Preview RHOA Season 9 Reunion

The preview for the season nine Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion has been revealed and we have a sneak peek for you.

In the clip below the Housewives talk about anger management and a viewer asks Kenya why she doesn’t see a counselor for her anger. “This woman right here in this very stage called me a bitch,” Kenya said. The other ladies asked, “Did you not just call Sheree a bitch?” Kenya continued, “I have suffered from verbal abuse from each and every one of these, well not Cynthia and not Kandi, I understand that I’m a strong personality, but trust me, I don’t attack people, I retaliate.”

Meanwhile, Porsha and Sheree are having their own conversation off to the site while Kenya defends herself. “She can’t even say it, it’s such a lie,” Porsha quipped.

Watch the clip below:

In this preview for the reunion, who confesses to getting a boob job?

Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Preview RHOA Season 9 Reunion”

  1. I know they milk these girls for every piece of footage they can get to justify these salaries and sell advertising, but the RHOA season is too long.I need this Reunion to hurry up and start! Andy still mentions how it knock the wind out of him and he hasn’t yet recovered, so now I really want to see why things got so hot it burned his eyebrows off and seeped the Botox out of his forehead.

    1. No barbara, I said the same thing about Cynthia’s wig. It’s worse than a golliwogs.
      If I have to once again, yet another reunion, see Kandi with her stupid pout to her lips which so irritates me, I will have to be restrained for fear I’ll ram through the tv to box her on the mouth. She thinks it’s cute & perhaps makes her look gorgeous or something, which it dosent in my opinion.

        1. Take note of her barbara. She sits there with her lips (cant describe the look) done as though she doing a models photo shoot & she’s done this for the past 2 reunions. Not appealing.

          1. Oh well, I’ll make a point of looking more closely. But Star, I am a fan of hers. She is my favorite. Sorry……

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