Preview! Joe Giudice & Joe Gorga Fist Fight After Teresa’s Brother Calls Her Scum!


One of the most anticipated scenes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming. Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga’s feud gets physical. In the previews for the next episode of RHONJ, the Giudice, Gorga and Wakile families go on a retreat to try and mend their broken relationships. In the preview, Teresa and Joe Gorga are arguing and Teresa tells her brother “blood is thicker than water.” Gorga responds by calling his sister “scum,” and saying he won’t stick by her after the things she has done to hurt his family. When Joe Giudice learns Gorga called Teresa scum, things get physical…

Watch below!

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12 Replies to “Preview! Joe Giudice & Joe Gorga Fist Fight After Teresa’s Brother Calls Her Scum!”

  1. Pathetic and tragic. It is unbelievable how Bravo TV thinks nothing of perpetuating this family feud and its destructive consequences. Have Andy Cohen and Bravo TV ever heard of Karma?

  2. Another RHO fan… not sure why you blame Bravo when you put these adults in the room and they tear each other apart like crazy people what does the network have to do with that. THey make money off of the fact that these people cannot act like adults. WHether it is scripted or not why would these people want to put out real or fake to the world. You would never find me or my family airing our dirty laundry on tv there is not enough money to get mature, smart, respectful people with character to ever put that stuff out there. They chose their path now they have to live with it OH well just proves fame and money always win over maturity and respect.

  3. Andy Cohen loves money. These fights help ratings for some reason. Better ratings mean more money. Ethics be dammed.

  4. This is disgusting. Wasn’t he supposedly so upset that Joe Giudice called Teresa a c$%T? I guess he thinks it is OK that Gia hears him calling her mother “garbage”, and now “scum”. I am sure Gia watches, or at least kids in school tell her. What makes him think he is any better than Joe Giudice?

    Joe Gorga is really pathetic.

  5. Oh now Melissa want’s Teresa to help be involved with her brother. Also Joe Gorga needs to apologize for what he has said to his sister he is not setting a good example for his children. And Teresa too they both are wrong but jeez im glad Gorga got his ass beat

  6. All of you are hysterical. THey choose they way they want to behave in front of the camera. If Andy Cohen told them to beat the crap out of each other for ratings who in their right mind would do it? Not me. They do what they do because all of them need serious therapy. Their thoughts of Italians dont do therapy is ridiculous. People who want to better their lives and learn about their problems and try to fix them are the one’s who become better people or most of them anyway. These people are just a lost cause but it does make for good tv because we are all watching it huh. How does MJ know what happens in the fight? Did you see something we all did not? I think Jow Gorga can hold his own. And all of you who are Juicy fans, the man is a disgrace the way he treats his kids telling them to shut up get the hell out of here…. I have never heard that from my father. Also calling your wife the C word and treating her like crap. If that happens in the Gorga household at least they are smart enough not to do it front of the camera. The Giudice family is a very very sick household.

  7. I agree Melodie. And let’s be honest – their family dynamics are fascinating. I admit I love watching this. It is very entertaining. They are rich, petty, jealous, untalented and dysfunctional. It makes for great TV. That’s why the show is a hit.

  8. I just have to say it…… If there is ANYONE WHO THINKS JOE GIUDICE IS NOT A MORON you need therapy. THe man says Autism is not a bad disease…. I think now we have heard it all and understand why Teresa is the way she is. Both of them need help deep help.

  9. Thanks for keeping us Canadians in the loop. We can’t even watch the preview episodes here. Can someone give the low down what is so awful in the “unexpected nastiness” clip?! Thanks ps: I really don’t understand how Theresa is taking the blame for her SIL being a Ho. She was a dancer which is like, a stripper who keeps her thong on, (I am not totally sure on that one)??? And Theresa wanted to confront that doucher but was told to let it go. Anyways, I love this blog keep it coming !!!

  10. That fight is just like the fights on Jerry Springer… All wrestling no punching. Thus, completely fake and staged. Every real fight involves one or both people trying to land a punch to the face. I’ll bet my paycheck neither one lands a face shot. They will probably swing punches as they as being pulled away, lol. You all complain about their filth/trash/whatever but you’re buying the product they are selling.

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