PREVIEW: RHOA Season 6 Reunion, Porsha And Kenya Fight


In this preview of the highly anticipated Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, we finally see what leads up to the physical altercation between Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore. Kenya didn’t bring a fan to the reunion this year, instead she has a megaphone and a wand. Kenya starts yelling at Porsha Stewart with the megaphone we see Porsha get off the couch, and get in Kenya’s face as Andy tries to break the women up. You see a punch being thrown and then Porsha on the ground.

Other hot topics? Apollo Nida speaks about his legal troubles for the first time, NeNe and BFF Cynthia Bailey have words and Phaedra and Kenya go at it for the second year in a row.

Watch two different previews below!

Our YouTube version of the video plays more of the aftermath of the fight.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “PREVIEW: RHOA Season 6 Reunion, Porsha And Kenya Fight”

  1. Wow. Thanks for showing both videos! This reunion looks good. The fan last year was funny… The megaphone is not.

  2. I find Kenya so disgusting that as I said before will not be watching in the future. Why does this hore need props and why is she allowed to bring them Andy?

  3. Oh no this is terrible. Looks like Kenya is paying them all back all but Cynthia and Kandi. Paying them back by the way they treated her in Anguilla. And so on afterwards! But clearly nobody sees that! They have all but Cynthia and Kandi been mean-spirited -/and insensitive towards her as she has expressed previously int the show. I wish the fight would not have taken place but under circumstances PORSHA was either provoked by Nene or had it with Kenya! Wow! Well Kenya has gave RHOA and Bravo great Tv ratings!

    1. Though Porsche should never hit ppl.. Kenya’s a bully.. All of the movies and shows I’ve seen her in she has played a Skank…She is Very messy.. And then she cry that her mom did her wrong.. I see why. Her poor moma would be at the school all the time because some kid would have kick her Ass… She is a HATER,2face and just miserable.. I don’t believe theres and African Oil Tycoon. No Real Man Would want her ass in his family..

  4. LOL voters have taken votes to have Kenya off the show buttttt PREDICTION Kenya will definitely be back on RHOA as well as other events will she be invited to. She is a great actress! I don’t take her serious as other people do. Even Nene says that shes great for the show. I also can see that as well. NENE on other hand that is who she really is on and off camera EGOTISTICAL CYNICAL OBNOXIOUS AND PARANOID!

  5. (khee hee hee….)

    Honestly, Kenya cracks me right up. The girl’s a zany Aquarian. She is many other things, yes, but she just wants to have fun and be playful and she’s full of it.

    And I’m still very sad for her loss of her baby Velvet.

    The girl’s been through a lot with an absent mother, that’s pretty tough stuff right there, to be rejected by a living mother no less. Makes you wonder why she does the things she does. She is messed up a bit but she tries to overcome by standing up for herself when obviously her birth family hasn’t.

    I’ll never get the image outta my head of her walking into that room with a padded fanny and thong. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. A lot of people had it hard growing up but that is no excuse for crude and rude behavior. Kenya’s Aunt seems like a nice classy lady who had quite an influence on her growing up. Kenya should act more like her than the entitled witch she thinks she is. That is why I am done with the horrible women who supposedly have grace and class. I want none of it.

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