Porsha Williams’ WWHL Interview With Andy Cohen


After part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired, Porsha Williams sat down with Andy Cohen for a one-on-one interview about the fight that happened between her and Kenya Moore at the reunion taping.

First, Andy asks Porsha if she re-watched the reunion. “I did,” Porsha says. “I watched it the night it came out when everybody else did, and it was hard to watch. I felt those emotions all over again. It was horrible.”

“I spoke to Phaedra the next day,” Porsha responds when asked if she had spoken to any of her cast mates since the incident. “And I spoke to NeNe a couple of times and Kandi. I haven’t spoke to Cynthia at all.”

Porsha continues, “These girls know me at this point. I’ve been their friend for two years straight. So for them to see me act completely out of character and let Kenya win like that, because that’s the main thing, I was sorry it had to reach that point, I was sorry that was my reaction, but more I’m sorry that I gave her the power to make me go and do something like that.”

Andy asks Porsha if there were no props at the reunion, would have gotten physical. “No,” Porsha insists. “Absolutely not. I feel like we are all grown women and we can fight with our words. It was the fact that the props were there. I saw that she had the Scepter when I sat down. It wasn’t until she began to reach toward me with it that it went to another level.”

“Honestly Andy I didn’t know what to do to get her to realize it was escalating,” Porsha says when Andy mentioned she was throwing insults at Kenya too. “I mean do I have to have smoke coming out of my ears or my face to turn green? I don’t know, I just wanted her to know that you need to stop with the bullhorn, because it’s going to the next level.”

Andy tells Porsha he regrets not taking the bullhorn away from Kenya, and apologizes for not doing it sooner.

“I feel like Kenya and I will get to a level where we can apologize to each other,” Porsha says when asked if she had apologized to Kenya for getting physical. “I think there’s been so much disrespect, so much hatred towards me that has caused it to go to this level.”

Andy asks Porsha what she would say to Kenya if she was sitting there, and Porsha replied, “She needs to take a good hard look in the mirror at herself and she needs to acknowledge her intentions that day. I can accept an apology and I can give one and honestly, I can move on. I was ready to move on right then, but the next couple of days I found out she pressed charges and I was going to have to hire an attorney, now it’s completely out of our hands. Now, I have to go jail. Sit in a prison with other inmates, pissy smelling, dirty, stand there get a mugshot, get fingerprinted… that will be there the rest of my life. So there’s no way I could sit down with her without her acknowledging the situation. She has to at least acknowledge she had ill will that day. I have acknowledged I shouldn’t have behaved that way, if she could do the same, maybe we could build one day.”

Next, Porsha talks about the day she turned herself in when she found out there was a warrant issued for her arrest. “It was the worst day of my life,” she tells Andy. “I’ve never done anything in my life that would end me up in jail and I would have to get a mugshot, so for me to be in there at that moment because of Kenya Moore, was literally the worst moment of my life.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo