Preview RHOBH Season 7 Reunion

The trailer for the season seven Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is out and it is explosive! They slam each other for being “sick,” “big mouth” and worse!

“That’s a flat out lie Lisa!” Dorit Kemsley slammed in a sneak peek clip, possibly referencing the allegations that she was using cocaine. “No it’s not Dorit,” Lisa Rinna smirked.

Kemsley followed up with an insult about her “big mouth,” and Rinna told her to “shut up” in return.

Erika Girardi shared she thought her costars enjoyed humiliating her, and Kyle Richards got into a fight with Lisa Vanderpump. When Eden Sassoon appeared on the couch, Kyle also had a lot to say.

“I’ve learned a lot from this season,” Kemsley’s husband Paul quipped when he took his turn on the couch.

“That you’re an a**!” Erika Girardi said to him.

Paul also attempted to defend himself from being called a “pervert” and “creep” as the incredulous ladies looked on.

Rinna called Kim a “sick woman,” while Kim retorted that Rinna was sick as well.

Watch the preview below:

Photo Credit: Bravo