Preview Manzo’d With Children: Premieres October 9th On Bravo


Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo and her family are back in their new series Manzo’d With Children on Bravo. The show premieres October 9th on Bravo, and we’ve got the first preview! Since leaving RHONJ, Caroline has been focusing on her family and the arrival of her children to live back at home with her and Al.

From Bravo:

“In an effort to be responsible and save up for a new apartment, Albie and Chris have made their way back to Franklin Lakes and even though Lauren is now engaged, she still hasn’t left chez Manzo. Albie brings his new girlfriend along for the ride and the two encounter more than just a few bumps in the road when trying to win over the rest of the Manzo clan.

In addition to planning the wedding of the century, Lauren is also trying to expand her beauty bar business and she refuses to let her brothers cramp her style. Chris just can’t seem to stay out of sticky situations, especially when the whole family decides to take a trip to the heart of Texas.

When it all gets to be too much for Caroline, sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita is just around the corner to offer her advice. Meanwhile, husband, Al Sr., has no tolerance for all these shenanigans, as he’d rather focus on his upcoming 30th wedding anniversary to the woman who brings everyone together.”

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25 Replies to “Preview Manzo’d With Children: Premieres October 9th On Bravo”

  1. What a sham! this family is all bullshit Carolyn with her fake husband that is never home (can’t blame him, his too busy with his girlfriend) and wedding of WHAT no one care’s that your weird ass daughter is getting married crazy Lauren that doesn’t want to do the hard work to loose weight give me a break this lot is a sham full of shit family!!!

  2. I don’t watch RHNJ anymore because it got so low class. I’ve always liked the Manzo’s (except for Dina) so I wlll give this show a try.
    PS: sorry Lia – you and I usually agree on a lot of things but I’ve always liked Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy.

  3. Liked Teresa at first–then she was exposed for fraud and also how she treated her sister in law Melissa….
    Liked Dina at first until she betrayed her family….
    Liked Melissa at first, thinking she was so mistreated by Teresa–then she was exposed for all her antics and fake lifestyle and sleeY comment , “we pay our bills” just to jab at Teresa, when in fact, the. Gorgas are ripping people off left and right…
    Liked Jaco at first for exposing the hypocrisy of the Guidices, until it was reported she herself is in hot water with their fraud schemes..
    STILL like Carolyn–always put herself out there as real and owns up to stuff…

  4. In order of appearance can’t stand Melissa, Carolyn, Joe Gorga, Jac (phony).
    Will probably watch the first show because I’m nosy. Dislike Albie so full of himself and shit.
    The daughter so spoiled and brainless.
    I mean if my boys started throwing ham at each other, they wouldn’t eat for a week. They never
    heard of a ball. This show won’t last a month, because most people can’t stand Carolyn.
    Hey, Aunt Bee I thought we agreed.

    1. Speak for yourself (regarding Carolyn)–know it’s your opinion and yes you are entitled to it. Bravo would not have given Carolyn her own show if she didn’t have a lot of followers/fans.

    2. Sorry Ann. I do agree with you on most things but not on Caroline and her immediate family. I always liked Caroline. Thought she was the one voice of reason.

  5. That’s a load of poo poo ca ca, the reason the so called boys are moving back in is because Bravo
    made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and Mama Manzo can be very persuasive.
    Not one of them has ever held a job except for Chris and that was for Daddy. But, at least he
    worked. It seems that he is the only one with gumption. But yet he seems to be the one to get
    the least attention. Caroline is probably trying to work a deal to get them to pay for Laurens
    wedding if she has not already.

    1. Ann, haha I am with you all the way on this!!!..I have never liked Caroline(just realised I have been spelling her name wrong) she preaches at people and her opinion is the only one she care about, her marriage to Albert is a sham he hasn’t lived at home with his family his been with his girlfriend and if Caroline thinks being a doormat is cool good for her, those children are spoilt and stupid, they don’t work because there crazy mum let’s them be bums and they got a show but I am with Ann there won’t be another season LETS HOPE NOT!!!

        1. My guess is there’s a lot you may not know. Bravo keeps all but the Guidices’ business secret. The truth is out there… about Al’s girlfriend, his father’s ties to the mob, Al scamming the state of NJ and NJ taxpayers who subsequently paid for his and his family’s ill-gotten medical and other benefits. That’s a start. Caroline’s book did not do well. Her stint on Sirius radio was a bust. What really bothers me is she hypocritically judges other’s “stuff” when not only does she have her own “stuff,” but some of it is identical to that of which she harshly judges other’s.

  6. This looks too scripted and that family is unlikable. With the season five finale in mind & with all the articles in the press last year about Albert’s mistress I was hoping season six would be about Caroline’s marriage infidelity + Caroline & Penny teaming up to expose Teresa. It would draw more viewers to the show and actually make Caroline’s character seem interesting. The girl has been out of the scene for a full year. Giving her a spinoff at this point in time is silly. Bravo would be better bringing her back for season seven then airing the spinoff at the same time she is on housewives. I still don’t know what the point of season six is. The new girls suck, dina was the worst person ever on the franchise to bring back, melissa & teresa suddenly being bffs is so fake and giving the major felon the sympathy edit is just so wrong.

  7. Amen Old Dog. But the one that is really scripted we have yet to see is Manzoid needs Freud.
    And One Egg like Caroline all you want. But what I was trying to get across was that without
    the clan moving back, there would be no show. What are they going to do? Film Caroline and
    call it Home Alone. Guess the restaurant isn’t doing so hot or maybe no longer.
    Lia I agree with you that you agree with me. See how agreeable I can be.

  8. Hey Aunt Bee I posted the poo poo ca ca before you and rotten egg. I don’t know how all of a
    sudden the 2 of you were put between it, as I followed myself before the 2 of you were on. So
    to you both I was not pooing either of you. But saying that they moved back because of an
    OK Aunt Bee I think what Lia is talking about is that Caroline wrote a book and it was all over the
    place that she didn’t care if the hubby had affairs. Also Albie on at least one of the shows
    mentions that the father was never there when they were growing. And I’ll throw in another
    also there is an apartment above the Brownstone. In fact that is where the Manzos lived when
    first married. Put 6 and 3 together and you’ll get 10. I don’t know why you would want to do that
    but you will.

  9. Will NOT be watching this show. I predict the Manzo show will be get lowest ratings for the BRAVO franchise. I don’t know why Andy thinks they have such a fan-base. Doesn’t he read any of the blogs, to get feedback?

  10. I wouldn’t waste a dime on buying the book. If you really want to read it, try the library.

    I’m with you Teresa every single word of it.

  11. You know what I had thought that this was an open forum for people to discuss and enjoy and
    have fun. Just to get it off with different things. But the minute the Cancer word was brought up
    there it was.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  12. This horrible woman and her horrible family of moochers will tank for sure—caroline is an opinionated idiot, her husband sleeps around and her “children” nearly 30 years of age have never held down a JOB that mommy & daddy didn’t provide—–bravo is desperate for viewership since viewer’s have gotten fed up with the garbage that the HW’s turned out to be——but note to missandy, this show will not save bravo and neither will the other dozen or so stupid “shows” bravo has come up with…….
    caroline, & her fat daugher (10lbs. of flour in a 5 lb sack) are mean, entitled, stupid (girls).
    BTW, the flour sack comment is from caroline’s own mouth…….

  13. Look, it’s the mug shot for “thick as thieves”, wasn’t big al in trouble with the law, and wasn’t he caught with his mistress, and how come those “children” don’t have JOBS??? this show is nothing more than MISERY, remind me when it’s on, because that is the time I need to clean my toilets………..

  14. Mommy I’m fat, I can’t live with myself, I am miserable, I want “lap band surgery” like daddy, (caroline says, mommy to the rescue, and pays for the surgery as well as paying for everything for her 3 grown children sucking at the teet…..
    Sorry, but this family and show is ridiculous—won’t be watching at all—they make me want to hurlllll………….

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