Preview Part 2 of the RHOBH Reunion


In this preview for part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the drama continues. Lisa Rinna continues to accuse Lisa Vanderpump of bringing up the Munchausen word, which upsets Yolanda Hadid, Kim Richards returns to share her story about her arrest and reunite with the ladies and Eileen Davidson will confront Lisa Vanderpump over their issues throughout the season.

“You talk around and around it just makes me so f*cking crazy, I have to walk away for a second,” Lisa Rinna says to Lisa Vanderpump as she gets up from her seat to walk off the stage.

“It’s not your business!” Yolanda Hadid yells at her cast mates.

Kim admits to Andy Cohen that her low point wasn’t her arrest for shoplifting, but that it was the moment she took the first drink and released. She told Cohen that she does believe she is a hard person to love. Kyle tells her sister that she may not always like her but that she has always loved her.

An emotional Vanderpump says, “I’m sorry you find me so manipulative.”

“You’re completely missing the point,” Eileen responds. “I don’t trust you.”

Watch the clip below.

Kim Richards returns to discuss her addiction and her arrest. First, she talks about her problems with Lisa Rinna. Yolanda asks Rinna why she hasn’t been sensitive to Kim’s issues if she lost her sister to addiction.

“Because maybe I’m human,” Rinna says. “That was then and this is now. I’m moving forward so if you can accept that, that is all I can give you.”

Eileen defends Rinna for her feelings and says that Lisa has a right to feel that way based on Kim’s behavior at poker night last year at Eileen’s house.

“When Lisa gets upset and she says something, I see you jump in and…” Kim tells Eileen.

“That’s not true,” Davidson insists.

“Yes it is, I’ve seen it,” Kim continues. “You over exaggerate. This isn’t a soap opera. This is reality.”

Watch the clip below.

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209 Replies to “Preview Part 2 of the RHOBH Reunion”

  1. Not thrilled Kim was going to be there but after watching her go after Eileen I am glad to see her. ED is such a witch.

      1. That’s exactly right. There’s so much crap, lies and cover-up going on in her life but she feels she can judge others and point her finger is such a joke!

        1. Kim looked better than I have ever seen her. I still think it’s too soon for her to be back but I guess she needs the money. The show she did with her youngest daughter I only saw hits of but she didn’t do herself any favours on that.

  2. Ugh, Kim again.

    I’m tired of her and her story. Get help. Bravo has no business exploiting addicts and mentally ill people. I’ve had dealings with addicts in my own life, I watch tv to be entertained, not sucked into their vortex.

    Go away, Kim. Permanently.

  3. I don’t want to see Kim yet, far too early, I don’t want to see any more sick story lines ever from Bravo, it is too much and not entertaining at all! I never liked Kim nothing to do with the drinking just her personality.

    1. Posted too soon, it’s close but I would sooner have Kim than Rinna or Eileen, Rinna is unstable and Eileen is boring with no story line!

    2. Kim is sounding pretty sharp when she’s sticking it to them too. I’m somewhat impressed. Maybe she gets her act together when she realizes that no one is going to baby her anymore. I think last year was the humbling experience she needed and hopefully she sticks to being sober because at this point I don’t think we have really seen a sober Kim on the show. But she’s totally right about soapy and sudsy.

  4. So now Soapy tells LVP she missed the point and Soapy doesn’t trust Lisa. Gawd all season I thought she was gunning for an apology, NOW she brings up trust. Kim is right that Soapy over exaggerates and RHOBH is not a soap opera.

  5. Eileen just mad LVP brought up her affair on TV, as Eileen tried to portray a “lovely nice home life” when she really is a homewrecker (quoting Aunt Bee-lol).

    Kim is too desperate for money but never wanting to admit her faults or own her crap. BOTH NEED TO GO AWAY and take Yo with them

  6. If I were LVP – I sure wouldn’t offer another apology. I’d just ask soapy – did you meet your present husband when you married and he was married? Was this a secret? So what exactly is the point of your hurt feelings?

      1. Ok – so Eileen AND Vinnie had an affair – but – does that make it ok for LVP to ask ‘so is that when the AFFAIR (caps cause I can’t use italics) started? Wasn’t that a little snarky? Truth or not do people really ask others “soooooo that’s when you slept with a married man”

        1. Another winning point from my kt ❤️ At what point do people let go?? It’s silly ! And the arguement that Eileen started talking about the affair is nonsense. It’s almost perverted that you need intricate detail of how people met , what they ate on their first date, what color panties was she wearing etc! This is LVP saying ‘I’m morally superior ‘ to you and I’m reminding you of it! Power play , that’s all!! Good luck with with your run, my kt perry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Why, thank you, Rain. I think LVP fans hold on like LVP does.
            I can hardly move today – after yesterday’s run and don’t know how I get talked into stuff.
            And people still wear panties? LOL

            1. I’m sorry you’re sore lol, maybe a hot bath would help! Eileen is a proper lady so yes I’m guessing she’s a panty wearer lol, I hardly wear any , I mean i have a few pairs but I never seem to find an excuse to wear them. Plus I’m in my 50s so it’s not like anybody is trying to sneak a peek 🙂

              1. I am going to try some Yoga – I have a shift in little bit. That might not be a good thing to say here can you hold your own IV? Yoga and then a hot shower – too tall for baths.
                Oh so proper ladies wear em’…
                Girl, stop – 50 is a number!!!!!

                1. Oh yes, proper ladies wear panties, slips, corsets and heavens knows what else lol . I try to minimize the garments I have to take off at the end of the day 🙂

                  1. Maybe you should just wear a caftan then? You make sense, but it is still funny! Corsets? My mom swore that her long leg girdle was the best thing to keep from jiggling…and she had an hourglass figure. I don’t know how she wore those things…and the days when stockings were kept up with her girdle and those uncomfortable snap on things..garters.xoxoxox

                    1. I’m open to caftans 🙂 I think I’ve only ever worn a corset once in my life many years ago . I mean , I do believe in elegance, but not in torture lol. When I watch Mad Men, I think how hard must it have been for women of that era to maintain that ‘look’ all the friggin time !! Women go through so much just to look they way they think they should

                    2. I love kaftans and mumus when I am at home which is most of the time since I seldom go anywhere.

                    3. Hi Aunt Bee. 🙂
                      They are all comfy. I never had a caftan. I just found out there are two acceptable spellings of caftan/kaftan too! Thanks. Yet I do know the Hawaiian loose garment is a muumuu or muʻumuʻu, only because eons ago (seems it) I was in Hawaii, and I learned how to pronounce it. It is pronounced moo oo moo oo. I am so used to wearing jeans myself. In summer I do like longer skorts with cotton tops. I love the look of the caftans. The colors are pretty. Hawaiian muumuus are nice too. ❤️ XO

                    4. Oh, Sandy. You just reminded me of my first proud day of wearing a girdle & nylons. My Mom taught us to put them on with white cotton gloves! I did that all my life. Remember “Petty Pants?” I remember getting my first pair for Christmas from my Grandma.

                  2. Asa on Shahs of Sunset started her own kaftan company now…pretty colors… I am not promoting her, but the colors are pretty. I imagine they are pricey but I did not click on anything…just the first page.

            2. No panties when you run…maybe thongs…maybe just nice spandex…great shoes…and I do hope you replenished your electrolytes kt. Just kidding. I am sure you are well hydrated and not low on potassium, etc. Running is a workout…and hard on the joints with hight impact. I was better at the elliptical and dance classes, kickboxing, etc. at one time, anyway. I admire that you are pushing yourself so hard and on so little sleep. You are dedicated. Don’t forget to stretch. ;). Have a nice weekend kt.

              1. Yes ma’am!!! :0) No panties…lots of water…I’m running with some ‘pros’ so I’m taking their lead. We are running/raising funds for Alzheimer’s (which I lost my mom to – almost 3 years ago)

                  1. Shoot, I keep posting to soon it’s this stupid pen thing I’m using!
                    I’m sorry your Mum had to suffer! Xxooo

                1. It is a great cause, kt. I am sorry about the loss of your mom to it. I pray I don’t get it, though I have some signs. I wish you well with your running. 😉

                  1. Yes great cause kt and sorry about your mom ! Give yourself kudos for keeping up with those pros!!! ❤️❤️

                    1. Thank you ladies, the hardest part is losing someone while they are still alive – if that makes any sense. She was a character and more – I think she would have given Rain a run for her $$!!!

                    2. Ahhhh I like your mom already, I’m sure she’s in heaven with the Angels ❤️❤️❤️

                    3. Kt, That’s maybe where you get it from? She sounds amazing and I know what you mean about losing someone while they are still with you! Xxxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. whlileen needs to put on her big girl pants and woman up—end of story, she keeps it alive… And truly, she’s not that important to care. She should thank LVP for giving her some air time….

      1. The Anonymous posting on your first post, at the top, Aunt Bee was me. I forgot to sign in. The rest of the Anon posts are not moi.

  7. If Eileen wants an apology from LVP, I have one for her: “I am sorry you are so bloody boring that you have to pretend to be outraged about things that EVERYONE knew about already and come for me in order to get people to pay attention to you.”

      1. Rain you and Kt are like a sweet double act! You should go into showbiz! Love you both xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. We love you too Suze ❤️❤️❤️ ! But as I always say, I’ve agreed and disagreed with everyone here lol. But yes I do love my kt ❤️❤️

          1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are always so respectful that’s why I love youxxxxoooo

    1. ITA! I also think that LVP meant “love affair,” not “affair!” LVP has used the term “love affair many times over the seasons.

    1. What shoes might those be? One where a person dupes her husbands with illnesses once married or one that seeks attention with an “illness” that diminishes brain function when convenient for that person and can’t manage to keep their timelines straight because there have been so many lies……………….

  8. This is the first time Kim actually looks normal to me. Her usual talking head is so made up you can’t see her face. This is also the first time in her history on the show I am rooting for her at all, and this time I hope she just plows Rinna and Eileen under.
    I am a Lisa fan. I don’t know about the hanging on stuff, but I go to bat for all of the women I like, same and same. No different for her. If we are supposed to let go of Eileen screwing a married man, when is it that she is supposed to let go of Kimmy at her house? I would have to say that Poker Night has been talked about way more than Eileen’s affair ever was. By the foul, vulgar ass waxing Rinna. And if I was Kyle, I would never be in contact with Rinna again, ever. After what she said about Kim. I can say it, I am not considered a FRIEND of Kyle’s. I am simply a FAN of Kyle’s. But, let me tell you, if anyone said about my sister, “rabid dog, vile, vicious, gross, getting arrested, blah, blah, blah” that would be the end of our friendship, forever.
    And, the entire thing in the Hampton’s, I really don’t think Lisa was asking that to make Eileen look bad. And it has zip to do with me being a fan. If Lisa had thought it was making Eileen look bad, when Kyle said “wear a hat and have an English accent and you can ask anything” she would have maybe stopped. Instead she said, “it’s all good, tell me.” I have many things about Lisa I don’t care for. I really disliked her when she made rude remarks about when Kyle went and comforted Adrienne at her renewal party. Saying things, to Yolanda, no less like “if you want to be her friend put your house on the market” Saying the only reason Kyle and Mauricio were friends with Adrienne was to get the listing on the house! Wow. When, this season she asked Erika, upon first meeting her how Tom was in bed, now that was low class. So, I don’t have any qualms whatsoever about outing what I believe her many flaws are. If I was Kyle, Lisa would have had to do some true apologizing for that shit about my husbands ethics to get back in my good graces, some real talking.
    Eileen is so boring I almost have to bang my head on the dresser “kidding” Same with Rinna. I have never even seen the inside of Rinna’s house minus the talking head. And, I don’t know, do any of you, if that is even filmed in their own house? I watch the show, or I started watching, for the homes, the clothes, the parties, the food, the jewelry, the vacations etc. Not to listen to some foul, vulgar, crude, base person talk about everyone else and have her ass waxed. GAG, & GAG. God, what the hell is wrong with her besides that she is so boring she can only speak of others. I hope, I really HOPE, any offers she has had from ANYWHERE, because of her exposure on RHOBH, are rescinded forthwith. Lisa Vanderpump brought Rinna on this show. And, in the scheme of things, who has such a vain, empty life that 8 words spoken with what could have had several meanings, that it becomes the CENTER of her thought process? Months later too. What is truly off with a person, who in the midst of beauty, a beautiful vacation that very few people ever get to experience, brings up something so literally inconsequential? To have her reputation hinge on whether or not Lisa said or didn’t say what she thought she said. What POSSIBLE difference does it make? That is something that easily could have been handled in private some other time. since it wasn’t on camera, that is how she thinks she can get others on her side? Wow.
    Besides Icky, Rinna is the most rabid, foul, soulless bitch on reality tv. And I hope she pays dearly for what she has done.

    1. 3D, you totally should stand up for your ladies , that’s what we all do :). You and I have agreed before on the need to let the Faye Resnick stuff go and just move on and stop flogging Kyle for being her friend. Actually I think we are the ONLY two think we should give Faye a break already. I view letting go of Eillens affair as the extension of that same philosophy of just letting bygones be bygones . I’m sure whatever Eileen did isn’t any worse than Faye. I also think Kim ( the sane version ) deserves a chance too if she puts in the work and remain clam, focused and sober . Rinna , of course, is across the board villain but my theory is she did that on purpose to guarantee her spot on the show.

      1. Was rinna’s birthday filmed at her house ? I thought so! But she does host ass waxing parties, in case you’re interested 🙂

        1. This was the first comment I saw when I opened my iPad, is it why her carpet is so dirty?
          GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!

        2. No, it was at “Il Ciello” or something. A restaurant. Rinna has never had an event inside her home. She only hosted one event in her time on the show, some jewelry thing, and that was outside on her terrace. I used to wonder what she is so ashamed of, but now since I don’t ever want to see her ugly face again, I could give a rat’s ass.

          1. (1) Double post No harm, no foul 🙂

            (2) I think Sudsy is ashamed of her house. Remember the dirty carpets. She doesn’t want people to know she can’t afford a maid to keep her home clean.

      2. *oh peakaboo* make that 3! 🙂 I believe Faye deserves much credit for time served and rehabilitation 😉 I always enjoy any opportunity to forgive when one redeems themselves and does self work. Me included. I’m a work in progress. ❌♥️⭕️

    2. Bravo has photos of Lisa rinna’s home and it looks like Grandma’s attic junk—the woman should concentrate on learning (style)….And lipsa has the nerve to call LVP’s home a disco— rinna is delusional (her & whileen) have not gotten the memo to join 2016, and stop living in the 8o’s, rinna – get a new hairstyle-you’ve worn the same one for 30 years….(.Uggg)—-and don’t forget whileen’s home (american bizarre gothic)——

  9. Go Eileen!! And Rinna. And Erika. After six seasons of BH and four seasons of VDP Rules, I am sick of VDP and her high horse. She’s a troublemaker and thinks she’s invincible. And Kyle is annoying too, how she wouldn’t let Kathryn answer Andy’s question about Faye. I moved from Old School to New School this season. Loving the four new girls!

        1. Rain,
          It was brandi who went out and got drunk, so drunk she had her tampon string out with her dress up on the backside, and falling off in the front—-the paparrazi caught the pictures—-a fine example of womanhood, motherhood…
          Please—-speaking the truth is not (demeaning)—if you’d like warm & fuzzies go elsewhere because you obviously cannot handle simple truths…..

          1. Prudence it happened once, yes she was drunk but to keep bringing it up on a blog is too much . Most women have had some sort of mishap it just doesn’t get filmed. 99% of women have to endure periods and I’m not a Brandi fan, I just think this is too much from one woman to another! Or maybe you aren’t a woman and don’t understand?

          2. This is a silly and simplistic arguement you’re making MISTER Prudence! The two options are not just ‘warm and fuzzy’ or your vulgarity about women’s tampon strings hanging out. No one is talking about your sagging ball sac! I’m with Suze on this one, if you were a woman, you wouldn’t default to such an argument. Good day sir

            1. Prudence? My problem with your derogatory and trashy talk is that it reflects badly on YOU. I feel badly for *you* because you’re better than that, right sweetheart? You are. Listen, watch, learn. Change it because you can it’s a choice. There are plenty of other colorful words to use to get your passion across. Think it over, don’t shoot us messengers, we’re in this together just helping each other along. I don’t mind when someone corrects me kindly because I know someone actually cares enough. I like a lot of what you write, your thoughts. You’re smart. You’ll be taken way more seriously and respected when you simply omit some obvious button pushing words on this forum. I mean well, sister or brother whichever, no matter. Rise above it, you can if you want. Peace ❣

            2. You go girl! If we are supposed to forget Eileen’s screwing a married guy, and Faye writing a book, and Lisa being shrewd, and Kyle being a cry baby, why the hell do we have to hear about a Tampon string every effing week? Sheesh, come up with a new joke, maybe? Oh wait, you can’t, is that why?
              Usually I really do try not to get involved when someone makes juvenile remarks like constantly referring to Tampons, but this is getting so old it reeks.

  10. Eileen is really coming across as just plain mean. I just didn’t see that side of her until this season. She has totally harped on this one “slight” ALL SEASON, which is absolutely mind-boggling. Plus, Lisa V. has apologized several times for it, and Eileen STILL doesn’t let it go — I really can’t relate to anyone being that mean. I have said it before and I will say it again — nobody has a barometer into anyone else’s heart and can adequately decide if a person is sincere or not with an apology. That is really offensive when anyone says that because basically it’s like they are saying, “Well I think that your apology is insincere, therefore you are basically lying, full of b.s., whatever, and I know better than you” superior attitude.

    1. Amen Moussie. Look when Vanderpump asked questions Elleen could have told her she was not going to answer or change the subject or hey, she could have got up and walked off. None of which she did. It was ONLY after she realized what she said on National TV that she became upset and then not at herself but at Lisa. Elleen’s choice to answer was HER BAD DECISION. If you ever noticed that Vanderpump is nosey and always asks a lot of questions that is in her nature, good or bad, that is who she is. Its not malicious it is in her character to be nosey. I know a lot of people like that. Also Rinna describes talking with her hair dresser and then sharing that with LVP and Kyle if Rinna really did not want anything on this subject to go any further she never should have shared never but she did. She is dirty and her attempt to scrub that off her and rub it all on LVP is disgusting. And then there is the Two Bestie’s having a pow wow on the beach. If that was not a set up I don’t know what was. Like they never discussed any of their issues up to that point please. These two are like two peas in a pod viscous and mean. Neither should be allowed back on the show. Elleen asks the question why would they do what they did…storyline…relavence? Lets face it without those two whiny complaints they would have been nothing but boring so what better way to be relevant then to create a problem. I think their nick name should be the Cinderella Sisters…yup…I like that

      1. LVP loves to ask questions of others but when she’s questioned, she wants to move on. Her asking Yolanda at the reunion if she knew her marriage was crumbling was certainly malicious and CRINGE-WORTHY.

  11. Wow, monkey cant see his own tail. Just watched the clip of part 2. When Kim Richards told Eileen she over exaggerates, Eileen’s eyes raised & she said “Exaggerates?” as if what a shock. That’s what she did all season. As for Yolanda stating to be careful not to judge someone, she was not looking out for Kim, but it was a direct/indirect hit at those who questioned her so called illness & journey & she wanted to get that across in her usual deceptive, manipulating way. God help me, But Kim is actually looking good compared to the others–Yo, Eileen & Lisa Rinna. When Eileen makes LVP cry, I might just go through the TV screen & she’ll need dentures after I’m done with her. Maybe then she & Rinna can then do a joint commercial for depends & Efferdent or Fixodent.

    1. Soapy doesn’t realize she is on a ‘reality’ show. She is in character for whomever she plays on tv. Her tagline of I’m not a bitch but plays one on tv; that carried right through with her this season.

      1. Her personality on BH is not like any of her daytime characters so this post has no validity. Are you just making things up?

        1. Her tagline says ‘I’m not a bitch but Ive played one on TV’. I’ve never seen her on any soap or anything else for that matter, but by ED’s own admission, she apparently has been or is (don’t know which) a bitchy character on TV. I think Skeptic’s post IS valid.

          1. It’s not. She’s not “in character” for any of her soap characters. And she’s not a bitch on BH. If anything, she wants to talk everything out. She doesn’t make snide, snarky, childish remarks like VDP or Brandi. She doesn’t joke at other people’s expenses. She’s honest and mature. I mean, you can call her boring. That, I will agree with. Mean? Bitchy? Nah. Sorry.

            1. I don’t think we are watching the same show. She is acting like a soap opera character with her bad acting. She has been snivelling about an apology all season and attacking LVP. Yep, she’s a bitch on tv.

    2. ED did the same thing to LVP when LVP said “I thought we were good”. ED repeated the same line but in a haughty, questioning, kinda making fun of your accent tone. When she did it to Kim, if I were Kim I would have asked her “What word didn’t you understand?”. Good post Starr, and I’ve seen a lot of comments where people don’t think Kim should be on the show, and that’s probably true if it were on a full time basis. I’m guessing she’s at the reunion briefly because she did make appearances this season (same as Brandi). She handled herself well IMO, but it may be too early in her sobriety for her to be on full time or even part time next season.

  12. Get that poor alcoholic Kim out of the spotlight. Every time Bravo gives her a platform they knock her back a step or two. She needs to go away and recover. Having had an alcoholic parent myself I can’t stand to watch her. Her pain is palpable but so is her denial. This is not entertainment; it is exploitation and it is disgusting. It makes me want to cry every time I see her in her fuc@@d up state of mind. If she is not using she is still on a massive dry drunk. Getting sober is a lot more than putting down the bottle and I’m not convinced she has even done that. No one needs to watch this sad person coming apart at the seams. If she does do something really stupid (or more stupid than she has already done) I hope Bravo is found to be liable. Never really understood how they dodged partial responsibility for Russell Armstrong’s death.

    Sorry for the rant but this hits too close to home for me, and many others I suspect. There must be plenty of rich, emotionally stable women in Beverly Hills to fill her slot. Who needs sick drama? This show should be all about glamor and wealth. That would be way more fun than watching Kim slowly kill herself. But that’s just me.

    1. Yellowbean, that was such an impassioned post. Thank You. Most folks don’t know what a dry drunk is, but I promise, I do. Like any hereditary illness, addiction runs right down though my ancestors as far back as I can find. It was Laudanum back then, the records and folder I found in my Grandmother’s belongings had some fascinating entries. So, like you, I know from where I speak. I also don’t want to watch her kill herself, on the other hand, she doesn’t have to be hi to be the total bitch she is. I have rarely heard anyone say such cruel, demeaning things when they weren’t even on something.
      ( Not to say she was clean those times ) But FGSakes, that girl has some pent up hate in her. And she takes it out on her sister, then people who watch the show wonder why Kyle is close to tears a lot. Well, I get it. It’s not like Kyle screwed a married guy or screwed EVERY guy, or killed someone.

    2. Wonderful post and I agree so much Yellowbean. And 3D you also. And I love your name and I love yellow beans and every bean on the planet 🙂 xox

  13. Bravo should never have drunk kim on the show ever again, nor should they have the walking STD/drunk named brandi….Both have embarrassed & humilated themselves enough for any (reality show)….And both appear to have no shame. They should remove the (I’ve been in bed sick for 3 years yolymes/ liar too)..

  14. Found this on another site. Soapy is cracking. Vinny should take away her twitter.

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 19h19 hours ago
    Now if I can manipulate you all to send that letter to Governor Brown,my little zombies,the way I “unleashed hatred” lol #getalife

    Eileen Davidson ‏@eileen_davidson 13h13 hours ago
    @LisaVanderpump I’ll get a life if you get a conscience. You know the truth
    @eileen_davidson And calling us real folks names (LVP zombies) just because what we saw was not what you were selling wasn’t right. Not nice

    Eileen Davidson ‏@eileen_davidson 13h13 hours ago
    I wasn’t generalizing LVps fans. I’m sure some of you are kind. But MANY are vile, vicious and cruel. I was referring to them. ❤️
    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 4h4 hours ago
    @eileen_davidson you just can’t stop can you …
    Do some good,you pummeled me for days.Wasn’t that enough?

    ED is getting smoked every time she tweets. People are telling her her career is toast because of her hate. The fact that she continues to obsess over this is disturbing really.

    1. She’s one of the most popular and sought after soap actresses in the industry, an Emmy winner, a multi-Emmy-nominated actress. She’s had a career for over thirty years. A REAL career grounded in talent…. unlike most of the people who have been on this show that have made reality TV their career, lived off their husbands, or who have zero talent/skills.

      1. King, I actually do like Eileen, and I always thought she was a good addition to the show. However, lately I started feeling that she hasn’t really connected with anyone on the show ( except Lisa R , but then they were friends already). I was always hoping that she and Erika would become friends or that she would inch much closer to Yolanda . I just feel that as much as I like her, she’s the odd woman out and I think she may not make it next season . But I’m glad you like her because not many of us do . To me though, the whole LVP thing is getting silly and tedious and is a testament to just how boring and uneventful this season has been

        1. Me, too, Rain, well put.❣ I feel if Eileen wasn’t associated with L. R. she might have more appeal and like ability despite her going after LVP. There’s much I do like about Eileen – firstly I’m biased I admit lol b/c I adored her when she first came on Y&R. I loved Ashley Abbott, she was sweet and loveable. So there’s that. It was hard getting to know Eileen Davis in contrast cause they’re so different. But I find Eileen to be a straight shooter, very detached on an emotional level, and me personally, I admire that because I’m so damned emotional myself, but I’m getting a handle on that as I age and mature. And you know there are things that distract me about her also. Her need to be right at the expense of keeping the group peace is uncomfortable for me. I like when people can apologize easily and kiss and move on, that’s just me. I don’t see the reason for holding grudges I never have, life is fragile and too short for childishness.

        2. I watch Ei on YR and was happy when she came on BH but this season she really showed the worst most hateful side of her personality. She talks and talks but she cannot hear. She never listens and jumps to conclusions. She is like a neverending replay of Groundhog Day. I just want it to be over already. No Emmys on BH. I do like LVP and aways have. She is BH for me.

          1. I totally get that LVP is BH for you Sandy, it makes sense to me, just like Nene is RHOA to her fans, and Teresesa is NJ! For me, I’ve only started watching 2 season ago ( this is my 3rd) so I didn’t get to develop much of a connection to whatever happened in the first 3 seasons. I hope you’re having a great weekend ❤️❤️❤️

            1. I am watching Outlander 3rd episode new season…at the moment. I hope you are well.
              You should watch BH from the first season…just a thought. ;). ❤️

        3. I don’t disagree with the uneventful stuff. I don’t disagree with you. But yeah, the attacks from the LVP-obsessors are too much.

          1. You’re so cute King :). Yes most of the OGs have their hardcore reliable fans, wether it’s LVP, or Nene, or Teresa or Bethenny! And that’s fine lol. Just say your piece and I promise you there is always going to be a few people to support you xoxo

      2. Lisa and Kyle both have jobs, and never “lived off their husbands.” Even tho maybe you don’t understand what marriage means. A husband or wife is MARRIED to their partner. Or a husband and husband or wife and wife. What they have, whether it be money or homes or nothing, they have it together, do you understand now? Maybe look up Marriage vows in the Bible. I promise it won’t burn you when you touch it.

          1. Yes, dahling. Whats mine is his, a damn lot, and what’s his is mine, a DAMN lot. No asking, so discussion, just do and buy what we want. No ‘words” no worry, all trust, no huff, just good fun. Spain, London, wherever we want. Whenever we want. I guess that must seem odd to you there “king.” King of what is the big Q.

    2. Thank You, Skeptic. I never get to see them, and if I do find them, it takes me awhile since I am not good at it only, not because you are a twitter stalker or anything, anyway, I don’t get to see them and a lot of the time they are deleted by then. I almost wrote. ” not because you ate a twinkie ” I had to proof and that’s what it said instead of “twitter follower.” Thought you might get a kick out of that.

      1. You’re welcome, 3D’s.
        It’s hilarious. They’re interchangeable in writing their tweets, the twits.
        LMAO @ twinkie!

  15. Name Removed 2m2 minutes ago
    @ eileen_davidson @LisaVanderpump – Fortunately zombies eat brains so the soap opera chick is safe!

  16. This is after Brandi Tweets to her new BFF ED thanking her for her “honesty!”
    Name Removed @
    Thank you Lisa Vanderpump for curing Brandi Glanville of her refusal to friend cheaters #RHOBH

  17. Just at another site and found this gem that somebody put a lot of work in.

    Wow! This is crazy! This is a comprehensive timeline of YoPhony’s EXTREMELY ACTIVE life for the year 2014 (all documented with her tireless selfie-pics by a poster on a site that begins with R). I can guarantee that pretty much MOST healthy people couldn’t keep up!
    “FYI – these dates are approximate. When you go through someone’s timeline and click on a pic, it tells you how many weeks ago it was posted. So working from this website and today’s date, I calculated approximate dates for these posts. I chose the most relevant pics to show how active she was throughout 2014. Ended up to be more of a travel journal. But believe me, she posted plenty of pics gardening, cooking and doing mundane things in between all of these trips”

    1/29 – self defense class
    3/5 – Vegas, baby
    3/5 – Academy Awards
    3/19 – Oh, Canada
    4/2 – Malaysia
    4/9 – still in Malaysia
    4/16 – Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix
    5/14 – NYC
    5/21 – Still in NY
    5/28 – Side lyme trip to Napa with her 600 page Stem Cell book that she can’t read
    6/4 – Nordstrom Shoe Sale
    6/4 – NYC
    6/11 – Back in Malibu for Bella’s graduation
    6/18 – Romantic getaway with the King
    7/2 – Horseback riding. Side note: this was on RHOBH
    7/2 – in Tijuana getting an IV
    7/9 – Hallo, Holland
    7/16 – Yacht to Turkey
    7/23 – Back to Holland
    7/23 – This is not on her instagram but she met Kyle in Spain right after her Holland trip. This was where she was when Bella got her DUI and it was shown on RHOBH. Bella got her DUI on 7/22.
    8/20 – Taking Bella to NY
    8/27 – And back in CA
    9/3 – Back to Europe
    9/10 – Ciao, Florence
    9/10 – HOLY SHIT – her 150+ DAILY pills
    9/17 – Que pasa? Mexico con Anwar
    10/1 – Calgary
    10/8 – Nobu with the kids
    10/22 – They were supposed to go to Hawaii but diverted by weather
    11/5 – NYC again
    11/12 – California Dreaming
    11/19 – RHOBH Premier
    11/19 – off to Seoul
    11/19 – 4 sick selfies of her getting in IV in Seoul
    11/26 – LA
    12/10 – out with David
    12/17 – And NYC again
    12/24 – still at Bella’s in NYC. Don’t forget – dates are approximate.
    12/24 – She misses David
    12/24 – Sick selfies, Christmas Eve, St. John’s Health Center, another, another, another, another. What’s up with the hand glove and wrist band?
    12/24 – Kids are home and everything is good
    12/31 – Sick selfie
    1/7 – Back to Seoul
    1/14 – Night in Seoul
    1/21 – More IV’s in Singapore
    1/28 – At America’s Got Talent
    1/28 – Back to CA

  18. Skeptic… LOVE YOU FOR THIS. And I loved the way Eileen Overalls (as much as I can’t stand her) said to Ho “can I speak please” and Ho looked like she was insulted and about to start crying. I guess NOBODY tells Ho what to do. I’m sick of Rinna and everything about her. She is disgusting. A liar, a pot-stirrer, over-acting all the time, ass-kisser and I have NO IDEA what HH sees in her. And why is Kyle so uncomfortable when someone brings up Kim the addicts raunchy behavior? She is visibly uncomfortable when anyone brings up her or Faye. Why is this? She’s bugging me now. Enough of people using these franchises to broadcast their fake diseases, imaginary illnesses, leaking implants which cause auto-immune diseases, drugs, drinking, etc. Enough. Get rid of them. Since when did this become entertainment? If I wanted to watch this shit, I’d turn on one of those horrible VHS shows where the addicts live under one roof and almost kill each other or those fake talk shows. Get off the Housewife franchise losers.

    1. You’re welcome, Gigi. I saw that and had to copy and paste it here. I agree with you about the Housewife franchise, especially RHOBH. I want to see elegance, wealth, classy ladies. We haven’t seen that on this franchise for years.

  19. Haha most recent tweet to the twit that I found.
    @JacsBerlin @eileen_davidson @MelissaOrdway @SeanCarrigan Yep she was the best of the worst. 1 mil apologies won’t suit this moron. PFO ED

    The tweet was in regard to Soapy winning a day time Emmy award which, basically, is nothing. If she was any good as an actor she’d not be on daytime TV.

  20. Killing me. This tweet is from Brandi, oops Truth Cannon.

    @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna I didn’t c it that way. Eileen was tired of the bullshit. Where’s there is smoke there is fire

    Just waiting for the block on this one lol

    @Crickets444 ‏@Crickets444 now
    @joeeg315 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna MR EDs truth is what she conjured up in her tiny mind.

    OMG this one isn’t giving up and not blocked yet. Did Vinnie take away her tweeting.

    @Crickets444 ‏@Crickets444 now
    @joeeg315 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna WOW Brandi u are now friends with homewrecker? Amazing.

    She is going to be busy blocking tonight:

    Fore Ryte ‏@fore_ryte Apr 19
    @joeeg315 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna If U repeat something oftn enough it becomes believable especially months later just saying

    truthcannon ‏@joeeg315 Apr 19
    @fore_ryte @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna Lisa v is innocent, Lisa v is innocent, Lisa v is innocent

    From April 17th. Mr ED isn’t listening:
    Eileen Davidson ‏@eileen_davidson Apr 17
    my husband just told me I can’t tweet anymore. This is what happens when you ignore the haters for a loooong time. Peace! Love! Happy Sunday (Note: I don’t think she has ignored any haters for 20 seconds and that is why Vinny told her to back off. He was sick of the whining.)

    Eileen DavidsonVerified account
    Weathering the nastiness with a little help from you kind ones. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    @Crickets444 ‏@Crickets444 now
    @eileen_davidson Do you mean the 2% who want you back next year?

  21. Just caught up with the last few episodes of the season on reruns. What’s really sticking out to me is the sudden, strange way in which Lisa R turns against Lisa V this season. It is soooo weird that she went from sticking up for Lisa V — the night that Yolanda and David hosted a dinner, Rinna totally stands up for Lisa V. She finds out from Eileen -who told Rinna she “missed something” – cause Rinna chatting dildos with Jenny McCarthy for her podcast and missed a group gathering — so they literally call Kathryn over and demand she fill them in– and she tells them that Erika had told her to watch out for Lisa V’s webs. Rinna is all like, “Oh, I don’t think so, Erika doesn’t even know her,” .etc. Eileen gives Rinna the side-eye — next, cut to the beach scene, where Eileen basically tells Rinna that she doesn’t understand why Rinna was sticking up for Lisa V. to Kathryn at that dinner and says that in the process of Rinna doing so, Eileen thinks that “Erika was thrown under the bus for having good instincts.” What? Since when does who thinks what or who dictate how everyone should interact and behave? Eileen seems to want to direct and control everyone. And when she said that to Rinna — about how EILEEN was uncomfortable with the way Rinna was sicking up for Lisa V, when Rinna had evidently been confiding in Eileen that Lisa V. had been “trying to manipulate her” into saying something about Yo’s Munchausen or whatever. BTW, that was Rinna’s choice; she never had to say anything about a convo that took place with someone OFF THE SHOW. Also Lisa V. said several times during the season, “I don’t think we should talk about Yolanda or her children,” “I would like it if we didn’t talk about Yolanda anymore,” etc. Anyway –during that beach scene when it became apparent that Eileen basically called a meeting with Rinna to inform her that she, the moral authority, had decided to “call bull shit” on Lisa R’s standing up for Lisa V at the dinner yet evidently bitching about Lisa V in private to Eileen [btw in this scenario the one who actually had and showed “good instincts” to me at that dinner was Rinna by telling both NEW GIRLS, Erika AND Kathryn, NO, Lisa V. is not a web-spinner, I’ve known her twenty-six years and love her” or whatever — that’s what a friend does] anyway when Eileen had an issue with Rinna sticking up for Lisa V, that’s when it clicked for me, Eileen’s pulling the strings, and that’s what I don’t get. Why should Eileen have a problem with Rinna taking up for Lisa V. in the face of Erika telling Kathryn that Lisa V is a web-spinner? Eileen herself said she liked Lisa V. Then Eileen basically manipulates Rinna into rescinding her sticking up for Lisa V. and to me, that is the real manipulation that goes on this season. Eileen knows that Rinna is a stickler for the truth, Rinna’s views on stuff like “owning feelings”, etc. – and she also knows Rinna has said she is a people-pleaser, Eileen even said “if you are a people-pleaser, that leaves you open to being manipulated by others.” Rinna even says earlier in the season “Eileen had Yolanda and I hug it out too soon,” as if the timing of her hugging it out with Yolanda was completely out of her control but then again, Eileen did push for that, and again, pushing for resolution even when it makes others uncomfortable is just not a good thing. Let others work out their own differences on their own timetable. Regardless if two people in a group have an issue and it causes some awkwardness at a group dinner, instead of Eileen being selfish about how that makes HER feel, she needs to take others’ feelings into consideration. Maybe neither of the two parties knows what they want to say to the other yet, etc. it could be a million things, but the point is IT IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS. I guess because Lisa R. told Eileen a bunch of stuff behind the scenes about Lisa V. and we don’t know what that info is, it REALLY makes it hard on viewers — and I hate it when they push a storyline about something that TOOK PLACE AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS. It is NOT FAIR TO VIEWERS and I think it sucks. Eileen’s all, “You were so adamant sticking up for Lisa V. and yet you have been telling me that she’s tried to manipulate you into saying something about that conversation you had about Yolanda’s Munchausen.” WHAT DID EILEEN HAVE TO GAIN FROM THIS? To further HER OWN grudge against Lisa V. Eileen is the one who INSISTS ON RESOLUTION AT ALL COSTS. With Vinnie, with Lisa V. — even beating it into the ground that she “had to express her feelings” ironically she said it was so things “wouldn’t be weird,” well guess what that made them weirder. She seems to think that Lisa V and others need to basically bow down to her feelings, but she doesn’t seem to show much respect or care for others’ feelings, esp. Lisa V. as she has been just cruel and nasty after the woman has apologized with sincerity several times

    1. Mousie, please don’t take my comment as manipulative or directional but, reading, and agreeing,what you wrote, you need to use paragraphs. It makes it so much easier to follow. No disrespect intended here.

      1. Skeptic and fellow All Things RHoBH followers — I apologize. I meant to edit that waaaay down, but when my hubby walked in, I just clicked “Post comment” in case I didn’t get a chance to do so — it’s our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary this weekend so he was distracting me lol

        1. Mousie, I hope you had a very happy 27th Anniversary!
          Don’t worry we all make spelling mistakes or forget paragraphs I still read it as I always do read yours! Xo❤️❤️

        2. April 23rd. What a lovely date for an anniversary. Happy, happy anniversary, Mousie. I don’t personally care if you don’t use comma’s, paragraphs, or periods. I am a speed reader, so it’s all good as far as I am concerned. Not that what I say or how I read makes any difference to anyone, just my two cents, Mousie.
          I loved your post, that made so much sense, and you put it into a time table I hadn’t noticed. Man, you are so right on with the feelings of resolution Eileen requires. Crimeny, her entire mind must be full of garbage if she has all these little boxes for “Resolved” “Unresolved” “Needs some work” “One more stab at Lisa” “Make Rinna see it my way” Cripes, no wonder her husband gambles, something without a predisposed outcome.

      2. I’m sorry Skeptic but we don’t correct/ critique each other’s posts on this site. I do hope you understand Mousie is one of our most eloquent posters! I’m not getting at you but we just don’t do that or spellings. This is a free and easy site as you know by now. Not like a few I can think of!

        1. PJ, of course paragraphs are better, that wasn’t what I was saying, prior to your comment Mousie had already said she posted too quickly as she was interrupted! We all make mistakes here!! Every single one of us!

          1. Are you one of the admins here? I’m new and I’m still learning the ropes of this blog. When you said, “We don’t correct here…” that was the impression I got.

            I thought Skeptic worded her request very respectfully, unlike some other comments I’ve seen. Skeptic made her comment, Mousie responded. I don’t know why that didn’t end the issue.

            I agree that paragraphs make posts easier to read.

                1. I’m sorry I actually meant to post something but fell face first guffawing at 3.

                  (((Suze lassie)))) I’m sending you hugs and love across the pond!! ⭕️⭕️❌❌⭕️⭕️❌❌

                    1. ((((Love you so sweetie)))) xoxoxoxo♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

                    2. Love you too my sexy Miss Moneypenney❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        2. Thank you. I find it so terribly difficult to read sentences that run on and on. Paragraphs are my friend lol.

          Mousie, I love your posts and understand why you posted when you did. I meant no disrespect to you. In fact, when I pasted tweets further down, 3 D’s mentioned she had difficulty reading tweets. My bad. I will now edit the ‘garbage’ from the tweets so they’re easier for all to read.

  22. MORE

    Thank you @rfaintich! xoxo
    truthcannonAlicia OliveNormac12Billy CrumpTitiana Heler Vicoljamiko777Marie CaseyTeddiee88Alice Snyder
    8:23 PM – 12 Apr 2016
    Reply Retweet

    Tweet text

    Reply to @eileen_davidson @rfaintich

    @Crickets444 ‏@Crickets444 now
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich Soapy, you are as unhinged as Sudsy. Both of you go away.
    0 retweets 0 likes
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    swifty6899 ‏@swifty6899 Apr 13
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich Classiest?? I’d rather watch paint dry than one more second of this needy boring person. So hope she isn’t back
    0 retweets 16 likes
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    Maddy ‏@maddy5lev Apr 13
    @swifty6899 @eileen_davidson @rfaintich eileen has zero insight how nasty she came across this season. Zero class
    0 retweets 13 likes
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    teresa sudweeks ‏@CactusSurprise Apr 12
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich You must be blind! I will leave it at that!
    1 retweet 18 likes
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    Marty Mar ‏@marty0mar Apr 12
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich ha ha the hell she was
    0 retweets 7 likes
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    Juan ‏@soappalIed Apr 12
    @eileen_davidson love you and Erika’s friendship #RHOBH
    0 retweets 6 likes
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    Vanderpunked ‏@Vanderpunked Apr 12
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich Vanderliar just hooks horrible this season. Feel sorry 4 Kyle tho. Her loyalty to LVP makes K look like a fool.
    2 retweets 6 likes
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    Sherri Baby ‏@SherrI1022 Apr 14
    @Vanderpunked @eileen_davidson @rfaintich yup it does maybe Mo is holding out for another commission
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    Karma Junk ‏@karmajunk1 Apr 13
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich What show were you watching. Whineileen was boring. Go back to being a D-List actress.
    0 retweets 3 likes
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    Ruthie1959 Townsend ‏@Ruthie1959T Apr 12
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich I know it’s a neat friendship
    0 retweets 2 likes
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    Lisa Najarian ‏@PeteNajarWife Apr 12
    @eileen_davidson @rfaintich The moral compass!
    0 retweets 0 likes
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    GM ‏@gmzarate Apr 17
    @PeteNajarWife @eileen_davidson @rfaintich Sure if you consider having an affair and being a homewrecker morally right.
    0 retweets 0 likes
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    Lisa Najarian ‏@PeteNajarWife Apr 18
    @gmzarate @eileen_davidson @rfaintich Totally unnecessary to say! People make mistakes….#GiveHerABreak!
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    GM ‏@gmzarate Apr 18
    @PeteNajarWife @eileen_davidson @rfaintich Well isn’t she claiming she’s truthful and honest? So let’s be honest #ownit #anaffairtoremember

      1. When you see @names, go past all the @ and the message will be after the last @. I will try to clean up any other tweets I copy to make reading easier.

        1. Oh okay I see thankyou Skeptic! Please don’t go to the trouble of editing it’s perfectly fine you explained well. My only thing is I still never know quite who’s saying what and who’s replying. I’m not very savvy with social media that’s why I only do Pinterest. Barely. !

            1. Amazing how sensitive the handle is. It goes right to moderation approval mode if you forget your icon.

              1. You mustn’t forget your ikon! That brolly is part of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. You’re probably very right lassie! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  23. Wow. Found this one on ED’s twitter this morning.

    TamaraTattles ‏@TamaraTattles 8h8 hours ago
    When people talk about Internet Trolls, here is a fine example. @Crickets444 What a useless cuntsatchel this one is.

    @TamaraTattles seems you are projecting We all know you are a cuntsatchel babe. Babe as in pig

    Eileen likes TamaraTattles? Mind blowing.


    Perpetual hibernate ‏@iSimbabe Apr 19
    @eileen_davidson we call you manipulative because you started to push @lisarinna to attack @LisaVanderpump when you had a prob w/ her #RHOBH

    Eileen Davidson ‏@eileen_davidson Apr 19
    @iSimbabe @lisarinna @LisaVanderpump no that didn’t happen but thanks for sharing

    truthcannon ‏@joeeg315 Apr 19
    @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna I didn’t c it that way. Eileen was tired of the bullshit. Where’s there is smoke there is fire

    @Crickets444 ‏@Crickets444 10h10 hours ago
    @joeeg315 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna MR EDs truth is what she conjured up in her tiny mind.

    @Crickets444 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna Mr Ed was a horse

    Reply to @joeeg315 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna

    @Crickets444 ‏@Crickets444 6m6 minutes ago
    @joeeg315 @eileen_davidson @iSimbabe @lisarinna I know. We use ED as initials. Since she is horsey we call her Mr. ED.

    Eileen is having a meltdown it seems as are her fans.

  24. Lisa Vanderpump’s eyes are wide open.

    @LisaVanderpump How soon after filming started did you sense this new attempt at a take down was underway? I say Hamptons.

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 52m52 minutes ago
    I didn’t realize until a few weeks before Dubai..I suppose you are right tho

    I say Hampton’s too. Thanks to Kyle.

      1. Oh, sorry, 3D’s. That was the original poster who tweeted that last line. . LVP did reply to it with I suppose you are right tho.

  25. CrackRockHeavy ‏@CrackRockHeavy Apr 22
    @LisaVanderpump btw…please wear white pants next season…I think shade was being thrown at you by everyone showing up in pink~

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 23h23 hours ago
    @CrackRockHeavy yes they tried that before in all the confessionals.i wore green lol

    BlockedbyEileenD ‏@BlockedbyEileen 18h18 hours ago
    @LisaVanderpump How soon after filming started did you sense this new attempt at a take down was underway? I say Hamptons.

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 12h12 hours ago
    @BlockedbyEileen I didn’t realize until a few weeks before Dubai..I suppose you are right tho

  26. @KenToddBH @PandoraVT @LisaVanderpump It makes you look really gay! Be a man! Also have sex with your wife, she is horny all the time.

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 18h18 hours ago
    as if you would know.

    (Ken told him to fuck off. in CAPS).

    The same tweeter since deleted his tweet but he also said Giggy was ugly and should be ground up into meat.

    The tweeter said he is a personal friend of Soapy and the Town Drunk.

    In the picture above Kyle, with her eyes closed and hands folded, looks like she is praying. Probably thinking “please, please, please don’t tell Lisa my part in this”.

    Poor LVP. Anybody catch the clip where Brandi was shown and Lisa asked why Andy was giving her a platform. Lisa knows Brandi will be going for her jugular. The abuse will never end.

    1. I saw that in the previews. I wonder if LVP asks the same question about Kim being given a platform.

      Quite frankly, I don’t understand how anyone can bear to work with someone that they can’t stand? I don’t know how they can sit on the same couch. It’s not like they are professionals, they’re on a reality show. Is it really worth it? I guess it must be or they wouldn’t be there.

  27. Copied from another site. LVP does have a real sense of humour

    Someone designed a cute LisaV pillow for her and said..

    Off to @PumpRestaurant for brunch and deliver the custom @LisaVanderpump we designed for her!

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 55m55 minutes ago
    oh no I am not there..I was there last night just leaving stables now.
    @LisaVanderpump people seem to think that you make people say and do things! I’m saying I see the BS that people do to you and back u

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 54m54 minutes ago
    I wish I could make people do things lol…
    @LisaVanderpump Do u know who made up those nicknames … So funny !

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 54m54 minutes ago
    I take responsibility for soapy and sudsy names.

  28. Soapy’s fans are delusional and full of Soapy kool-aid. I removed the tweeters names to make it easier to follow. I’m surprised Soapy hasn’t blocked a couple of the tweeters.

    Move on to your new talk show @lisarinna & flap your lips there–you’re not wanted on RHOBH…& your buddy @eileen_davidson needs to go too

    @lisarinna @eileen_davidson Many of us love Eileen she brings class to the show and is a fresh breath of honesty

    @lisarinna @eileen_davidson Sorry but her manipulation isn’t classy. Also, “affair”. How is that classy or honest?!

    @lisarinna @eileen_davidson I think that is immaterial. On the show she has behaved like a reasonable & objective adult.

    @lisarinna @eileen_davidson I disagree. It’s not reasonable behavior 2 keep asking for an apology after it’s given

  29. Skeptic, Three Ds and Aunt Bee, it’s so ironic because I am a copy editor for a living — I almost always make it a point to edit down my paragraphs, especially if they are long, and that day I was especially aggravated because it seemed like my husband kept asking me to do something or look at something on tv right when I was trying to do something online….argh…I enjoy “chatting” with you guys. Eileen and Rinna seem like they belong on another planet.

    1. Mousie, I know you are a book editor so knew it was just an aberration as we all do. We don’t have the grammar spelling police here or my posts would have to be corrected every time! I am typing on my iPad with one of the silly pens now and keep missing out letters! Xxoo

    2. OMG, Mousie, my husband does the same thing. I will be in the middle of something online and he’ll ask me to google this or watch that on TV. It’s a man thing lol.

      1. Skeptic, I hope there is no bad feeling about my original post. It’s just I know what Mousie is like and her job so knew it was one of those things we often do as commenters.

      2. Mine does it all the time. I feel like I am the reference library. He wants immediate gratification of his questions too. Sometimes I am reading a book on my Kindle app…not surfing the web, but he just asks away.
        Skeptic, I just wondered, do you use your name, Skeptic, at other housewife sites. I imagine it may or may not be used by others who are not you. My name, Sandy and even Sandra has been used by oters, then I changed it to have Real in front of it. 😉

        1. No, this is the only site I visit. I don’t watch any of the other Housewife shows, only Beverly Hills. I won’t watch this one if Lady Lisa leaves.

          1. This is the only one worth commenting on for me. Most everyone is pleasant, even if we don’t always agree. I am down to BH and NY…not sure about OC yet, but probably not. It was never a fave of mine. I do like the Million Dollar Realty shows and even Below Deck. I love the nice homes and the scenery. 😉

            1. Never watched any of the others except Atlanta, once. Ugh. Watched RHOP once, again, UGH. Karen and Clarice (?) were awful. RHOBH is my guilty pleasure but if LVP goes so do I.

          2. I would stop watching BH if Lisa V left too
            I just replied to you before this and my comment went in moderation….typed my email address wrong.

    3. I enjoy anything you want to talk about Mousie. And I totally agree about the soap stars. No need to explain yourself to me. I remember those busy days and how it can be.

  30. I was wondering if you guys remember a seemingly scene that ran closer to the beginning of the season — Eileen and Vincent were out to eat somewhere, and evidently that day they had had words in the morning because Eileen had arranged child care for their son Jessie and at some point Vinnie was supposed to pick him up or something and instead went to the beach – Eileen said to Vinnie, “Sorry I was a bitch to you this morning, it’s just that blah blah arrangements with child care and your decision affects others blah blah — JUST SAY YOU’RE SORRY SO IT WON”T BE WEIRD” and Vinnie’s like, “No, it’s because you’re stupid, and don’t attack me and come at me especially with anything stressful until at least 9 a.m.” Remember? Not only does he not apologize, he calls Eileen stupid. Seems to me maybe Eileen is projecting THAT frustration onto Lisa V? It seems abnormal to “qualify” an apology like she has found something wrong with all of the ways in which Lisa V has tried to apologize so far, whether it was the word choice or what, hello when someone apologizes, usually the person who hears it doesn’t tell the person who is apologizing how say it, what to apologize for, how to word it, etc. STRANGE.

    1. OMG YES, I do remember that and I believe Vinny also said he didn’t want any negativity before 9 am. I think that was the same scene.

      1. OOPS only read 1/2 of your post before I posted the negativity bit lol. Yes Vinny called her stupid AND an idiot. Well there is a marriage made in homewrecker heaven. Soapy, not sure if you have heard this tidbit but I will tell youS: “If he cheats WITH you he will cheat ON you”. Put that in your pipe and snarl.

  31. I will shamelessly admit I cut and copied this post from another site just because it was so awesome. Please enjoy (I did not post this but wish I had).

    Haven’t posted in years, but this Lipsa and Meanleen are aggravating. On instagram, LR posted in her comments sections the her haters were fat hoarders with 50 cats. Look soapy/sudsy I only have 1 cat and I can’t waste my time on hating you, takes too much effort.
    My take on the situation, LR is one of those people, we all know someone like this, that listen (give the total appearance of active listening with eye contact and nodding) and it goes through some kinda of pudding/warped/colander filter in their brain and comes out twisted.
    Example, LVP: You shouldn’t bring Kyle into this
    LR: (hears what LVP said and it goes through brain filter, beep beep boop boop, old computer noises from sci-fi computer) LVP told me to bring Kyle in and then claim LVP manipulated me and then tell Eileen, who is mad at LVP for conversation in the Hamptons, and then blow it all out of proportion and then backtrack and then play the victim and then ruin a once in a lifetime trip to Dubai (cause you know she could never afford this).
    The S and S show is exhausting. They are putting too much time, angst, and effort on a couple of sentences from months ago. Move on already.

  32. I can’t stand Yo, Erika, ED, or LR. They have completely ruined this show. Team LVP, Kathryn, & Kyle all the way. Kim looked really good & seemed in a good place. I hope they bring back Joyce. We watch the show for fabulous dinners, decorating, parties, vacations, & real friendships, etc. Not constant BS.

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