Preview RHOA Season 9 Reunion

The preview for the season nine Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion has been revealed and we have a sneak peek for you.

In the clip below the Housewives talk about anger management and a viewer asks Kenya why she doesn’t see a counselor for her anger. “This woman right here in this very stage called me a bitch,” Kenya said. The other ladies asked, “Did you not just call Sheree a bitch?” Kenya continued, “I have suffered from verbal abuse from each and every one of these, well not Cynthia and not Kandi, I understand that I’m a strong personality, but trust me, I don’t attack people, I retaliate.”

Meanwhile, Porsha and Sheree are having their own conversation off to the site while Kenya defends herself. “She can’t even say it, it’s such a lie,” Porsha quipped.

Watch the clip below:

In this preview for the reunion, who confesses to getting a boob job?

Photo Credit: Bravo