Porsha Williams Reveals If She’s Spoken to Phaedra Parks

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is speaking out about the shocking four-part reunion that has everyone wondering if she is still speaking to her one-time friend Phaedra Parks. Porsha hosted her Dish Nation show earlier this week and caught viewers up to date with what’s going on in her life.

“You know, my uncle passed a couple of weeks ago and [Parks] did text me and offer her condolences,” Williams said. “Besides that, I haven’t talked to her.”

“[Parks] was like my best friend. Someone I talked to on the phone every single day,” Williams continued. “And for me to feel like she had betrayed me like that, and the fact that I was sitting right there and watched her continue to lie on me about it, that’s the part I can’t get past and I don’t know if I ever will. Right now, I just can’t talk to her.”

Williams said that she’ll always have a “soft spot for Phaedra, [but] it’s where you don’t want to be manipulated anymore. I just don’t want to hear anymore of it right now.”

“I may get to the point where I’m strong enough to where I can talk to her and maybe we can work it out,” she added. “Right now it’s still so new to me. I haven’t even talked to the other girls.”

However, Porsha has spoken to Kandi Burruss, to apologize for the situation. “I apologized because I just hated to even play a part in it at all,” Williams confessed. “I’m not throwing everything on Phaedra. I talked about some things. I said some things. Kandi said some things. So I apologized. Am I looking for a friendship? No, not at all.”

“Some people you want to be friends with them again. Some people you’re just like, ‘I’m going to let that stay where it’s at.’ So I’m not really looking for a friendship with her,” she revealed.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Porsha is so dumb, she will be fooled again and swallow what Faketra tells her and become friends again. After all, Faketra got fired, but still wants the last word, so she will use Porsha once again, I am sure.

Phaedra Parks is the LVP of Atlanta! Always lying and manipulating hahahahahaha

Porsha should stay far away from Phaedra!! I am encouraged that she apologized to Kandi.

Porcha, blah, blah,blah … You got just about what you deserved, let us be TRUTHFULL, YOU are no delicate flower. Their is an underground railroad conductor waiting at the station for you and you do have 45 days (3 weeks) to find it, and 265 days to arrive there. Go get the scoop JORNALIST.

It is true. One bad apple DOES spoil the whole bunch. In this case there was 2 bad apples, WOW the goes the whole orchard.

Haven’t liked her since she started the show and was married to Kordell.

Oh the tangled web we weave— Porsha is not wholly but partly to blame for this fiasco. Was she not the one to report to Kandi about Todd in NY under the alias of “Marvin” was that another made up word on the street lie? She is no innocent & did as much wrong as Phaedra. As for Kandi, I do not trust her at all. She’s not been as sweet with her doings either. Neither has Todd or Kandi’s evil mom. Phaedra was not the only wrong one here. They should all go down.

What has Kandi done?

Dummy dum dum Porscha ! Please go read a book or go to school or something

Perhaps she could keep up with the Dick and Jane books

Or just ‘Dick’

Like I said before, you always make me smile

Oops my emojis didn’t show

I know. No emojis, yet anyway. 😉

We will miss our emojis

Well, we do always have the ones we can make? I don’t know how many of them work here. 😉 🙂 😀 😎

Well, I am trying these buttons above. I am hitting them now….



I hit those buttons. I could put a link in to link and I put in the all things link. It did print in bold and it did use italics.So this should be a very bold print and this should be italics.