that’s Beth’s curse. Sometimes I think Carole is just trying to keep up with Beth. Just my observation.

      1. I think at times that is what makes a relationship work. One a thinker, one a talker. But, not that way every day in every situation. It seems to me anyway, that when Carole needs to talk, Bethenny sits back and listens. If Carole doesn’t like Bethenny being talkative, they wouldn’t be so close. I also don’t like it when any discord in those friendships is blamed on the strong one. The quiet person has as much responsibility to see that changed as the assertive one does. Not that you are saying that there is anything wrong with them, Bee, but many posters imply that Carole is simply weak, which I totally disagree with, and that Bethenny is aggressive and simply bullies her way through Carole. I think they have a genuine love in their friendship.

  5. Dorinda sounds kind of petty about this. Carole was just making a silly joke at the time, not being mean, and I think Carole’s apology was sincere.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I think you are right on the money DebBrenn! I don’t think Carole is mean and viscious and I think Dorinda is just being petty. She is wishy-washy anyway. She stirs up sh*t and then sits back and watches the fallout. She was married to a very classy man and now she is with John. I hope & pray that she is just trying to dip her toes into the social scene with an escort. John is a class-less person & I know Dorinda can do so much better. At least, I hope she KNOWS that she can!!!

    2. I don’t think Dorinda was being petty. There are some things that are sacred, that you don’t make silly jokes about. Dorinda lost the love of her life (as I have) and it’s not something you ever get over, just have to learn to accept it in time. Carole should understand that but then again, I don’t think she was married to her husband nearly as long as Dorinda was. It may have been a genuine oversight on Carole’s part (and she did give a half ass apology) but I have to say that watching Bethenny and Carole try to defend all their catty remarks and absolutely shitty behavior all season was more than tiresome. I’m just saying that Carole really should have been a lot more understanding. I don’t think she would have appreciated the mention of her late husband in that way either. If you remember, the conversation Bethenny and Carole were having was about B not wanting to go to Dorinda’s Berkshire house and feeling that she would be possessed by the devil. Carole says “well you know why, she has all of her late husband’s stuff there. There are ghosts in that house.” That is not a nice context to bring up someone’s late husband. If she said that to me, I would’ve slapped her in the mouth.

  6. I am listening to Season 7 Ep. 2 as I do dishes, in the part the day after Sonja meets Dorinda. They go to lunch, and Sonja asks Dorinda about herself and John. She says right then she has never met John, and listened when Dorinda went the usual bigger than life BS, but Sonja lied at the reunion when she said she had known John before Dorinda. She said she knew him through some “powerful people” and that he is not capable of swimming in all circles. She went into a little detail about his gag remark about “moist”when Tom was telling the meeting by telephone story. Luann had a few couples to meet Tom at that dinner.
    So, Sonja is lying thru her teeth to say she already knew John. What an odd thing to lie about. She could’ve gotten her point across just as well without the lie.

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