Preview Part 2 of the RHOBH Reunion


In this preview for part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the drama continues. Lisa Rinna continues to accuse Lisa Vanderpump of bringing up the Munchausen word, which upsets Yolanda Hadid, Kim Richards returns to share her story about her arrest and reunite with the ladies and Eileen Davidson will confront Lisa Vanderpump over their issues throughout the season.

“You talk around and around it just makes me so f*cking crazy, I have to walk away for a second,” Lisa Rinna says to Lisa Vanderpump as she gets up from her seat to walk off the stage.

“It’s not your business!” Yolanda Hadid yells at her cast mates.

Kim admits to Andy Cohen that her low point wasn’t her arrest for shoplifting, but that it was the moment she took the first drink and released. She told Cohen that she does believe she is a hard person to love. Kyle tells her sister that she may not always like her but that she has always loved her.

An emotional Vanderpump says, “I’m sorry you find me so manipulative.”

“You’re completely missing the point,” Eileen responds. “I don’t trust you.”

Watch the clip below.

Kim Richards returns to discuss her addiction and her arrest. First, she talks about her problems with Lisa Rinna. Yolanda asks Rinna why she hasn’t been sensitive to Kim’s issues if she lost her sister to addiction.

“Because maybe I’m human,” Rinna says. “That was then and this is now. I’m moving forward so if you can accept that, that is all I can give you.”

Eileen defends Rinna for her feelings and says that Lisa has a right to feel that way based on Kim’s behavior at poker night last year at Eileen’s house.

“When Lisa gets upset and she says something, I see you jump in and…” Kim tells Eileen.

“That’s not true,” Davidson insists.

“Yes it is, I’ve seen it,” Kim continues. “You over exaggerate. This isn’t a soap opera. This is reality.”

Watch the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo