Preview the RHOA Season 8 Reunion


The preview for this season’s reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta looks pretty eventful, especially when NeNe Leakes tells the women she doesn’t think Kim Fields is a good fit for the group.

“Honestly, I do not think that Kim is a fit for this group of girls,” Leakes told Andy.

Then, NeNe directed her attention to Porsha Williams, saying, “You can not put your hands on anybody else.”

“Did you choke somebody?” Williams replied.

The drama also came to a head when Kim Fields’ husband Christopher Morgan confronted Kenya Moore about calling him gay when the cast was in Jamaica.

“Kenya, who are our mutual friends that call me ‘Chrissy?’” he asked. Kenya responded that he should “Google” himself to find out the answer. Then, Moore’s new man Matt Jordan came to her defense. “She just answered your question,” he said. “I’m talking directly to you, son.”

But Kim finally loses her temper on Kenya.

“You don’t get to keep interrupting people,” she shouted.

“I’m not your child,” Kenya yelled back.

Next, Moore goes after Porsha Williams.

“You need to shut your mouth, Porsha,” she said. “If it’s not a d*** in it, you don’t even know what you are saying.”

Porsha Williams also talks to Cynthia Bailey about the gossip going around town about her husband Peter Thomas cheating on her.

“It’s all over Atlanta, girl, about Peter and his women,” she said. “Welcome to any girl that is 19 years old.”

Watch the preview of the RHOA reunion below.

Are you excited for this season’s reunion? Whose side are you on?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Apart from Kim they are such a classy bunch!!!! I am so pleased I don’t watch anymore!

I know it’s a paycheck for Kim so I don’t begrudge that but I have to agree with Nene that Kim doesn’t fit in, and Kim should take that as a compliment. On another note, lets see who gets further in the world, the talented Chris, who does Broadway shows and theater, or meathead gym trainer, boyfriend to cuckoo puffs. I don’t like that meathead stepped in and backed up a fool.

Nene is right, Kim Fields is not a good fit for the majority of these women, she’s a cut above & a true gentle, well mannered woman. Kenya & her baby boy—friend needs to disappear, she’s as low as a human can get. Khandi & Todd are both slime balls & just plain nasty, don’t like them at all. Too much guttered people on this show. Time for a re-cast.