Porsha Williams Talks Kandi Burruss Kiss, Says Kandi Is In Love With Her

On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the drama started when Porsha Williams insinuated that Kandi sometimes takes dips in the lady pond. The rumors spread from there, and Kandi was confronted with them on the glamping trip, she faced off with Porsha about it over lunch, revealed that Porsha kissed her, and then showed off the receipts of that hookup during the trip to Hawaii.

When Porsha appeared on WWHL Sunday night, she once again addressed the topic. “Well when we were at camp and the whole thing came up about the whole closet thing, I had said basically, talking about skeletons in the closet, I never said that Kandi was a lesbian,” she clarified. “Once Kandi found out that I said that, which was light shade, she took it and ran. And the first thing she did was tell the girls, ‘Porsha’s an aggressive lesbian,’ which I can care less ’cause I kissed you. I did it, whatever, it’s not a big deal, if i was a lesbian. But she kind of started running with that, running with the Block issue, just kind of doing it over and over, so once we got to the table all hell just broke loose.”

Williams continued, “I’m honestly done with it. For me, when we were at the club, that was nothing. It was three years ago, had a good time. But these girls don’t get over things easily when it comes to me. They like to hold grudges when it comes to me. As you can see they’ll sit up there [and] Kenya talked about Kandi’s mother’s wig. And Marlo talked about Kenya’s mother not wanting her. And they immediately turn around and apologize and it’s done. If I say anything, they hold it forever. So I’m done. I’m good.”

And Porsha has a theory about why the lesbian rumors got under Kandi’s skin. “It was just a kiss and nothing else,” she said. “She’s really like in love with me, I guess.”

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8 Replies to “Porsha Williams Talks Kandi Burruss Kiss, Says Kandi Is In Love With Her”

  1. “In love” ? Is this broad deluded? The only reason why you want to move on is because for once, you and the lie seeds you drop on air for news cycle coverage and show relevance have caught up with you and recklessly crossed over into legal territory! You are two inches away from getting your goose cooked via a lawsuit and you’re trying everything you can to deflect. Not working. If you get your just desserts for alleging that your cast mates are date druggers with with intentions to rape people on national television, it will be your own fault, and from the looks of it on urban blogs, Black Twitter and YouTube, the majority of viewers do NOT support Porsha’s heinous brand of pathology. Porsha Williams has 3 seasons of consistent, repeated behavior that shows she is the lowest form of sidewinding serpent- a woman who lies pathologically and attacks others solely for a storyline, and joins the ranks of Housewives like Brandi Glanville, Danielle Staub, Vicki Gulvanson, and Carlton Gebbia who have turned viewers off completely. I notice that since she started wallowing in excrement the celeb gossip show where she’s employed (Dish Nation) has stopped doing regularly scheduled RHOA updates. Very telling.

  2. Seems like every show always has that ONE person on their cast who can tell lies with such a straight face. They do it for storylines and to get in the thick of the action, but when it screws with a person legally, can hurt families destroy professional reputations & careers, that’s just wrong. Watching her carry on with sticking to the lies, semi-admittedly playing “tit for tat” & not taking any accountability is delusional, you’re right.

  3. Word on the streets about Kandi–SUE PORSHA, SUE! I hope Porsha is slapped with a lawsuit for being so “messy” herself.

    Word on the streets: Porsha had a lobotomy

  4. Kandy is in love with Porsha and will take her out on date, have dinner, and go down the lady pond while they ride the underground railroad

  5. Porsha just seems like an overindulged little princess who maybe got away with things growing up (IMO) because she was protected or maybe because of her family name, knowing of Josea Williams’ legacy. She just never took advantage of education, and I am not sure if it is out of laziness, the need to party or inferior intelligence. Either way, she has made a fool of herself over and over again, and it is a shame, especially knowing how far her grandfather educated himself and became a chemist with an advanced degree as well as MLK’s friend and an activist whose name is recognized by many. Without going into his background and such, I just saw a driven man and this granddaughter that must have him rolling over in his grave right now. She may have been protected growing up, but she is an adult now, and she needs to zip her mouth shut. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and she is digging a grave for herself right now with all these accusations against Kandi right now.
    This is not a game, Porsha, if you ever read this or read at all for that matter, grow up and shut up for your own good.
    I meant this as a reply to DaysofWineandRoses. ITA with your words, DWR.

  6. I haven’t watched RHOA in a few weeks because I just got sick of the propensity of them all (except Kandi and Cynthia) to start gay rumors about people when they are fighting. It is homophobic and hateful. These girls say they are all about their gay friends, yet use being gay as some sort of weapon as though it is an insult. Porsha needs to sit her trashy butt down before someone jacks up her weave as she deserves.

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