Preview RHONJ Season 7 Reunion


In this first preview for the season seven Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Andy Cohen instructs all of the women to stay on their couches and not to push “daddy.”

Teresa Giudice accuses Jacqueline Laurita of being a stripper and the drama is off. Giudice also accuses Laurita of setting her up and calling the feds, while Laurita takes several jabs at Giudice for going to jail.

In an emotional moment, Teresa discusses the possibility of her husband Joe Giudice being deported.

Check out the preview for the reunion below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Preview RHONJ Season 7 Reunion”

  1. “Daddy”? That’s sick.
    Cohen should just rename RHONJ “The Jacqueline Laurita Show.” IMHO, RHONJ sucks with the Lauritas and I hope to God that Teresa isn’t trying to get that boring narcissistic Staub back on the show.

  2. I cannot take Wacko Jacko or her down on his luck husband! Bravo needs to stop bringing Wacko Jacko, Kathy, Richie and the other cousin. Enough already! Let’s have a nice cast already! The 2 new cast memebers are alright, better than the twins fiasco.

  3. Another blame game isn’t everyone tired of listening to Tre say that everyone else is responsible for her going to jail but herself. This chick is in the deepest denial ever. I hate Teresa and I’ll tell you why, it’s not her baby voice, it’s not her credit card craziness and it’s not because she is delusional BUT, she is. I can’t stand the woman because she is a horrible mother. All of this pointing the finger and blame game she is playing is NOT what a good mother does. A Good, healthy mother stands up and proves to her children that she has made a mistake but she is going to stand up brush themselves off and try to pick up the pieces of her life, family and marriage. Not TRE…. her philosophy is to sit down and make up another story about who is responsible for her prison sentence, but she never looks in the mirror. Plus she knows. She got busted. She went to prison for many federal crimes to which she was guilty of. In the beginning if you remember as this all came out… Tre said “I wish Joe had told me how bad it was, I would have stopped the shopping and gifts and buying. The discussion with Joe was the same…. He said he messed up. It was proven her signature and his were on the loan docs, and the same with the charges for the building supplies for Joe’s so called business. The money owed to the fertility doctor, department stores etc. ALL of them had Joe or Teresa’s name on them. SO this is all made up it’s another part of the SAME OLD STORYLINE with the same old people involved. You gotta bring the drama so why not blame it on everyone else. Tre went to PRISON (NOT JAIL) Federal Prison for lying on her bankruptcy papers. How did Jack get into that? SO another addition to the fake boring stupid jersey ladies. Tre does not have any influence over whether Danielle comes back it’s ALL UP TO BRAVO AND ANDY. Everyone this is a reality show. It’s not real it’s not the truth. It’s all made up and as they film the producers tell them what to do, where to go to bring the drama and also tell them how far they want the drama to go. Let’ get back to real reality ok. Its a TV show made up to get all you viewers who believe this crap. They must have very little going on in their lives to argue over who is responsible

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