Preview the Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion


The first preview for the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion has been released by Bravo and the ladies are bringing the drama! In the clip below, LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber go head-to-head over rumors of an affair in Cary and Mark’s marriage.

“So, you two did not have an affair?” host Andy Cohen asks Cary and Mark.

Cary, who is crying, shakes her head, “No.”

Andy asks Brandi Redmond if she’d overheard Locken “out parroting this information,” which Redmond confirms, but maintains she “didn’t want any part of it.”

When asked why she’d never confronted Cary about the rumor, LeeAnne says she and Cary “don’t get along.”

“We’ve never gotten along,” she adds. “We haven’t gotten along since before Cary actually even knew me.”

“That is not true!” Cary says. “I called you, we had conversations.”

“We had one conversation,” Locken says.

“Before this show, I never had a problem with you, but you said that I did,” Cary said.

As Locken starts to explain, Cary interrupts, “You’re misinformed again.”

“As are you!” LeeAnne snaps. “About several things about me.”

“What am I misinformed about you?” Cary asks.

“You don’t have to be born into society to be a socialite,” Locken says. “You tell me that I’m a social climber and I’m not. I show up at charity events because I truly give a sh*t about charity!”

“Why disrespect my charity and say that it’s not okay for me to quote, unquote ‘spread rumors about your marriage’ but it’s okay for you to quote, unquote ‘spread rumors about why I do charity?'” LeeAnne continues.

“That’s not spreading rumors, I’m saying it to your face!” Cary says. At this point, Cary’s husband Mark gets involved.

“Where did she spread the rumor?” he asks. “She didn’t go around saying that sh*t to anybody about you. You went around – on camera you’re going around saying she stole me! You said it four, five times!”

Watch the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Preview the Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion”

  1. Oh so excited to watch .. NOT!! Won’t be viewing this episode. I’ll be folding laundry or possible cleaning my toilets

  2. Oh cmon Amy lol don’t you wanna see Leeanne swallow Carey whole down that huge funhouse clown mouth? Lol

  3. Point is Cary’s now husband was married at the time, just seperated. They did start dating before the divorce was final. LeAnn just has to spin it like the dating caused the divorce.

  4. Seems like the whole show’s story line is ‘charity’ co-mingled with ‘Poo Poo’. Lee Ann (with her clown cheeks makeup) shouts more believably than the other wanna be’s. Guess I could say its regional ridicule but BRAVO did not ask me.

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