Porsha Williams Terminated on The New Celebrity Apprentice

One week after seeing fellow housewife Kyle Richards get eliminated from The New Celebrity Apprentice, Porsha Williams was “terminated” this week.

For Porsha it was all love, with her tweeting:

Porsha even had a laugh about it with sending out a photo that apparently came from her own mother:

What did you think of Porsha’s time on The New Celebrity Apprentice? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Porsha Williams Terminated on The New Celebrity Apprentice”

  1. I was surprised. She is smarter than I thought after her role on Atlanta. The one who should have been terminated is that tall Lisa. She is so negative.

    1. I agree! Makes me think the ditzy, angry Porsha is played up on RHOA. Kyle is my girl so I was sad to see her go but surprisingly I liked Porsha too! It seemed very fitting that she sorta got the boot for talking too much! She has no problem cutting (or kicking) a b!+ch on rhoa but she couldn’t say who deserves to be fired?!
      As a huge sports fan I was excited to see Lisa Leslie but she has been awful! I was ready for her to go week 1. She is awesome on the court but not in the boardroom!

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