Porsha Williams Reveals Cast Was Forced To Go To Kenya Moore’s TV Show Screening


During the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta we saw the ladies attend a pilot of Kenya Moore’s series Life Twirls On. Many viewers were confused why the ladies didn’t go support NeNe in her role on Broadway, but Porsha answered the question on Twitter when asked by a fan.

“It was our job to go…” Porsha revealed. “We supported our friend at a later show and loved it.


Since producers made the women attend Kenya’s screening, this makes me wonder if her show will be airing on Bravo?

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Porsha Williams Reveals Cast Was Forced To Go To Kenya Moore’s TV Show Screening”

    1. I love Nene.
      Everyone has their weaknesses but she has more heart and fun and talent in her then all the rest of them put together. None of the other ladies have gotten the opportunities she has and taken them no matter how out of her comfort zone they have been for her. She’s courageous and hardworking and that’s why they pay her the big bucks. She deserves it big time! She’s an amazing woman and any low life who calls her moose is a woman hater.
      [yeah you can be a woman and be a judgmental, body shaming woman hater.]

  1. Maybe Bravo needs to officially not invite Porsha back for next season….she will disappear completely–remember that chic with the black hair from RHNY or that other chic with the two wild daughters fro RHOC? Eggactly!

  2. Kenya’s pilot was picked up? I’m confused… Yes,i found it strange that all the ladies showed up at Kenya’s test pilot (whatever its called). Thanks for the info Porsha!

  3. Porsha will be back I’m sure of it she good for the show funny bravo forced them to go that why everyone look sad are mad like they rather be some where else look at cray cray all smiles girlbye

  4. , kenya, do you think most of us will watch your screen play. as teenagers,we used to write stories more interesting.bravo must be hard up if they put that on.since you think,you are a actress, tone down that laugh of yours, its so loud and annoying, sounds like you are trying to get attention drawn to you

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