Preview the RHOBH Season 6 Reunion


The first preview for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six reunion has been released and Lisa Rinna is not finished throwing shade at her former friend Lisa Vanderpump.

The season revolved around who was the first to bring up the word Muchausen in regards to Yolanda Hadid, who is battling Lyme disease. On-camera, viewers saw Lisa Rinna read the definition of the syndrome to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, however, Rinna alleges that off-camera Vanderpump was trying to encourage others to discuss the topic on-camera to make Hadid look bad.

In the clip for the reunion, Rinna brings up her season-opening birthday dinner at Il Cielo. This is the dinner where Yolanda could only attend for 20 minutes and Lisa and Ken couldn’t stop commenting on how bad she looked.

“Harry said ‘You know what, we need to support this woman whether she’s sick or not, and that’s that,'” Rinna claims. “And you went, ‘There goes our f*cking story line!'”

Rinna even goes on to present her phone records to prove that Vanderpump made the phone calls to her that she denies, hoping to prove that Vanderpump started the Munchausen talk.

This is when the first walk out of the reunion happens. Having heard enough, Yolanda got up and walked off stage.

Watch the preview below.

Thoughts on the reunion clip?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Rinna’s credibility is in the basement at this stage. There is no way any of this happened and she decided to keep it secret for 4/5 months only to reveal it at the reunion. I am not buying it at all. I hope Andy calls her out and doesn’t let her keep pouncing on her throughout the reunion. LVP did not say “never”, she said “rarely”. Considering they have been cast mates for 2 years and a number pose calls were probably regarding the horse-hunting trip to Ohio, I don’t think 10 phone calls between them is a lot at… Read more »

LR is the 1 who brought up “M.” LVP said she rarely called LR. Ten calls is not very much. For LR to sit & blame LVP for her own mouth is ridiculous. Erika sitting there laughing & smiling makes me sick. I can’t stand Yo, Erika, Eileen, or LR. I hope they are not back next season.

When LR brought up the M word, LVP CLEARLY said on camera “I don’t think we should be discussing this.” That pretty much sums it up.

That’s why i wish Bravo would show the ladies the clip if they say something contradictory to what they said on tv. Expose all their lying.

BINGO Skeptic. WHY does Andy NOT show footage to the viewers to show WHAT exactly was and wasn’t said by whom. In my estimation? To SPIN the damn show the way he WANTS it to be spun PERIOD. We never as the viewer get RESOLUTION. It will always be kept this way to make sure that the PRIZED woman of the show is kept protected. The subterfuge on these shows is so sickening. I’m really sick to death of the ‘crazies’ getting shafted when they probably are telling the truth. And the POPULAR lady du jour is held behind some… Read more »

They control the outcome with this ‘selective edition’ ! It’s infuriating lol

are you enraged ?

It should be shown directly to the ladies also. If LVP said she didn’t say something and she actually did then Andy should stop the talk and show the clip.

I agree Miss Moneypenny. You said it all thank you!

Hi DeeDee & thanks! 🙂 actually Skeptic pointed this out and I so agree with her and Skeptic if you see this I agree the ladies need to be shown this first and foremost absolutely.

That’s the way I remember it too, GIGICAT. LR can barely sit her butt down before her lips started flapping about Yolanda and the M word. It was almost like she was in a frenzy over the latest gossip about Yolanda’s illness. Re-
minds me of a shark feeding frenzy! She acts so upset that her hairdresser broached the M subject with her and
then she spills it to the whole world on air! Come on LR..”your caught” admit it!

Good comment xo

rinna is all about (deflection mode) right now, bring the drama and place it on someone else. she is so shady and always talking smack about others but no one can talk about her crap….And she does not know how to own her own shit.
she is unhinged ratchet…

I have to say that I believe Lisa R. I have seen a whole new side of Lisa V and it breaks my heart. No one has been a bigger fan of LV but she has shown me a whole new side and it’s so disappointing.

I’ve been skeptical of LVP for a while now. First season, Cedric let it go that he’d moved out of Lisa’s house months before (I’ve actually known him for a bit and met him before the show when he lived in West Hollywood, so…). they asked him to move in for the storyline. Second season, Kyle called her out and said, “being friends with you is like playing chess with Bobby Fischer. every move is so calculated.” Third season faye resnick called Lisa out as manipulative and sending brandi to do her dirty work. brandi on wwhl in sxsw told… Read more »

Sadly I think you’re right.

I have a feeling the women you mentioned are quite jealous of LVP. Long marriage, good husband, successful businesses, good taste, dresses like a lady, etc. Quite unlike the others who are bottom feeders (with the exception of Kyle). Nobody gets to where LVP is in her their life without knowing how to play the game and be ruthless. Period.


I agree G, I’m not clear how anyone could claim LVP is in any way culpable for what comes out of Rinna’s mouth. Frankly, I don’t give a crap if LVP called Rinna everyday and twice on Sundays to get her to utter the M word… it was still Rinna’s decision to do so or NOT.

I agree too. 😉

Gb2. Exactly. I too loved LVP, but I see her true colors.

Once again, just stop with name calling! Grow up, how old are you 14?

Good grief where did Meghan come from? LOL So how ya feeling Suze? Every nite in my prayers you are there…love ya!!!! 🙂

Thank you Barbara, I start chemo next week just to try to delay things so any prayers are more than welcome! Love you too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxoxoxoxox

Suze, I will be praying for you. Sounds strange but I read something the other day researchers in Sweden did a study they say if you listen to Ac Dc song thunder struck something with the beat of the music supposedly helps the chemo travel through your body better.

How funny Daisy, I have that on an album, I was a big Ac Dc fan, I saw them play at a local college. but it’s vinyl and I’m not sure if we can play them anymore! I will listen to it on my iPad anything that helps I will try! I’m looking at Aloe Juice for a side effect thanks to Sandy so apart from standing on my head all suggestions help! Xoxoxoxo plus I am very grateful for all prayers Xoxoxoxo I should think of selling them I have so many on vinyl maybe get my daughter todo… Read more »

What a cool lady you are. I also love ac dc. Wasn’t vinyl the best.

I have never been called cool before! Lol we have hundreds of vinyls or LP’s as they were from Motown to heavy rock to Classic music with Musicals thrown in as well. So much nicer than CD’s. Just such a waste sitting in the cupboards! I have seen most of the British rock bands over the years, I have had many conversations with Kt about it as she has a rock room in her house!

I found an article about it…loud rock and chemo.

Thank goodness I was hoping that I remembered correctly


Wow. My dad starts chemo next week. I haven’t said anything to you guys about his. He wants to buy time so maybe he’ll give this a whirl. Interesting article. Sure, ignore the morons. Use your energy on GOOD things, not evil-minded twerps.

Wow, Hey Megan, go back to school and if you can graduate an adult please, feel free to join the rest of us!!!

Barbara, Rinna has changed her story at least 3 times THIS season and little of what she is claiming matches with her erratic behavior throughout the season. LVP has maintained the same story, no matter how it “looks” to those who don’t believe her, and it matches how she responded when Rinna brought up munchausens on her phone. None of what Rinna claims makes sense considering how quick LVP was to shutdown the convo. And why didn’t Rinna call out LVP right then and there if she’s telling the truth? She’s not telling the truth, that’s why.

Agree 100% Rinna flip flops and we see her distort & lie when she says LVP said never & she said rarely. Rinna is a lunatic who created & roade the Munchausen’s storyline until Eileen directed her to do otherwise and she’s trying to blame LisaV. Odd that she is avoiding implicating Kyle, since she and Kyke were doing most of the texting.

I fully agree RHOBHLover, Fully.

Ass-Wax is desperately back peddling hoping to deflect the blame of her bring up Munchausens. Ass-Wax said it herself that her hairdresser brought it up and she engaged in the talk.

MY favorite part of this clip is watching Yolanda…first she smiles as she suddenly realizes Rinna is about to throw LVP under the bus…then she covers her face until she can get it together…then we see her touch the corner of her mouth and wipe away invisible tears… we hear a little sob when the camera is no longer on her…and then finally, she gets up and runs for the dressing room….(that hemline is stupid). If only this had music…maybe David can work out something.

I wish Bravo would make that clip accessible to people in Canada.

Are we suppose to believe LR now after she has lied on every show again & again? She even said on WWHL with Andy it was her hairdresser. Are we now suppose to believe her? Are we suppose to believe that Yo, Erika, Eileen, & LR did not discuss this gang up on LVP before the reunion? They are full of BS. Their actions all season show who they really are. Yo wasn’t crying. Erika was laughing & smiling & looking at Yo. They forgot we watched all of them & their actions every show this season. They are complete… Read more »
I see now why Kyle and Lisa are seated next to each other on the couch. Usually they have the spots on either side of him. For Kyle, I believe she is horrified that her friend is being treated this way because of what Rinna says and does. I hope Rinna not only isn’t on next season, but gets blackballed from any HW events forever. I cant even believe she is such an evil skank. If there was ever a person on HW, (besides Viki ) who is a C**T, it’s Rinna. I hope she learns what it feels like… Read more »

Don’t Forget Brandi and Kim if Yolanda knew then those two knew.Why do you think Lisa R.was enraged at the pic of those three?She realized they too were also in on the gang up and it pissed her off.

agreed, and how old are these women because they act like 12 year old mean girls and of course vyle is sitting there ready to cry because she can’t quite get off the fence and defend her friend LVP and surely doesn’t want the attack to be on her…..

Just too funny! Love your take and appreciate your humor!


rinna is bringing up the problems between yolymes & LVP – actually interjecting herself into it out of opportunity—-but rinna blasts LVP for it, when the feelings are mutual and have been for some time.. yolymes & king david were on (another reality show), and came onto RHOBH when fabulous LVP brought her friend Muhammed / (lymes ex hubby) into it. Yolymes seethed with jealousy and hates that Muhammed deeply cares & respects LVP. So yolymes got onto the show with the plans to take down LVP by using brandi & now ericka, the only problem for lymes is that… Read more »

Apple I think when she heard Ken said she looked bad and then how Lisa said something like “well he didn’t say it to your face & you didn’t look good” or something- I think she was like wow really? I mean it was nasty but then to justify it made it more hurtful. I don’t know. I think she was just hurt. And it sort of snowballed. I agree that initially she looked glad to hear LVP be called out. Then she got whacked with a two by four.

You are GOOD apple, I applaud you.


yea, this is so obviously staged and pre-planned.. I’m sick of it, how many seasons have we seen this same old tired crap (take down LVP), and every time it garners LVP more fans and the other’s end up fired and looking stupid….
And miss andy is the ring leader laughing all the way to the bank.
rinna just needs another ass wax as she is getting crabby from the pricklies… And whileen is dreaming about new curtains…

O M G! I have never made a secret of the fact I like LVP and yes she s manipulative but this is just so ridiculous now. Rinna needs locking up! Get your backside waxed again that’s all she is good for apart from strap one! ! I can’t hack this program any longer roll on the end of the reunion. Boring Eileen Rinna and Yo should just go they are like silly pathetic mean schoolgirls, or behaving like them! I had more maturity at the age of 15 than these women and that’s being kind to them! UGH!!!!!!

On not one!

I love you Suze but……. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

But what my sweet?

I disagree but I love you!! 🙂 I left my impression Of the clip below

Rain I am just sick of the lot of them!

This is what happens when an illness is th story line for a whole season

Bravo should be shot for these story lines, I have to say again I know LVP isn’t innocent by any stretch I’m just sick of them going over and over and over the same point again and again and again! Yes I’m crabbit, more than crabbit so I’m done on BH threads this season completely done! If the word sickness comes up on any other franchise same again! Now I’m going to make myself truly sick with a bar of cadburys whole nut! I will think of you as I’m eating it! ❤️❤️❤️

Mm have a bite for me! I wish Daniel Craig would think of me when he’s eating LOLOLOL
BUt I agree Suze, this season had NOTHING but the illness so they just go over it again and again and beat it to pieces

That’s my Suze, you say what you mean. Always XoXoXoXo——————————————–

Starr, I was really tired and crabbit for all sorts of reasons yesterday and I just couldn’t take anymore repeats,of sickness story lines, fake or not! I won’t watch the last show or the reunions as I am sick of each and every one and going by how Andy has been in the past he won’t call out Yo so that’s me! I will stick to my omnibus of a Monkey world! They are far more civilized than these women! Then if that runs out I will look for the on on Orangutangs. You might have seen his on… Read more »

Typo One on

You feel & be as crabbit as you want, Suze. In the big scheme of things, their lives are gardens of flowers with no real drama in it, so all they have tons of time for, is empty air & nasty thoughts put into action. They should wear your shoes for a second & I’m guessing they’ll fold badly. Praying all the way Suze, don’t bring it up often, But you practically never leave my mind & my prayers.

Starr love you and always think of your struggle too! Xo

No, my sweet, mine is miniscule in comparison to what you’re enduring. Last year, my hubby was diagonsed with kidney cancer, power of prayer, all’s well now. See’s doctor every 3 months. My daughter has congestive heart failure. Twice last year, a pace maker & di-fibrulator was installed (1st did not work),, power of prayer, she has more energy now. My grand-daughter on her bike was run over by a car, power of prayer, she was saved. Even my mishap was good. Many said we had a bad 2015, but you know what? It was many blessings given is how… Read more »

Starr!!! OMG! What a year you had! Your poor husband, your Daughter, my ex SIL has a defibrillator and had it now for ten years she seems to be ok. Your Granddaughter! What can I say I am so sorry but so happy you are coming through it!

Thanks so much Suze & Rain, so sweet of you both. I love being here, it helps tremendously. My daughter, by the grace of God is with us. Much damage to her heart muscles, blood does not pump enough. This happened at age 17 & we were told that many young people suddenly die, but here she is. I do pray constantly for her & speak to her several times daily. All I’m saying is that you’re a woman of faith & God will be there for & with you. I trust Him with all my heart & I’m praying… Read more »

OMFG. all I can say when I read the words “My Grandaughter was run over!” Jeeze. I think it’s enough now. For many here, man. I do believe we find blogs like these when we have bad stuff happen and we are kinda stuck inside, maybe even housebound. Then we find this wonder. ♥︎

Starr I mentioned my ex SIL with the defibrillator, my ex husband who I divorced ended up with a heart transplant but then died mainly due to alcohol consumption! and his nephew one of twins died at 21 with same genetic heart problem. They were all tested and the youngest who is in her early 50’s now had one fitted many many years ago and although there are some things as you will know they can’t do, she leads a normal life and has three grandchildren now. That is scary as she used to sit on my knee for a… Read more »

Thanks for sharing that. You and your family certainly have had a very stressful and unbelievable year. How much can one family endure. Thank God everyone pulled through. There is always hope. ❤️ ❌⭕️

Thanks Real Sandy. We are blessed & acknowledge that daily to the Almighty.


I realize I should not have put the F in the same sentence as God. Bad choice.

Oh LVP!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!! Lisa R came ready with phone records and you do kinda have to scream to make LVP listen to you !! LVP is playing very poor defense . JUST OWN IT AND MOVE ON WOMAN
Erika of course looks stunning and OMG Kyle , can we say gorgeous with those tits ??! Karhryn covering her face with a pillow is funny! I think Yolanda’s anguish is real and hearing how she was takes another, there’s nothing fake about how shitty that feels

What do the phone records prove? It proves that they chatted but doesn’t prove about what. I’m sure they have chatted about schedules and, doubtless, the trip to Ohio to find the pony. Unless there is a recording those phone records only prove they spoke via phone.

Skeptic let’s just agree to disagree . Neither of us will change our minds. You think LVP is clean and innocent and I think shells manipulative and cunning. That’s ok . It’s just a show xoxo

No, I don’t think LVP is clean and innocent. She plants the seeds, waters them and the others grow from those seeds. i am saying that the phone records don’t prove LVP talked to Ass Wax about Munchausens. LVP said they rarely or hardlly ever talk. Ten phone calls don’t mean anything unless there is a recording of the conversations.

Well this is the first I’ve heard you say that she plants seeds and waters them. At least you acknowledge that and that’s great. And planting seeds is what manipulation is all about.

I love you Rain, you know that right? I do wonder why you always congratulate every Lisa fan whenever they verbalize their knowledge that Lisa is not perfect. I am a Lisa fan. I actually wouldn’t be one if she was perfect. Since only Jesus Christ himself ever lived as a human and committed no sin, it is fascinating to me that Lisa is constantly being seen to be someone who is otherwise perfect if it wasn’t for us calling her out. The actual fault is that Lisa, as all imperfect humans, has difficulty saying she is sorry. She has… Read more »
I love you too ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I do feel the LVP fans are a majority. If you think about it, there’s only 4 or less posters that think otherwise . So I guess maybe it’s nice when I find someone who agrees with me . Or someone who agrees with me about being team YO. I do think Lisa R is mean and I see that. For me though, I don’t hate LVP and I’m not on this bandwagon where everyone wants to fire the HW they don’t like. I think she’s a great woman, successful , great marriage etc BUT… Read more »

3D, I would LOVE to watch a HW marathon with you and discuss while we watch :). Look, I admit I’m a bit eccentric but I admire and respect strong women with strong points of view , even if they’re different from mine ❤️❤️❤️

Oh!!! I have every season on Amazon. Best picture, no adds. That would be so fun. We could bake cookies, I can still imbibe in cookies.

Oh, and I DO want Rinna fired. Fired and blacklisted.

Ok you can only fire ONE person lol 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️If I were to pick just one from the ones I watch (RHOBH and RHOC) it will have to be Meghan ! Grrrrr don’t come for my Shannon Bedour unless you want me to suffocate you with my left tit 😉

And, I think Erika’s chapel is just exquisite. Shannon, well, I won’t come for hr unless she bugs the shit out of me again. Even then, I won’t have mean things to say, because she is not mean.

My comment about don’t come for Shannon was not directed at you 3D , it was bout Meghan lol 🙂 she was so mean to Shannon

Can we not fire Vicki then I can watch OC with you. I certainly won’t with her on it! It doesn’t sound as if Tamra called her out on her lying! Or maybe Andy gave her a raise to be friends with Vicks! They would have to offer me millions to go anywhere near the Liarface! I’m asking pretty please! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have only watched last 3 seasons so we can watch the previous Seasons. I haven’t seen the seasons wish Adrienne, Camilla or Taylor ! Woo hoo! Party 🙂

Oh, Rain. The first 3 were great, just like NY. You really get a sense of who Lisa and Kyle are.

Rain and Three Ds forever how would you feel about an idea I am doing…I trademarked and copyrighted it, along the lines of ‘real housewives discuss real housewives’ – I want to do this, esp with this franchise – if you are on board let me know and we can email etc. I think it’s doable with Skype and on Bravo’s dime to start with…way more interesting that “The People’s Couch” and a lot of big names are housewives-superfans, lol

What a fantastic and smart idea Mousie!! Just amazing!! I wish I could be part of it but after the ugliness last night, I’m not so sure. But thank you for thinking of me, I’m honored ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Interesting concept and one I suggested on these posts months ago…guess I should have jumped on that trademark/copyright. Guess I’ll have to cancel my pitch meeting.

Three D;s forever, how would you feel about an idea I am formulating – well it’s more than an idea, a concept I have already trademarked and copyrighted actually lol to pitch to Bravo about “real housewives discuss real housewives” with us talking about RHOBH issues and it could all be done via Skype at least to start? I mean they have the People’s Courch, this would be wayyy more interesting

Great idea. Count me in barring any emergencies that would disallow it. Wow, what fun that would be!!!

Spot on

Whoa there, darlin’. This kind of thing is not cool.
Got something to say about the show…great…. but no personal attacks. I mean, after all, you really don’t know anything about any of us, do ya?
Now…change your name… and come back and try again.

FFS! Go away and don’t come back!

OMG Meghan where the hell did you come from?? You have a a very sick mind. Rain is a friend of ours and although we often disagree she is entitled to her opinion and never is unkind or vicious. You young lady need your mouth washed out with a very evil tasting soap. Please clean up your act and grow up.

Well said Aunt Bee xoxox


❤️❤️❤️❤️Aunt Bee xoxo

What the heck is with you! Why don’t you just get off this site and leave it to intelligent adults.

ITA! LVP said she rarely called her. The phone records don’t tell what was said. I’m sick of LR, she is the one who said “M.” Erika makes me sick, she was sitting there laughing & smiling. I will not watch if they are on next season.

Do we even trust that there were really 10 calls? I don’t! I want to see a screenshot and even then I have my doubts about whether ass-hat Rinna cut & pasted and doctored some fake records 😀

ITA! The phone records only proved they talked. So what! I remember when they were at dinner & LR tried to say she had text messages about “M” from LVP & LVP said no she did not text LR about that. Where are those records LR?

Exactly! If Ass Wax had a text from LVP about Munchausens that text would be on the front page of the NY Times. LVP is smarter than Ass Wax and wouldn’t put anything in writing that could be tossed right back at her.

Soaps & suds need to keep their legs & lips closed…..

I want to see your Erika hair 🙂 can I visit you in the farm in a big flowy chiffon gown and my gay squad? ❤️❤️❤️

I don’t color my hair either! It’s blonde on top but grey if you part it 🙂 au naturale all the way , bongs blazing !! Oh my, is this turning into s rap video lol?

I like Kathryn’s take on the 2 “M” situations. I believe in personal accountability 1st & foremost. Kathryn saying LVP never said a bad word about any of them says a lot about LVP character. Unlike the other school girls. LR saying LVP made me do it is ridiculous. Love LVP, Kyle, & Kathryn.

LR really needs some sort of storyline of her own besides acting bewildered and surprised all the time. It’s getting tiring with her. They have ALL talked about Ho’s stupid twitters and instagrams and bad clothes and no make-up. BFD. Who hasn’t? So have all of us. I’m sick of this gang.

Maybe Ass Wax could talk about Harry’s arrest for running a brothel 40 years ago.

ANOTHER thing besides bringing Yo up at every effing meal was when she brought Kim up at Kathryn’s San Diego brunch. There was no reason at all for her to say that the eating thing had been brought up last year. Rinna has rancid hate in her soul. For her to go on and on even tho her “friend” Kyle was tired, as they all were, and almost in tears shaking even, she just HAD to keep it up. God she makes me sick.

And P.S. LVP didn’t get to where she is today with businesses by getting hoodwinked by someone with the brains of LR. She eats these types for breakfast and I don’t blame her. NOBODY is that successful without being tough as nails and smarter than the others.

The only things soaps can do is; whine, and take down old curtains, and suds is capable of an ass wax on national t.v. thinking it makes for good t.v. watching—-these (girls) need to grow up –they are plain stupid…..
LVP reigns and the 2 village idiots get old curtains & ass waxes…..

This PROVES how fucking cruel Rinna is. She wants to get at Lisa so badly that she will hurt Yolanda as much as she can. I am embarrassed to be of the same gender as someone like Rinna. That bitch doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she looks better. Well, she could not possibly look worse. I can’t believe she is saying that. I am saddened that this is only how far we as women have evolved. I can’t use the words I want to here because it would be WAY more offensive than cruel fucking bitch.

I will agree that what Rinna did was cruel to Yolanda. I know I’m one of the very few that are tram Yo, so I believe her hurt was real when she got off the couch and left. This whole illness conversation should not have been entertained by ANY of these women. As Suze said, everybody’s hand is dirty. And if you decide to entertain that topic, don’t be surprised if it comes back and bites you in the ass
Btw 3D I left you a response about weed and sleeping lol❤️❤️❤️

Rain, her comment will come back to bite her in her freshly waxed ass.

Don’t remind of that ass waxing , it was just gross lol

Rain I barely ever need to comment bc I’m basically always on the same page as you except I would be ecstatic if LVP was gone. !!! But I can still watch it so whatever. I can’t watch ny bc of bethenny. And btw I also love Shannon!! She’s my favorite

yea – we saw how cruel / unhinged rinna was with kim in amsterdam. rinna broke the glass & wrapped her hand around kims neck — and all because kim brought up (rinna’s hubby?) rinna is not well in the head and loser whileen is not far behind…..
Bravo, please get rid of these village idiots and take lymes/ menopausal aging badly lying loser with you………

VanderC*nt is a liar, there’s no way around it! 🙂

Ok now you’re just angling for a spanking !! I told enough of the C word Jake

It’s Brandy. She is such one herself that she enjoys calling Lisa that. She did offer to eat Lisa’s, remember. She is just pissed off that Lisa never let her. I mean, if we are going to be vulgar, and being that Brandy swims in foul waters, might as well be here where she sees it. Brandy: You are a joke. I honestly feel sorry for your Parents and children.

Poor Jake/Brandy trolling the websites to “anonymously” spew his/her hate. Still the sad person she’s always been.

Just like a coward, always willing to use the most foul way of speaking, and embarrassing her kids for the rest of their lives, which she cares nothing about doing, all the while hiding behind her son’s name. I really wish she would do something, ANYTHING worthwhile. Then maybe she could get on with being happy, which she isn’t unless she’s shit faced and on her back. One character flaw I can’t abide is cowardice, cruelty and cheating. The 3 C’s. And Brandy, honey, you are full of them all.

i think it is Brandi too. i made a comment about Miss Ass Wax drinking and tweeting like Brandi does and Jake came right back with “are you drunk typing too”. So typically Brandi. Sad she uses one of her son’s names.

Oh I missed that you mentioned her sons name as well. Curious indeed!

Isnt her son named Jake… Hmmmm

jake honey, the adults are speaking, go to your room for a nap…

Hi Brandy! Tell Kim I said stay strong 🙂

Lol! Xo

Hope to see if Andy has enough balls to question Yoyo and her timeframes and conveniences of all her “illness” issues and her childrens’ “illnesses”. They’re not off limits when the mother put it out there.

Hopefully all of this will finally be cleared up and they can move on to a different story line next season

brandi (who), is she relevant (nope)..

Rinna reminds me of those conspiracy theorists that can’t quit saying we didn’t land on the moon and Kennedy was shot by the CIA. If we weren’t all too bored to tears over Yo’s complaining about her disease, now we have Rinna not letting go of something that means nothing! Of course they all talked behind Yo’s back about the disease being inexplicable. The difference was Rinna thinking she was scoring points by making it public, and that’s all on her. LVP immediately tried to shut that down.

I think Rinna is certifiably cray-cray. She is the one who has obsessed all season re: who in her mind is the bigger manipulator, Lisa V or Yolanda, even when no one else was even saying anything like that, to the nth degree AD NAUSEUM and FINALLY as the reunion is about to air, she writes a blog that says “I’m over it, no more drama” – DUH Lady…you are soooo mean and stupid it’s hard to find words

Go Rinna. Thank you, Eileen for not letting a blind, developmentally delayed six year old put together your look this time.

I agree, GO Rinna. As far away as you can get, maybe hell where your soul already resides.

LMAO. Errm, you just took that allllll personal in a butt hurt kinda way, ha!!

I just read in a news release from Bravo that in the second part of the reunion, Eileen makes Lisa V cry. Who takes things so personally that they attack someone else? I mean Lisa tried to apologize many times, and Eileen decided she had the barometer on the sincerity of those apologies. It makes me sick how she and Rinna ganged up on Lisa V…especially after Lisa V had confided in Rinna about how hurt she was that she was ganged up on by the cast two seasons prior…who does that?

I wish I had a nickel for every time I read a comment that said if (fill in the blank) is back next years, I’m done watching this show.

Hilarious. Let’s face it. If there was no drama, we wouldn’t be watching.

PJ some of us mean it! Can we not say that anymore then! I’m done same as I’m done with Vicki and ATL. So that’s three nickels for you!

Yippee. 3 nickels. Can’t wait for next season. 🙂

Suze, I get PJ’s point. I said that when Bravo chucked Jill under the bus for Bethenny. And I never stopped watching.

Maybe but some of us say it and mean it! I’m one of them, I don’t watch ATL, can’t stand Kenya, I do make a few comments but have always stated I don’t watch. Same with Rain she comments but doesn’t watch. An old season of ATL is on in UK now and it came on the other night while I was in the bath, lasted two secs when I got out! I won’t watch OC but will comment for any time Vicki is on for personal reasons that I have said many times when the NHL story line was… Read more »

No reply button under the lets fire one and let it be Viki. Yes better choice. Rinna will get her waxxed ass ripped apart by Lisa and we will all be happy!

Oh Lord I hope you are right about Lisa ripping at Rinna but I am afraid LVP is too hurt to do that. Maybe if there was a week between the 3 part reunion LVP would be able to recuperate and respond but since it is filmed all in a 10-12 hour day I think not. She is hurt, tired and not allowed to speak because lips won’t STFU.


You cuss as much as you want to Bee! Zoxoxoxoxox

I have never said it. I simply ZIP and/or mute the ones I don’t like. Simple. Makes the entire show like 30 minutes long.

And, I have to add that the episode on the yacht, I had to stop. It made me so uncomfortable to see these grown women talking about something only 2 were even there for, and their OPINIONS about what was, what should, what who said to who and why, if I was feeling puny I can only imagine what Lisa felt like.

i love Lisa V

Post under your real name you miserable piece of shit. I don’t always agree with Rain but she isn’t a hateful piece of turd like you are.

Thank you skeptic , you’re a good and kind woman ❤️❤️❤️

I agree to disagree with Rain; actually we both do. I would never be that cruel to write anything about Rain and I don’t think she’d be cruel enough to write that about any fan of LVP.

I know you were not talking to me but I am trying to explain to you that we all have our favourites here and none of us (with the exception of Jake) are this rude or mean towards another poster.

Very true Skeptic. There’s no need for such awful, gutter comments from some others. They’re just plain nasty.

Thank you skeptic ❤️

xo you are welcome.

GROW UP! This is a blog anyone can reply!

Meghan I think you’re taking the comments against LVP personally. We all just say what we want abt our faves/ non faves. No one should attack. It’s unnecessary. This is just all in fun. It’s just a dumb probably scripted show anyway.

Thank you DeeDee ❤️

Of course. You’re one of my favorites! ❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️You are too

I seem to be replying to you left right and centre this morning. You are right it is a dumb programme and I’m done watching it. I will still comment here. On the last week and the reunion but I won’t watch same as I won’t watch Vicki or don’t watch ATL. I hope Dallas and NY are watchable or I will stick to animal or property programmes! Xoxoxoxo

That was to DeeDee

Anonymous, what a totally nasty, mean, horrible thing to say about anyone, you must be evil. Rain is a lovely person even if I never agree with her thoughts & I know she feels that way about my thoughts also. Shame, Shame, shame on you.

Thank you starr ❤️

I’m not a name caller so I won’t resort to that. Your overzealous obsession with a celebrity on a tv show has turned you into a cruel and sad human being. Please do not bring my kids into this , this is too low under any circumstance .This is not normal and you should seek help. For now, I’m gonna go fire up my bong! Xoxo

This is my reposne to Meghan

Rain, Pffft! Love you my sweet, we all know how sweet and kind you are! You have been fricken amazing to me and I send you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Love you xoxoxoxoxoxo
(Even when we don’t agree! Lol.)

And I love you more❤️❤️❤️❤️ All prayers for your treatment next week . You shall conquer this!!! Xoxo

That’s what my sister always says to me! Xoxoxox

I like vaporizers better than bongs, Rain 🙂

As do I ❤️ I’ll consume it anyway I can get it 🙂

Love LVP! Team LVP all the way!

I’m utterly numb ! If your intention was to hurt me , then congratulations you’ve succeeded. I have no comeback for this ugliness .

This is meant for ‘anonymous’ above

Uggg, can we just get over this lame stupid and annoying (nobody cares) storyline already……..

Lock up rinna, she’s crazy, and take lymes with you. Nobody cares about the vanilla curtain/ whileen.
And at the end of the day LVP reigns as the star of RHOBH & VPR…
rinna will be in psych- ward wearing depends enraged and needing to get something off her chest (lol)……

Thank you Domino you gave me my first laugh of the day after the horrific things I have read on this blog this morning. Rinna in her Depends had tears running down my cheeks. I love Rain even though I am Team LVP all the way. I want to hear more about Harry’s brothel from40 years ago. Sounds way more interesting than Munchkins or Soapy and Sudsies vendettas.

LOL and best comment award goes to… domino!

Rain. You always make me smile with your comments. Your a special person. Peace love and happiness to you and your family

Omg omg I’m sooooooo sorry to you both 3ds and rain I had no idea. I can not even imagine. 3Ds I know you’re upset & rightly so but this psychotic soulless person doesn’t not deserve any more of your energy. I love you both. Nicki will get rid of this person I’m sure. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I am celebrating my Youngest Daughter’s Birthday Monday, April 11th with my family. She died when she was 27. My heart aches for her every day. She brought light to every room she walked into, and is now a guardian angel for tortured souls.

Oh my gosh God bless you 3ds. That’s so young. I’m truly soo sorry. She is your angel. I can feel your pain through cyber space. I can not imagine. Thank you for sharing this with us so we can be here to support you. I will say a prayer for your daughter on Monday & you and your family. ❤️❤️❤️

The guardian angels for tortured souls helped save my life. I am eternally indebted. I pray she is at rest.

3Ds I think all our comments are down & im not sure why. I’m afraid to get too specific bc it may happen again but I want you to know that I read your last comment about Monday and I am truly deeply sorry. I will say a prayer for all involved in Monday. And the way you described her she’s a beautiful angel. She is the type of angel that helped save me. I really hope this isn’t removed. I wanted to say a lot more ❤️

Oh thanks DeeDee. I will raise a glass to you and all of my friends here who helped save me when tragedy stuck. There is a special blue martini she liked we will try. She is an angel for the kind of torturous life we sometimes lived. Me and you. ♥︎

You are so strong. I admire you deeply. I’m so glad you’ll be with loved ones. And we love you here as well❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, honestly. It is an emotional week for me. And as silly as it sometimes sounds, and as often as trolls come here and say we have no lives, which of course is crap, we all have genuine care for each other and it is real and true. When you say you are glad I will be with loved ones, I KNOW you mean that truly. So, have sweet dreams, DeeDee.

You too 3Ds Xoxoxoxoxo

DeeDee I have just woken up to this and had messages about what was said last night! People are so cruel! I won’t type what I really want as it makes me no better than them but I am thinking it! I’m glad you and 3D and Skeptic were there for Rain one of the kindest people on here! Xoxoxox I hope the studying going ok? Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes we all stuck together. That was just gross.

School is so hard! It’s mostly ok except for one class, but I’m on spring break so I’m trying to decompress. My face is broken out like a teenager. I am a complete stress case. But thank you for asking Suze! It’s rainy in LA this weekend & the perfect excuse to do nothing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stress is awful! But you will get there! I know you will because you are so determined! My Daughter is coming up to stay with me for a while but bringing her partner up for a few days. I’m so pleased! Enjoy your weekend then go back to it! Xoxoxoxo❤️ Just think of David xxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes you’re so right- think about David. Enjoy the time with your daughter & partner Suze. That sounds like a nice visit 🙂 I’m going to sleep all day xoxoxo

Sleep tight then DeeDeexoxoxoxox

Will your daughter bring any ‘treats’ ? ❤️❤️❤️

I have legal version, nothing in it, all removed only other way is to get it overseas. But they say it works on new tumours so still debating!!!

Give it a try Suze ❤️❤️

I will Rain but £600 is a lot when I don’t know if it will help!

Rain, I really really wish one of the people I have asked would find me some of the real stuff. I don’t think it’s that much at least from what I heard so far. I don’t really care how much it is to tell the truth. Money means nothing to me now, infinitesimal compared to every other thing.

Oh, I am so glad she is coming with her GF! So lovely.♈︎ ♥︎ ♊︎

I have confused a couple of people my daughter and her partner come up the end of the first week of May. When her job finishes because it is a charity they rely on funding and it has been pulled. My daughter will stay with me a couple of months with visits to her friends in between and has asked to be the cleaner gardener while she is here! So that’s fine I would sooner pay her than someone else! Her partner will stay a few days then my son will drive her back. (He is bringing them up). She… Read more »

What classes are you taking DeeDee? 🙂

Rain I’m back in school for psychology. I will minor in something (I have a few months to choose) & I plan to get my masters. Long road ahead! 🙂
I hope you had a nice respite after the troll. I took a break too. I’m glad we were all here to support you XOXOXO

You’re so sweet DeeDee! Good luck with everything 😉 I’m sure you will succeed xoxo

We had a great dinner, and we all toasted Nan with a blue vodka martini.
The bartender put some blue starts with a C, in it for me! We ate and ate too. We laughed and cried and another day is gone. She is at peace, it’s those of us left behind who are sometimes not. Then we came home to our kitties who are now hugging each other and keeping each other clean.

Love you my friend 3D, a really tough day but I am so pleased you celebrate it. A lesson to a lot of us I think! Xxxxxooooo

3D you know how I feel about you here and away from the blog. I love you and will be thinking of you tomorrow and Monday as I know it’s really tough for you. Remember to have that drink for me, I can’t now but I will raise a cup of coffee to your angel. Xoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’ll be thinking of you too 3D, my true hippy soul sister xox ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nan was all about being fiercely loyal. Man, she used to have panic, but when someone even LOOKED at me wrong, her eyes would blaze with fire. If someone caught one of those looks, and I am not kidding, they would bow their head! She would get right in their face if they somehow missed the look, and it was intimidating since she was 5’11” and a half. Men actually tripped over themselves to get a look at her and I am not kidding about that either. She was just too beautiful for this world, so God took her in… Read more »


3 D’s, am I such an ignoramus? what tragedy are you enduring that I’m in the dark about? You don’t have to say, but I have now added you to my prayers. God be with you.

My youngest Daughter, DeAnna died when she was 27. In her sleep. We never knew why, the autopsy said “Unknown Cause of Death” We are all going to one of her favorite restaurants Monday, April 11th. Her Birthday. We, her Sisters and their husbands, me and her Dad always celebrate her Birthday together. She used to drink this blue martini, I never recall the name of it, when we went to this restaurant. We will all order one and toast her, with many tears and much laughter remembering her. I will be toasting my S-Daughter and S-Son also, who can’t… Read more »

Yes, I know of why you use the 3D’s too, and when you speak of all of your daughters, you light up. Celebrate your girl’s birthday. I know she is happily watching over you while you do. It is the celebration of life and it is the quality not the quantity that really counts. You have a loving and beautiful family. ❌⭕️❤️⭕️❌

OH 3 D’s. so very sad to hear that. I cannot even fathom what you’ve been through & the heart wrenching pain you must live with. 27 is so very young, but I know God wanted a perfect rose hard as it has been for you. I know when we get to Heaven, everything will be self-explanatory & we will nod our heads & think how clear it all is, all the answers we needed on earth & wished we could’ve had to ease our heart-ache. I don’t drink as I don’t like the taste, but I will raise a… Read more »

Thanks Starr. She was a lovely fierce warrior of loyalty. She was my biggest champion. She thought I hung the Moon till the day she last fell asleep. ☆

D’s I haven’t been around much but I am so sorry about your daughter! God bless you and your family. You are so strong! I read a book “Imagine Heaven” that you might find comforting if you haven’t read it.

Sending thoughts of love and peace to 3Ds. I did have a glass of grape juice @ 4 pm Pac time to join you and your family and friends honor your beautiful Angel, DeAnna. Love you ❤XOXO



Meghan, like Rain I won’t call you names but in the few years since I started on blogs I have never seen such a cruel wicked comment from anyone! You really should apologise to Rain who is one of the most special commenters here. Do I always agree with her, of course I don’t! But I can honestly say I love Rain she is an amazing woman who has an illness and had been through a terrible tragedy! But she still had an amazing sense of humour! You should be ashamed of yourself and I hope a Nikki removes your… Read more »

Suze it was horrific and most of it is down. I’m glad you missed it.

I have replied below 3D told me what was said. Cruel and wicked! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Three D, Rain, Starr, and anybody else who comments here regularly, I am relatively new to this site, by that I mean I started commenting during the cancergate drama when Meghan was really going after Brooks’ cancer info…you all have always made me feel welcome. I’m sorry for anyone else who comes on here being mean to you and I will pray for all of you too, you kinda feel like “my chat housewives family” yet more than that, take care and have a good day

Mousie you are a regular as well just one of many of us who are respectful of each other! Xoxox

Mousie, my many thanks. You are a regular here & we enjoy you, so stick around.

Mousie, I hope you saw the way to get on reality tea below. It worked for me. 🙂

Can anybody tell me how to post a comment on Realtiy Tea? It says to just click on an icon to log in and I’ve tried Facebook and Twitter then after typing comment, there is nowhere to click for it to post – ? ALso I tried logging in with Discus and it sucked – thx

I was just about to say disq. It keeps changing spelling so that’s why abbreviation. Presumably you have started an account? I post rarely just if anything comes up on FB that winds me up!

Mousie the easiest way is to go to their website and follow them then you get the stories on FB and can comment straight away. It’s the Daily Mail I think I use Disqus and I haven’t commented there for ages!

Go into Disquis and undo whatever logging in you have done, if at all. Then redo the whole thing. Or simply log in through them by filling out the few questions. That way you can choose a different handle if you want. I had the same trouble. Let me know OK? They send you an email, and you HAVE TO respond to the email before you can post too. See you there maybe, I post there very infrequently.

Thank you for that nice comment Suze


Meghan, I seem to remember Lisa imbibing in Amsterdam! I’m sure it wasn’t the first time! and look in the mirror sometimes it might give you a shock! Rain is beautiful inside and out unlike you! Now please apologise or sling your hook!

Miss Meghan, this is totally unacceptable. Rain is wonderful & does not deserve your insane comments. What you said about her kids is unforgivable. You are a sick person. Your break is over, go back to your cell in the insane asylum, you nasty human.

This is my first comment on this thread. I have to say I am glad I missed what happened last night among some posters sonce it was erased before I came here today. It is a shame when someone comes in and treats other posters in the worst way possible, specifically trying to hurt them where it hurts the most. It is a shame that there is so much hatred from so few that it magnifies and spreads like a virus with those hurtful words, hurting those attacked and everyone who cares for them. A lot of the posters are… Read more »

Sandy!!!! That was absolutely beautiful and I know everyone you have mentioned loves you just as much! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Suze. Love you!!❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️❤️❤️

I feel your love coast to cast RealSandy!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Rain. Likewise! ❤️

That was lovely, Sandy. You have the soul of a poet. Sending hugs to you my friend.❤️

Thank you, 3D’s. I wrote poetry mostly when I was young, but not much since. That was so sweet of you to say. ((((((Hugs))))) back at you. 😉

Sandy, I’m new to this site and what you just wrote was beautiful and true. Thank you for being a friend to everyone, including myself. xoxo

Thank you. You are too kind. xoxo

You guys are ALL so amazing!!! I’m so grateful for all of you and your love send support. I logged off last night not sure if I would ever log on again because it was just ugly! I see some things have been deleted I think because I remember seeing a fierce defense from 3D that I can’t find today. I meant to thank you 3D but I didn’t want ”Meghan’ to keep responding so I logged off … But I echo what RealSandy said, we have become family and have gotten to know about each other’s lives and made… Read more »

We all may not always agree but we all do have your back here.

You sure do and that became evident ❤️❤️❤️

If we agreed, it would be one liners of ITA, and there would be no reason for a blog! I for one am so pleased you decided to start posting here, Skeptic. 🙂

Thank you for your kind words, 3 D’s and I am so very, very sorry for your tragic loss.

Thank you Skeptic and everyone who lent words of comfort and love. It means more than you might know.

Rain my sweet! I was devastated to wake up hearing about last night, I might not always agree with you but I will also always have your back! Love you my friend, you have been there for me with the cancer recently and I will always be here for you. Don’t let someone like that evil bitch chase you off the site. 3D is ok, upset of course but will tell you herself when she wakes up. Love you special friend xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

Oh Suze you’re the sweetest! Please don’t be devastated by this nonsense, you have a lot on your plate and you’re dealing with much more important things than this dribble, we are all praying for you … I love you always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love you too Rain but it was a wicked wicked thing to say! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Don’t stress over trolls. Breathe. Relax. You are loved, Rain. ❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️

Ignore that troll below!

I should have ignored but I have always wanted to return wild animals to the wild when they escape!

This is less than animal. Animals don’t start wars.

Boy, isn’t that the truth. Animals don’t have cruelty in their hearts. What she meant, maybe, was to put Meghore out WITH the very, very hungry wild animals.

Obviously she was rabid!

Or he?

We’re with you Rain—all the way. Hope that nasty is really banned.

Ohhhh. I WISH, just wish, as DeAnna would have ( she was a fierce protector of her friends ) I will have to tell you one story someday ) I WISH she/he would stand in front of me and say that about you. I would knock her teeth so far down her throat she would be shitting them and then I would feed it to her. And anyone who thinks I am old and not strong enough, Like Maghole, come to Reno and lets see.

Happy Birthday to DeAnna❣ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Her warm loving light shines eternal. ❌⭕️❌⭕️
The beautiful memories last a lifetime and so much more. ((((HUGS)))) 3 D’s

Thank you Sandy. Lo♥︎ve you.

❤️ You❣

What are you still doing here go back to the zoo! If all you can think to say is blah blah blah that’s where you belong.

Don’t stress. Ignore the ignorant.

Oh Lord forgive me for what I’m about to say! I see you woke you drunk on cum again! I understand, you probably have to make rent. I told you to not bring my kids into this, but you’re an evil , hateful, nasty waste of ovaries. occupying space on this planet. I don’t know who or what damaged you, but you need therapy. And Lithium, lots and lots of lithium ! Maybe even an exorcism. You are so delusional that you probably think you’re Lisa’s friend or something and you’re the type of fan who may sneak into her… Read more »

Bravo! Xoxoxox

I reported this evil thing to blog owner. hopefully these posts will be removed. Don’t respond. That’ what they want. Just copy and paste the evil entries to the blog owner.

Gigicat I have done same, put out the trash!

Hi, darlin. How is my hippy soul sister today? You can’t possibly know how much respect I have for you. I always did, and knew we were soul sisters, but you are someone to be admired and I want to be you when I grow up. Love, Marian

Hurrah & Hurrah again, Rain. Put that trash out.

That’s hilarious I hadn’t seen your comment before making my last above! Great minds……. Xoxoxox


Clapping for you Rain.

Oh, wow. I had lithium once, It actually REMOVES cognitive thought from the mind. Perfect choice. Sorry, completely done now, just had to say that one more thing.

OMG Rain you had me howling, crying and laughing at your response to our latest troll. We love you rain and am so glad you stuck up for yourself , your children and us who post.

Oh dear Ch**%#! I missed something here I can see!! Rain❣ I don’t know what the heck happened or who offended you so badly but don’t give your power away over it. I hope they’re back on kp duty. These ass wipes that show up here are probably behind bars getting their jollies. Or in a psych ward at the very least. Or maybe even grade school level adolescents. They’re just not dealing with a full developed brain plain and simple. If anyone came after me time and time again that’s how I would deal with it anyway. They’re ghosts… Read more »

Hey, she HAS friends, wherein you are delusional and THINK Lisa is yours. Wow. Oh!!! I know!! You ran out of pills? Out of booze? I understand that can be a REAL BUMMER. It really is unfortunate you have hate in your soul, and satan resides there.

Coughing them up already are you?

What is wrong with you?!?!? God we thought LR was crazy but you are certifiable.

Make up your insane mind here for one second. First you call Rain a fat cow then call her a LITTLE bitch. Go away, go far, far away.

Omg omg omg , what just happened here? I should’ve listened to RealSandy and not responded . I’m sorry

Rain don’t you be sorry hopefully Ncki will take the trash out permantlyxoxoxoxox

Great all gonexoxoxoxoxox

The troll pushed you to your limit. I see the trash is now at the curb and no longer on this thread.

You are a passionate woman who was attacked by an unfeeling inappropriate individual. It is like picking at the shell of an egg over and over again when someone strikes you repeatedly where it hurts. Inside you are as fragile as most of us. There is only so much armor you can wear to stay protected. Yet, I know that stress only makes us ill, so please, no matter how awful one individual may be, try not to forget how many of us care for you. Let that be your security blanket, ignore the crazies as much as you can… Read more »

Ah wow Sandy! That was a fantastic and heartfelt comment! Love you my friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️ Love you.

You are awake very early today! Xoxoxox

Yes, slept poorly all night. It happens. xoxo

Xoxoxox soz! Xoxox

I’m here Suze!!! How are you ?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ No trollop comes between me and my Suze xoxo

Good job my yummy friend! A joke a certain person sent me and we both thought of you! Not that you are 75!!
Q: What does a 75 year old woman have between her breasts that a 25 year old doesn’t?
A: Her navel.

The person who sent the joke to me you have replied to below! You can blame her!
You must know you are loved here Rain xoxoxo

I’ll be 75 with a glorious rack LOL 🙂

Putting jokes asides Rain and being totally selfish I need you, your love, your humour, your everything and think about Kt what would she do? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh you melted my heart Suze!! I need you guys more than you need me xoxoxoxoxoxo.ill be thinking of you tomorrow! I’ll send you good vibes and air hugs and kisses ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Not sure what I missed, but we all need a lot of Rain!

Thank you kt! This crazy LVP fan went off on me with the name calling, anywhere from fat lazy b****, called me pot smoking who’re , stripper , old fat cow, basically anything you can think off! I ignored all her 20 or so taunting messages till she said ‘I wish all your kids’ die , that’s when I totally lost it

Oh, Rain, I’m so sorry!

Rain, now maybe you can see how much we all love you newbies as well as oldies! It is just my pre chemo today, looking round taking bloods etc then they should give me a day this week to start! Now I have to download ACDC Thunderstruck for when I start! If they said standing on my head would help I would! Kt I wish you had been here, I am glad I hadn’t seen the worst stuff I just saw the Meghan comments which were bad enough. I still got them in email but chose not to open them… Read more »
RealSandy , your beautiful words brought me tears of joy!! You are so kind and so sweet and I appreciate all the lovely things you said about me. I am also grateful to have your love and support. I’m beyond words. I feel we are all so fortunate here to have found an amazing core group of women. This has evolved into more than a blog. Yesterday, when in a moment of weakness , I thought of giving it up, I was shocked at how sad I was at the mere thought of that. As strong as we all think… Read more »

Hey Rain, I just checked my email and smiled to see that you wrote and then what you wrote. You are surely missed when you don’t comment. I appreciate your words, Rain. You’re so sweet and a little crazy but in the best way possible! I love the way you make me laugh so much and others too, and you are downright amazing. I am glad you returned. ❤️❌⭕️

I didn’t know how much all of you mean to me till I almost lost it xoxoxo

Hang in there Rain. You’re only human. 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

Rain, I admire the woman that you are. No one deserved what happened, especially you or any one in here. Sandy said everything I wanted to say so I thank her because she said it beautifully-almost poetically. You are a wonderful person, great sense of humor. You are missed when you don’t comment. You are loved by all on this site, including myself. ❤


Joanna you are a kind and lovely woman! You warmth just shines through xoxo

I’m just speechless and numb! Wow! That is just insanity

I’m sorry again guys , maybe it’s time for a break

No, please don’t take a very long one at the very least. The guy with the keys and the white coats found her! Hopefully back in the hole she belongs in. I tell myself it takes all kinds, but I wonder how satan got out of hell.
I am just sickened anyone would talk to my friend like that. I would so so so much lie to do something like give her a BATH. A LONG, LONG HOT BATH.

Thank you 3D and Suza and everyone else. This was like a barrage of hate, ridicule and venom like I’ve never experienced before and it just kept coming and coming . I hate putting you all through this and having to read through that garbage. We all come here to have fun and a good time and not to read how 2 posters are arguing. It seems lately we either get accused of being bullies or being told to not talk about our lives, it’s almost like a coordinated movement . I will email Nikki and see if it’s possible… Read more »

Ok my friend we all love you xoxoxoxox

It’s all gone now. Gone but unfortunately not forgotten for a few minutes. Banned jerk-offs can still read the site, I think. Just not post. Hahahahahahaha. Last laugh, it’s ALWAYS good to at LEAST get the last laugh. Love you my hippy soul sister. Nan would be proud.

3D ,I simply have no words to express how grateful I am to how you valiantly roared and rallied to my defense. SOUL SISTER for sure xoxo! Yesterday I had a breaking point, and a semi meltdown afterwards. But I woke up stronger , had my tea, combed my hair , and realized I’m missing all of you already . This is my refuge and you gals are my friends. Everyone here saved my life and sanity in some way and I’m very grateful and appreciative . The thought of not commenting or offering support or love to all you… Read more »

Sweet. ❤️ XO

You are such a good friend, 3Ds! I hope you are my friend too. You came to your friend’s defence when a mean person said hateful things to a beautifully spirited person, our Rain. I do admire and respect you.

Tomorrow at 3 pm Mntn time I will pour my self a glass of wine to honour your daughter’s birthday with you. Your description of her touched me deeply. She IS your Angel. DeAnn (sp?) is a beautiful name. May God bless each and every one of you. XoXo

Joanna, you are such a kind thoughtful person and a long time ago a troll asked some of us, we’ll it started with me! If I was 89! Then lots defend me and we joked about all of us being 89, you slot right in with the rest of us!

Suze , sending yo love and hugs and warm sloppy kisses today my lovely Suze . Best of luck today ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks Suze. Coming from you it’s quite a compliment! I love the people. You’re so kind and thoughtful. I love reading your comments! Like Rain, you make me laugh. Trolls are stupid. And I’ve seen for myself how well you treat newbies. Thank you. XOXO

You are very welcome Joanna I don’t even think of you as a newbie anymore! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️

Thank You Joanna. That is so wonderful to think of everyone raising a glass of something yummy to toast my lovely Nan ( DeAnna ) I love making friends here. I have met some of my very closest friends right here on this blog. I am honored to count you among them.

The honor is mine 3Ds. You’re the type of friend everyone needs and wants. Just look at the comments..we love and care about you and each other. Have a good night. (((❤)))

My heart is full tonight, Rain. xoxo

No Rain please don’t! Xoxoxo

If you leave then that sorry piece of trash wins.

Skeptic, your support meant so much to me 🙂 you’re the epitome of class and maturity. Yes we disagree on HW but we are all grown women with humanity and kindness and you had my back like a true friend. Much gratitude and love xoxo

Thank you, Rain. Stay strong. xoxo

I believe Rinna 100% lol. I highly doubt Rinna is making anything up Lisa Vanderpump has been caught and Kyle proved it in the last couple of episodes wake up people

Just please respect others have different opinions who is to say you are right and others are wrong? It’s a blog for opinions! Accept that or move on! I just ignore some people maybe you need to do the same and you will probably ignore me after this!

Oh this looks awesome! Nice to see Vanderpump finally getting ripped to shreds. I’m a bit behind so I just saw the episode where LVP was saying she never called Rinna, lol, totally caught in a lie and she instantly goes into playing the victim. Im surprised Lisa Rinna has been able to competently call out LVP over the last few episodes, I thought it would be Eileen, but Rinna has done a good job on calling LVP on her crap. But Yolanda is a moron for getting up off the sofa, that’s gonna move the topic off LVP and… Read more »

Don’t you get sick of repeating the same line over and over again. I honestly thought Rain had been a good influence on you and the way you express yourself. Obviously I was wrong.

Team LVP all the way!

Gigicat, my prayers for you, your Dad and your whole family through this fight.

BOO HOO YO….. This entire storyline or whatever it is I have found to be sooooo childish. These are supposed to be grown women. I realize Yo has a lot on her plate and guess what so do I. Difference between myself and Yo is live by a statement made by Eleanor Roosevelt “The only person who can make you feel badly about yourself is YOU yourself. All those women/children do this for a paycheck. This is most likely a storyline and Yo getting up and walking off is part of the who reunion. Stop feeling sorry for yourself Yo… Read more »

Oh Lord, Yolanda is beyond stupid. Just beyond stupid. Read this tweet she posted:

YOLANDA ‏@YolandaHFoster Apr 8
❤️This is a Crime, CDC guidelines must be changed……… #ChronicLymeDoesExist…
453 retweets 1,432 likes
Reply Retweet 453
Like 1.4K


Li$a is so busted .. LoL Like seriously, she and Kyle ARE the original cast members, ringleaders, and main forces whom drive the story lines. No big shocker here. Li$a needs to just own it. It isn’t that big of a fcking deal!~

Realitytea has over 10,000 comments on the reunion clip and I would hazard a guess that 95% of them are in support of LVP.

From what I have seen there and other places I’m not surprised Eileen, Rinna and Yo aren’t getting much support at all. It will be interesting to see what happens with Bravo. Rinna was blockng so many from her Twitter. It maybe has given her a clue to the mistake she has made. Xoxo

Oh sweet Suse I don’t think Rinna is that smart.

You are right of course, you are obviously smarter than I am! Xoxoxo

Good she deserves our support. I read on FB newsfeed that Eileen is not coming back next year. Hope it’s true and take Rinna with her.

Please don’t get my hopes up if it’s not true! I really really hope it is! Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

OMG I was so upset by CLF I didn’t proof read before I posted sorry. I only saw the snippet about Eileen I got so excited I rushed to post and didn’t notice the source. Sorry.

Bee, don’t let someone here upset you, that’s their intention to try. I am just going to report it anyway the comments have turned as vile as ever. I really tried at first to give her a chance but she has ruined it. Love you my friend. Xoxoxox

Aunt Bee, where on FB did you read that? It sounds too good to be true!

It was onone of those other sites that shows up randomly on FB newsfeed. If I see it again i will nite it and let you know. I see CLF is back spewing her hatred. How sad for here.

I can believe she’s not coming back. I like Eileen but I feel she has failed to connect with the majority of the other women (other then Rinna) so I can see her deciding to leave. if the lineup remains the same for next season, what will she really bring to the table? I was hoping she and Erika would hit it off but that failed to materialize

Not only did Eileen fail to connect with most of the women she also failed to connect with a large number of fans.

I have searched everywhere, and I have found nothing that says she is leaving. I would doubt she is unless she was fired, and they do not release that information so early.

Bee remember also business use Facebook including this blog, millions use it as well as lots of others, yes other things are replacing it but not for some time. Most of the blogs use it, that’s how I get updates. I use messenger to keep in touch with my friends all over the world, US of course Australia and Holland as well as UK. I talk to my kids on it on FaceTime as well as messenger. So not for children! Xoxoxo

I believe LVP’s account. Rinna’s story keeps changing. Rinna also lied about the Kim Brandi intervention discussion last year.

I agree, Beth. LVP account is true. Rinna has lirf before. I REALLY hope shed not there next season, take ED, YF and Erika with her.

ITA Beth. 😉