Preview: Giudices Plead Guilty To Fraud Charges On RHONJ


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe Giudice head back to court and shock everyone by pleading guilty to some of the fraud charges they were indicted on.

“Teresa and Giuseppe Giudice both admitted to a federal judge that they committed mortgage and bankruptcy fraud,” a spokesperson reveals, adding a statement that Teresa that says: “Today, I took responsibility for a series of mistakes I made several years ago. I have said throughout that I respect the legal process and thus I intend to address the Court directly at sentencing. I will describe the choices I made, continue to take responsibility for my decisions, and express my remorse to Judge Salas and the public. I am heartbroken that this is affecting my family, especially my four young daughters, who mean more to me than anything in the world. Beyond this, I do not intend to speak specifically about the case outside of court, at the recommendation of my attorney and out of deference to the Government and our legal system.”

Teresa turns to prayer, reading scriptures and saying, “Please, God, I really need protection right now. Joe and I and the girls. Please protect our family.”

“When you get married, one of the vows is through good times and bad. Through sickness and health, until death do you part,” Teresa says in her interview. “So we are going through rough times. And we are going to make it through.”

“Before this happened, I knew nothing about our legal system,” Teresa admits. “But if anything, through all of this, it has made Joe and I stronger. I know who Joe and I are, we’re good people, and in my heart and in my soul I will make sure that this is right… whatever right means.”

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  1. I have to say I believe Teresa come on we all know she may be a very strong woman but smart ahhh not so much…I understand people’s frustration they look like they have a good life but I believe most of it has been through hard work and some good luck (Bravo) I don’t think for a minute that this has just been a little hiccup in her life…I see the stress in her face and Joe’s they have made a mistake and do I think they would do it again NO and I have to say there are many people who have made mistakes and would do them all over again (Apollo) if they thought they could get away with it, I don’t believe that if given a second chance they would ever put their family in this position again…I really hope they are given a second chance!!!

    1. I really don’t believe Teresa back then knew nothing of what was going on. But maybe she did. It just seems she has grown so much since the show . I can imagine myself not knowing back then what was going on. I know a lot of ppl don’t think that. But I can say if I was young and married to show I wouldn’t know anything illegal going on. I’m talking how Teresa was. Being married to joe and young and probably had never had to worry about things. But she has grown a lot. And I’m proud of her. She is taking responsibility. I hope she understands all of it. I don’t. But if somebody has it out to get ppl, usually they can. I sure feel for them, especially Teresa and the girls. Watched the show forever. I always liked Teresa. Even at her worse. And I think Melissa was just as Teresa always said. Been there myself. Really nice until they get in the family then takes away son, brother or whoever. And they have to uphold their wife or bad problems. So glad Caroline is gone. That bunch bothered me. I did not need that ole Jac to come back. I am so sure Jac could be in trouble too as much as Teresa and joe. Jac needs the money to get more surgery and drink wine. Makes me sick. Now her n Melissa can be called horse faces. And if we read all these ppl have a lot to hide.

    2. I would like to know who joe was talking to in the vineyard. Teresa was marking her territory I guess. I would have bit him and made him go explain the truth to all the others instead of trying to have sex and crawling up his legs and stuff. I hope he has grown. Who would want him? Especially after that phone call in the vineyard. Caroline should know. I do not care for Rosie or Richie or kathie either

      1. Same question was asked during the reunion episode–Joe’s comment was his rehearsed “employee” they replayed the scene where he called his wife a cu$t, and started moaning on the phone.

      2. Teresa I do remember the phone call in the vineyard and that groan YUK! yes and the cu next Tuesday comment he would have a better chance of getting shot in the leg than me crawling up his leg!!!

        1. Lol. I know. Rem they said Teresa had her legs wrapped around him trying to make him have sex with her. Her brother and the whole bunch was there. I would not do that. That’s one reason I give her credit for being nieve.

    3. Oh I do too. It really shows on her a lot and she even acts different, I just always thought she was not too smart. And couldn’t still can’t understand when joe did that why she acted like she did instead of just making him leave. He gonna be in jail anyway. But I know when he got off that phone it showed them far off and I think she was doing what they said. Sounds not too smart to me.

      1. I don’t think Teresa G is as dumb as she appears–perhaps because she gets advice on what to say and do.

        Ex: when Joe G was on the phone and groaning, Teresa went to him and asked who he was talking to out of habit. Then realizing cameras catching whole incident, she decides to put up front by taking Joe off to vineyard and trying to have sex so it appears as if they have a happy marriage.

        She is asking sure she s getting sympathy votes by having camera time praying, and talking a lot about her little girls, remind the public she has those girls so she gets lighter or no jail time. Teresa may have been stupid to follow Joe’s frauds, but she is smart business woman–look at how much she gets paid, how she brands, and strategic she is with photo op and “public statements”

        1. ITA with you. I truly believe she is told or at least encourage to say stupid things or mess up words or say really snotty over the top stuff. This is what Bravo like MTV & like Style network now Esquire pays these “reality show stars” to do. At least in part.

        2. Well that gets me too. Not supposed to just start praying and talking to God for attention or just in trouble. Supposed to do that all the time. That would scare me to use God that way. But, what are you all laughing about? Lol. I can’t find it. And I’m looking. Is it me or who? I need to laugh too.

    4. I do not know if Facebook has anything to do with me getting to talk to you all, but I had my Facebook closed cause of ppl that live around me and ppl I didn’t want in my business. Hope it don’t stop my getting to chat with you all. I enjoy it wheather we agree or not.

      1. Teresa I am still getting your posts thank goodness because my day would not be the same without you…I love your posts!!!

        1. I’m glad u like my post. I like you. But I don’t know why you like them but I just put how I feel. I like yours too. I guess I may not get stuff but I do like Teresa.i think cause her brother joe turned on her with Melissa. I had a problem just like that. The girl loved all us until the marriage and then, he or her don’t come around.

    5. Too true Lia. You can see the strain on both of their faces. Poor Teresa looks like she’s not sleeping at all! As much as she loves her family you know it has to be weighing on her mind about what’s going to happen. I think they’re going a little too far to think about deporting Joe. Maybe they should stop worrying about getting Joe out of the country and worry about the ones that SHOULD be deported…like the guys responsible for the Boston marathon bombing. I don’t think Joe has done anything to deserve kicking him out of the country.

      1. I do not know what else to say. Worse people than Joe shoul be sent out of this country. Dangerous people should go back where they belong. But Joe and Teresa are not dangerous . They commited a crime. I like them from tv, that is all I know about them. Teresa is working hard and has changed. I see it in her eyes, smile and over all she is trying to keep up with everything they do and work hard. She has learned something. Gia has always worried about her parents plus no telling what she goes through at school. Maybe Joe and Teresa have learned a few things unlike that idiot Apollo on ATL. Teresa is really paying. All the bickering is nonsense now. They have a fine family. Hope things work out.

      2. You are absolutely right. I read somewhere that he came over here when he was only 2 years old.
        I’m guessing the parents never thought of it. No reason to deport him. There are so many others
        that have done worse than him.

  2. Isn’t that what criminals do – find God? Now Teresa feels sorry for her daughters? Why didn’t she care when they were stealing other people’s money? I have no sympathy at all. The fact that they still have their home and continue to take money without paying their debtor back is crazy!

    1. I agree with you 100 % I am Canadian and it blows my mind that your prisons are full of dime bag dealers and these two are walking around free as birds !!! and I have a feeling they are going to get slapped on the wrist……
      I can not believe they haven’t had to pay their debts back and are still in their monstrosity of a house !!!!
      their debts were outrageous
      makes me very sad and tells me your legal system is crap absolute crap the more money and fame you have the easier you get off sad sad sad sad

      1. If it’s true. She makes enough from the housewives to live from. I guess joe should get paid as much as he is on. But looks like they live really good.

      2. chelsy I am not trying to argue with you but I thought they paid all they owed?? and where I come from we tend to give first timers a second chance now if they blow that then we tend to lock them away…I think they were a bit naive and lesson learned from both of them I think??

        1. I think Teresa may have learned some things but joe is sneaky I think. Does he look worried to you? Men don’t show it like women I guess but it don’t show on him like Teresa. I just don’t know about the system. Rite now I’m mad at it for not doing what it should. But Apollo surely should be locked up. It don’t show on him either. Pheadra it does.

  3. As much as I do not at all agree with what they have done I believe this had to happen to them. Everything happens for a reason. They have now been forced to eat a big piece of HUMBLE PIE. Prior to this I felt them very selfish, & I could not stand Teresa. I feel this has made them more human & likeable. Not the Criminal act but the effects on them due to it. The Powers that be work in mysterious ways.

  4. I do agree with what Lia said. They have learned you don’t borrow from Paul to pay Peter.
    That would make Peter mad. And there is nothing worse than a sore Peter.

  5. I have no sympathy for them-they are criminals. Trying to keep up with their wealthy friends and so materialistic that they were willing to commit fraud. Meanwhile, there are hardworking people like us making an honest living and living within our means.

  6. I still fee as ifTeresaacts like this “happened to her” instead of that we ndje did the crimes. That is what bothers me te mst. Ikesome sickness attacker her poor innocent family and all of the f nnsshouldfegl sorty for her and Joe and the poor (wait for it…) children!! Whenal alongJoe ad Teresa stole, lie and cheated people out of MILLONS. And they did this over a period of YEARS. It wasn’t some accident, it was an INTEMTONAL thought out, PLANNED SCHEME to STEAL and DEFRAUD others so they could live the high life without putting in the hard work like everyone else. And they didn’t give a crap about the kids of the people they defrauded when the did it did they? They are selfish greedy uriminals who have taught their darling darters th tif you want it- steal it.

    1. Yes now I see that. She does act like they were innocent and it just popped up. But it’s gotta have some ratings for the show. Lol

    1. I can’t help it, I like Teresa. And always have. But, gosh I feel the same. Wish they would get this over with. Tired of on n on. And, besides I’m getting aggravated anyway. Tamra said they needed her to keep stirring up trouble to get high ratings. And bravo covered for Caroline to keep her husbands mistress hid. Makes me aggravated.

  7. I see all the points that everyone is saying. But, I still like Teresa. It’s true sometimes we have to be brought down. I guess I think Teresa didn’t know what was going on because to me their mess is complicated. Everyone has their own feelings and I have mine. I’m glad I found this to read. I’ve learned more about these shows I’ve watched for years and nobody around here watches but me.

  8. Teresa I looked up my name on just my name. And I am very interesting. I have various parents
    that I have never met. My siblings are in abundance. My maiden name is even more interesting
    as I have married many ethnic groups.
    I have succeeded in so many fields. There are many accolades about me in both my maiden
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    misdemeanors to felonies.
    As far as my employment registers. I have never been. And then there is the executive secretary
    to life guard. Also, I have written a cookbook. And the thing is Teresa my name is Incognito.

    1. That is interesting. I have been looking up mine too. But I didn’t find out all that stuff. Found out lots of ppl with my name. What about that? Bet your happy to know a all that. How did you do it? I just looked up my name. But how did you find all that?

  9. Oh Teresa, Teresa I can’t stop laughing. That is the funniest of the funny. I think I will laugh the
    rest of my life when I think of it. Teresa that was written tongue in cheek.

      1. What are you all laughing at? Did I miss something? Lol. If it’s me tell me exactly what it is please. So I can laugh too. Or somebody else?

        1. Teresa, Ann was having a joke about the facebook and all her fabulous accolades she has a very dry sooo funny sense of humor and you posted back thinking she was serious and you are just so funny love it!!!

          1. Well what can I say? Lol. I guess I did think she was serious. Lol. I have been working on my Facebook since yesterday. Lol. No telling who I answer half the time. But I try to keep up with you. Cause I like you and then I see something somewhere that surprises me such as heather debrow.

    1. Lol. I’m glad your laughing. It feels good to laugh. If you all been in the problems I have you know how important laughing is. And I love it. Makes me happy for you. Lol

  10. Teresa I was just trying to comment on how common a name is and how in todays society and
    the social media that it is very difficult to be private about your life. Teresa just enter your name on
    google and you will see what I mean. And then hon I think that you will have a good laugh also.
    Take care.

    1. Ty ann. But it don’t have my picture on mine. I looked it up and it has a woman with a lizard on her head . Lol. She is at the beach and younger than me, smarter too I guess, think it said she’s a principle. That’s not me. Lol. Hey, ann I am glad u like me. I do enjoy you all laughing. That just makes me feel good to know I made u and lia laugh. I love it, makes me laugh too. Ty for not being one of those rude ppl that hurt new ppl feelings.

    2. It is true. Noway to be private anymore. Tells address and and all. Several have my name and my last name is an unusual name. When I married no one had ever heard of the name. It’s amazing.

  11. I sure would be afraid of going to prison. Joe has been arrested a few times I guess. That would scare me. But prison would scare me bad. I do hope they especially Teresa gets a second chance. Maybe she will keep on keeping ever down documented. That’s handy when it’s important enough to keep out of trouble. I would say the oldest child Gia is very upset she seems worried. Plus kids at school have to repeat what parents have said. I see what Teresa means about the lil one that runs her mouth all the time. Lol. She is full of meanace. I just learned a couple weeks ago Dina is married to Caroline’s husbands brother. And known as Caroline’s husband for cheating. I read on here where Dina’s husband tommy has had a few mistresses just like Caroline’s husband, Al. Wish I knew why Dina don’t associate with Caroline or horse face Jac. Can’t wait until it comes out. Danielle knows. Caroline treated Danielle like she is scum. Danielle does love her kids but for along time Danielle wanted Caroline to like her. Who was Danielle’s friend first in that bunch, cause she kept hugging ole Jac. Rem? I rem that’s when Caroline made that ugly face between crying and laughing. Have you all looked at Caroline’s page? She has that devil look and is shooting birds at somebody. Ughhh. She is ugly. I noticed trashy tamra and Dina wore same hair doos. Straight with the top pinned bk and down. I myself like Dina. Teresa does too. That’s dirty bringing Jac back after Dina came bk. Dina may have some stuff for the show if they gave her a chance. So far nothing.

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