Preview RHOBH Season 7 Reunion

The trailer for the season seven Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is out and it is explosive! They slam each other for being “sick,” “big mouth” and worse!

“That’s a flat out lie Lisa!” Dorit Kemsley slammed in a sneak peek clip, possibly referencing the allegations that she was using cocaine. “No it’s not Dorit,” Lisa Rinna smirked.

Kemsley followed up with an insult about her “big mouth,” and Rinna told her to “shut up” in return.

Erika Girardi shared she thought her costars enjoyed humiliating her, and Kyle Richards got into a fight with Lisa Vanderpump. When Eden Sassoon appeared on the couch, Kyle also had a lot to say.

“I’ve learned a lot from this season,” Kemsley’s husband Paul quipped when he took his turn on the couch.

“That you’re an a**!” Erika Girardi said to him.

Paul also attempted to defend himself from being called a “pervert” and “creep” as the incredulous ladies looked on.

Rinna called Kim a “sick woman,” while Kim retorted that Rinna was sick as well.

Watch the preview below:

Photo Credit: Bravo


26 Replies to “Preview RHOBH Season 7 Reunion”

  1. Rinna is too thin for my taste, but outside of that, this cast has the best group of gams out of all the Bravo Housewife franchises, I think the New York girls look pretty good, too.

    1. Funny you should say that. I’ve noticed on NY that Dorinda looks like she’s 50, but her legs look like she’s 30. They’re gorgeous!

  2. Whoa…the make-up. It’s troweled on exceptionally thick this year. Kyle looks good though…and I like the way she told LVP to stop talking for her.

  3. I started watching Midway through Brandi’s last season but recently I got the chance to start the show from season 1, episode one and it’s amazing how that has colored my opinions of the women. I’m up to the game night episode on season 2 and I’m appalled at what a sub Kyle is and the downright catty, vicious treatment her and Kim healed on Brandi. Both Kyle and Kim come across as two of the most entitled witches ever which surprises me cause Kim was snorting in the bathroom every 10 minutes, but Kyle was just a jealous mean girl and expects everyone to kiss her heiny.. wow!!!

    1. I also wish she would choose different tops for talking head. She always has on those very unflattering tops that have a V going down to the belly button. What’s with that, anyway. I don’t agree about Kyle and Brandy, because she was so involved in Kim’s unending problematic life, and her behavior that she lost her way. She later tried to make it up to Brandy, and Brandy accepted her apology and supposedly forgave her, but Brandy was a different person with Kyle sober than she was with anyone & her nightly Xanax with the many wine chasers. So, Brandy wasn’t exactly kind either. But I have always been a fan of Kyle and Lisa. Lisa is always Lisa V. to me when I write, and Rinna is the other. I zip any segment of Rinna’s because it almost gags me to look at her face, I am not kidding. She just makes me sick. I very much hope that Kim stays well and can keep herself sober and clean. This is the first time I have ever seen her sober, she lied her way through the supposed 3 years of sobriety, and Kyle knew it. It is so obvious to anyone who has lived with or known anyone who is addicted to booze and/or pills that she was on something during that time. Her and Brandy make a good team.

  4. Dorit and LVP really got off this season talking about Ericka/ panties. They loved every minute of it and were hard press to let it go. I hope Ericka let them have it. And the Pillsbury Dough-boy, please let this be the last on the sofa visit from him. Such a tough guy going after women. PLEASE!

  5. This is going to be a juicy week: between the hell breaking loose over at RHOA and the fallout from THEIR reunion (I’m telling you, they blew Andy’s wig back and as of yesterday, leaks indicate heads are rolling!!!) – plus RHoBH, I’m going to have some good tv time after work!!!

  6. Kyle has had a lot of Kim’s crap heaped upon her shoulders for years and years. It proves it every time Kim is in the headlines. I think after Kyle apologized to Brandy, and Brandy accepted it, Brandy did way more cruel things to Kyle. Then Kim choosing the person who wants to shove Kyle’s teeth down her throat as her bestie??? Kyle has been very forgiving of everyone. I would not have forgiven Kim for the nasty, humiliating, cruel, untrue, hurtful lies she told for 10 years about her own sister, and I didn’t forgive my own sister for some similar things that hurt me and my children when my Daughter passed away, so she is a better person than me. Some things are unforgivable. Only God can forgive what my sister did, not me. Brandy is a bitch, and she is the one with the Xanax problem. The supposed 30 day no wine dry from booze she did, she said herself on camera “Thank God for Xanax.” One season of cattiness compared to every moment hence is not a balanced view.

  7. At 12:20, episode 13, when Lisa and Ken are getting their doggie housing facility ready, Ken tells Lisa what was on the video when she asks what it was like when she turned away, and he put his face in his hands and sobbed, and said it was etched into his brain forever and was the most horrible thing. I wanted to hug him then, it was so raw and real. I’m tearing up now thinking of it.
    so, if he makes an off color comment occasionally, well, I forgive him. His exact words were “It was F**king terrible.”

  8. cannot stand Dorit and LVP. These two get along well for a reason – they are both so full of BS. Nothing out of their mouth has an ounce of authenticity or accountability to anyone except for their own egos.

  9. I am a few weeks behind but I don’t care what anyone says I wouldn’t watch if LVP left the show. She is the reason I started watching. I love her, her house,her animals and her husband. Yes she has disappointed me at time with some things she has said or done but what friend hasn’t done that through the years. And I love all of you fellow posters and wish you all a happy Easter or Passover weekend.

  10. I adore the way Lisa opens up. Honest and blunt, my kind of friend. If you don’t like her opinion she expects you to tell her straight in her face. I agree that Kim is dreadful, the drugs caught up with her and she slurs,the whole time with her eyes bulging, Yuck is all I can say

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