Preview The Real Housewives of Dallas


The Real Housewives of Dallas are coming to Bravo this spring! That’s right, this Housewives installment will follow five Texas women as they navigate the exclusive social circles of the famed city.

The new Housewives are: Cary Deuber, former East Coaster and medical professional, actress and Texas native Tiffany Hendra, “girl next door” and charity maven Stephanie Hollman, one-time pageant princess LeeAnne Locken, and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Brandi Redmond, as well as friend Marie Reyes, who also has a passion for charity.

In Dallas, it’s all about negotiating between the worlds of the old money and the new money, but no matter where you fall, know that this Texas city likes to live life loud. And you’ve been warned: Everything’s bigger in Texas!

The Real Housewives of Dallas premieres April 11 at 10/9c. Check out a preview below.

Are you excited for RHOD?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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All of them look like clones from JC Penney catalogs…they remind me of the sitcom GCB…Good Christian Bitches..

I loved that show! So funny and campy! I can’t believe some of the shows that are still on the air but that one got cancelled after one. I’m looking at you bachelor, Atlanta housewives and Kartrashian’s. It’s criminal.

Oh well it looks like Bravo has found another group of classy women! Still looking forward to watching, let’s hope there are no sickness story lines!

Predicted this casting a while back.. I wish Simona Beal would’ve been approached , she’s one of the richest women in Dallas. Anyway, I have high hopes for these women. Hope they bring something special to the franchise 🙂

I hope this isn’t as ghetto and gross as RHOP. That one is miserable to watch, I hope this one isn’t ALL drama and going after EACHOTHER. I hope it is a good mix of drama and fun.

I hope the represent well…
Disclaimer before seeing the show, not all Texas ladies behave this way – lol!!!

I understand fully. It can’t misrepresent as poorly as NJ does, hopefully. I look forward to Dallas. Is it true that everything is bigger in Texas? 😉

Yes ma’am – you ought so see my 6’4″ hunk of a husband!!

Hmm. I guess so! I just remembered Blake Shelton is from Texas too and quite tall…and handsome. You sound like one lucky girl with a very lucky guy. 😉

I’m a little biased, but mine is way better looking than Blake…
Yes I’m very lucky and blessed – I won the lottery the day I met him!

Aw that’s sweet 🙂

Awwww. I am so happy for you. I am sure you are a great couple in every way. I wish I could paste a heart here. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

Actually Blake is from Ada, Oklahoma. Not to correct you but there is this thing we don’t want an Okie to be mistaken as Texan. Lol it’s a funny ribbing Texans and Okies have.

You’re right. I thought he said he was from Texas on The Voice. He is now building a massive home on Lake Texoma…on the border of Texas and an hour away from his birthplace, so I have read, but I am no huge fan in the least. I just think he is handsome, and he does exceptionally well with his music. He is a heavy drinker from all accounts and well, now he is dating Gwen Stefani…. His divorce was really quick…unreal. Sorry for that mistake. He might just be a Texan wannabe. 😉

Size isn´t everything…technique also matters

KT I agree- Being born and raised in Dallas-after watching the preview I can honestly say I have NEVER seen anyone behave that way. Everyone I have associated with both “old money and “new money” has known how to behave in public and if they ever behaved that way I can assure they would never be invited back.

I’m almost scared to watch…

So agreed Cassy. I live about 15 minutes from Potomac and the show does not reflect the town. It doesn’t look like RHOD will reflect that town either. Why has Bravo gone so “low-rent”?

Honestly, I think that most very successful women don’t want to be bothered with putting their lives out there in public so freely. The ones that are hungry for fame and are a bit bizarre or wild even, are what they are looking for IMO.

100%. No one that is actually classy has gone on reality TV. Reality TV does not represent a culture or a city, it really just shows those people and their desperation for fame. As much as people love LVP she is not classy, she chose reality TV to be famous not to represent class.


RealSandy you my friend are spot on!!! I have said before nice normal women wouldn’t ever want their dirt (EVERYONE has some dirt) on international tv. We want ours swept under the rug like normal people lol.

😉 Yup! Thanks CassyJ!

Maybe because now when they look for HW the women already know they are going to be ripped to shreds by the public. In the beginning none of them knew. Even in this blog they are all regularly referred to as “fame whores” and worse. I personally don’t have a problem with anyone wanting to have housewives be their job. It pays for college like any job. But many do think poorly of them simply because they ARE housewives.
You framed it like a question and that immediately came to mind. 🙂

I understand the usage of the word “gross”, but exactly where and in what way are any of the women on RHOP “ghetto”? We have yet to see any of them prance around half naked, be sloppily drunk, have sex with teen moving men on meeting them, consistently make crude, inappropriate sexual comments or smack men’s bottoms as we’ve seen on the so-called high-class franchise known as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Bon, I hate that word ghetto, I don’t know why it’s not one we use here (maybe that’s why) but it sounds so derogatory! I didn’t enjoy RHOP but I don’t think it’s any worse than any of the others and is better than ATL. And yes Brandi’s behaviour was far worse! Have you seen the photos of her at the pre Grammy party? Her face is awful now, she was such a pretty woman but she has totally ruined her face. Comments were she is looking like Adrienne Maloof now who was also there!

Imagine if it had been a man addressing moving women, or cleaning women, with all his buddies standing around behind him, telling the girls to lift their shirts and whoever had the best chest would have the benefit of him. She was defended to the end, but Brandy earned and coveted her reputation. It is sad really that she took the platform and used it the way she did. It reminds me of the whoro worship the two Tm’s have for Jaxx on VPR. She could have become the beautiful, sexy woman from BH. But sadly she is just known… Read more »

The real classy one is Phaedra . So disgusting and vulgar and I am not a prude.

Drama and fun would be so refreshing!! I won’t have high hopes for this because I was excited for RHOP and that show to me is a disaster. If this one has any kind of illness I’m done.

I think they made a mistake not telling the Potomac ladies what they were filming for. Being told it was about Potomac Etiquette made them all try a little too hard. Now that they do know, if it has a second season maybe they will lighten up. There is always hope.

They made RHOP look kinda boring in the trailer but it’s great, full of drama. This one has a lot of drama in the trailer so could be boring. Hopefully it will be good also.

I am grateful to know that I am not the only one who finds RHOP painful to watch.

Hi, I think it’s ridiculous! Don’t watch it now! 😀

I never watched. The clips were enough for me.

I watched a few bits on YT then gave up!

Against my better judgment I watched for about 10 mins, just enough to trigger my bulimia then I turned it off 🙂 🙂

It’s awful, why did they think it will ever work! But then again I might watch it if it has that effect for you! I’ve just lost five pounds only another nine to go!!! Yuck!

Sally you’re too funny 🙂

I think it’s hysteria more than funny! Lol xo

😮 😮 😮

Are you able to watch WWHL on there yet? Like the ones with Theresa? Because the second part was hilariously funny. I seriously laughed my ass off. She hasn’t lost her wit at least. She has lost a lot, a fact her detractors fail to admit, EVER. It will never be enough for her white collar crime. Maybe some of that passion for the justice system would be better used advocating for victim rights as it involves violent crimes. All of that energy toward saying the words “fraud” “thief” “felon.” I actually see the old fashioned chalk board with those… Read more »
So because it wasn’t a violent crime she shouldn’t be held accountable and everything forgotten? Or she people shouldn’t be angry because of her actions of “ONLY signing papers” it actually cost The People money. It’s not just her crime which, btw this is also a fact, makers her a felon. It’s how she spoke of all the money and said things like it is gross to live in a house someone else lived in, or not only lied to the government once but lied and purposely lied to try and escape paying us back, and by us I mean… Read more »
Nope. I never said that or thought that. I know she committed a crime. She was sentenced to prison and served her sentence. I never once said or believed anything else should have happened after the original shock that she went in before Joe. She has been held accountable. She is paying back the money. She is losing her husband for 6 years. She lost a year with her family. She lost what she thought to be her reality. She lost what she believed to be her future. She will never live it down. She did all of those things.… Read more »

BTW I agree she served/serving her time, and I agree people deserve second chances. In fact whole heartedly agree. I just don’t like when people try and make her the victim. “She is loosing her husband and kids for a year”. The victim here are her children and the people, the businesses not just she but they stole from and I actually agree about violent crime victims. But I don’t think we should say people shouldn’t be angry and are wrong to focus on TG’s crimes.

I am curious, and sincerely as I also enjoy seeing your perspective, will she ever be done paying? if yes, what would she have to do, other than say it outright because she isn’t going to do that. Is there anything she could do to at least not be discredited every time anyone speaks up for her?

And, for the record once again, I never said anyone SHOULDN’T be angry. I never said she was a victim. I stated the facts. She did pay with losing those things.


We taxpayers also pay for the prisons. We all pay so much, yet so many feel Tre and Joe are
perfectly fine once they served their time and paid the minimal amount of restitution. I am in agreement with you wholeheartedly with this topic. Having to live in the same state as these Giudices is a total embarrassment. I am from the same part of NJ originally, and it sickens me more than I can say. Thankfully we are not all like them or what would the world be like for everyone…a sad place for sure.

Sandy, I don’t know of anyone here that thinks it’s fine to just pay the tax Lein and restitution. I think most of the Teresa supporters here think she will be paying off her debts for years! I have sad that many times. I just don’t think a white collar crime deserves the almost public flogging she is getting. The chances are Jo will be deported after his sentence so Teresa has that to think about as well. For what they did seven years in prison is a lot more than they would get in UK. You and I have… Read more »

Not to say there are not criminals everywhere, but are they on reality TV near you where they are still stars? I think not. Pedophilia is worse of course but it isn’t a TV show about it either.New Jersey was voted as the number one most hated state recently and Jersey Shore, RHONJ and The Sopranos do not represent all who live here, though organized crime does exist sadly. It does not help the state with idiots on TV either. Sorry. I still love you. ❌⭕️

I am not like them either. But as the discussion from say, my side, changes during the investigation, the prosecution, the sentencing and her prison term, every time something is said with any kind of favor to her, the argument on the other side stays exactly the same. Not you personally, as you know. I am speaking about the general public. Yes, there are no realty stars right now representing where I live, but I am 5 miles away from a town that has more ex-cons per-capita than any town in the U.S of A. I honestly don’t even read… Read more »
Sandy I still love you but look at Glasgow? There have been enough programmes on that and the thugs that live there. Also everyone knows what a Glasgow kiss is because of these programmes. ( if anyone doesn’t it’s a very hard head butt) Yes there are lots on TV here showing themselves up to be real idiots but I’m trying to say that although I don’t know New Jersey I am more than sure that 99% of the population are law abiding same as Glasgow. We are a bit different here as its so rural and I live in… Read more »

I gave up on RHOP almost immediately. The women have that burned out & nasty vibe already & it’s only season one. I felt like I was watching a bunch of vickis & Carolines. Yuck no thanks. Ew.

I cannot watch RHOP. Those people look like store mannequins. I hope RHOD isn’t like Dr. T and The Women. That movie from years ago… Those women were HORRIBLE and LOUD. Oh no, another group of LOUD women….

“Dr. T and The Women”! They were trying, weren’t they? I think I still have that dvd floating around somewhere at home, lol…

Please let the Dallas housewives show be more fun and about the lifestyle then some stupid producer induced drama. Hopefully having these ladies be actual friends before the show can generate some great moments and no medical-help-I’m-sick-well-maybe-not-feel-sorry-for-me-but-how-dare-you-discuss-me BS.
I’m crossing my fingers they don’t embarrass me and my state.

I am actually in the middle of watching the film “Meet the Warwicks” before I head out for work; it’s precisely about producer manipulated drama on reality shows and has me seriously considering taking a break from reality tv altogether.

Living in NJ, born in the same city as Tre, and raised about a mile away from where she was, still having relatives in that part of the state, and being a law-abiding Italian-American citizen, it is far more personal to me. I do have a right to comment about Tre, even if I will not watch her show, and any attempt to stop me would not be right by anyone. Sure, criminals have a right to redeem themselves if possible, but so far, she has not, and I have seen the interviews, against my better judgment, just to see… Read more »
I am looking forward to Dallas, hoping for a HW show that I can like again…. Regarding the Tre discussion…I stopped watching NJ and ATL several years ago because of all the bad behavior. I have always been on the fence about Tre, and was actually kind of glad they got caught (I know, not a very Christian attitude, and I apologize) , because I just felt there was shady stuff going on right from the beginning with all that cash being thrown around, etc… However, I do think that Tre honestly does not know exactly what she did wrong… Read more »