Porsha Williams Talks RHOA Demotion, Was Her NFL Boyfriend The Reason?


Despite rumors that she had a Sugar Daddy and was dating an African Prince, Porsha Williams was reportedly dating Philadelphia Eagles player LeSean McCoy while she was filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and her romance with the NFL player could be the reason for her demotion!

Although Williams won’t confirm her romance with McCoy she did discuss her demotion during a recent appearance on WWHL.

“What happened, I think, I was dating someone at the time, and of course, as part of the show when we sign up, it’s about showing who you date,” she explained. “He was playing football, and his coach told him that he didn’t want him to film until later in the season.”

“So unfortunately, I had filmed and shown some of my personal life, had told the producers that I would show him, but I couldn’t show him until the very, very end and by then it was a little too late,” Porsha added, clarifying that ‘too late’ meant producers had already chosen Claudia Jordan to be a full-time Housewife.

“They wanted a lot of the dating, and I totally get that because I’m coming from divorce,” she continued. “But I wanted them to film me performing ‘Flatline’ and my hair-line NAKED.”

“I found out towards the end but you know what? It actually was a little less stressful. I love being part of the Bravo family. As you see, it just gives me more time to sit in and read,” Williams added.

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6 Replies to “Porsha Williams Talks RHOA Demotion, Was Her NFL Boyfriend The Reason?”

    1. She IS ditsy, but has a good heart. She has more reason to be on that show than Kenya Moore-whore. At least she WAS married, and didn’t have to pay someone to be her man. I’d rather see someone who isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, than someone who delights in the pain and suffering in others.

      1. I was so disappointed in her when she was an hour late and didn’t even start with an apology. Also think she is a nice girl but the boob job didn’t impress me. What is she using for money since she got nothing from the X?

  1. I like Porshia. I do think she def isn’t the brightest though. This year she seems more materialistic and that’s all she cares about but……it is housewives.

  2. It’s her commentary like the one above which caused her to be booted–empty, shallow, and plain ignorant. Go catch a ride on that train you thought was underground.

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