Did Porsha Williams Hook Up With Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Peter?


In a shocking new report, Cynthia Bailey’s marital problems have reached an all-time low as one of her RHOA co-stars has been brought into the mix.

According to a report on Crazy Days and Nights, Porsha Williams and Peter Thomas have hooked up in the past.

The February 17th report reads: “This Southeast Housewife finally pulled the trigger on her marriage. Apparently it was not just the non-stop cheating by her husband but she also found out how much of her money he spent over the years. Oh, and that he slept with at least one of the other Housewives from the show. I say two, but she thinks just one.”

However, insiders are telling RadarOnline that this information is incorrect. “It’s not true,” one source told the site. “I highly doubt that it’s true,” another insider confirmed.

“Peter is not her type,” the source explained. “She likes them young and muscular. Famous if possible and someone who has money. Peter doesn’t have any of this.”

“They never got a long in the first place,” the source noted.

“She still talks to Oliver, the one she met in Miami,” the source explained. “She’s definitely looking for someone.”

Do you believe Peter and Porsha could have hooked up?

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41 Replies to “Did Porsha Williams Hook Up With Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Peter?”

      1. I had read a while back that Kordell is no longer part of that club – who knows. Porsha did seem to me to really go after Peter at the reunion.

        1. Yeah, I don’t see any hook up there. I guess that sort of explains why Peter feels the need to be in Charlotte so much. But he has never been successful in any business venture that I’m aware of. If these two divorce it will be a tasty.

  1. Peter is a massive loser. Everything he touches is a failure but he still struts about like the cock of the walk. I used to feel sorry for Cynthia but she should have ditched him years ago. That being said I was in an on-again, off-again toxic relationship for years when I was younger. I look back on it and wonder how I could have let it happen but those things are tough to get out of when you’re in them. It’s too bad her mothers ploy to “forget” the marriage license at their wedding didn’t work out!

  2. Why would anyone want to partner with Patricia?? Everything he touches is one big failure. The national bank of Cynthia needs to shut it down before he bankrupts her, remember the place she invested in that never got off the ground..Cynthia said that the street its on is going to be the bourbon street of Atlanta.. What happened to that??? And of course his coffee shop that lasted a week??? Cynthia falls for all his Bullish”t…UGH

    1. I just googled to see if they were still in business and I’m not saying what I read here but really interesting, re him Apollo and Todd, probably old news or just gossip nonsense as I don’t watch ATL I’m out of the loop unless I read it here.

      1. Hi Suze, I read something along those lines too that it involved all of them and they all had white Mercedes. Never know……………

        1. That’s just what I read, it surprised me, as I said I only follow as far as this blog goes these days, I can’t stand Kenya so maybe watch if she ever goes but I can’t see it. I didn’t have any idea on the involvement if any! Xo

          1. Hi Suze! I must admit that I can’t stand Kenya! I stopped watching ATL this season so, like you, I only know what is posted here. Hope you’re having a good week. Fri, the 15th I turned 79 and my huge family were in attendance, it was great, except for the number 79! Haha!

  3. I think Petey would boink whatever he could and although PORsha is dumber than a box of rocks I think she would draw the line with Petey

    1. That’s the best question yet. I’m sorry I don’t post often or just ITA. I have arthritis and it’s difficult to move my fingers. But I enjoy reading everyone’s comments! 🙂

      1. I’m sorry you suffer with arthritis, I have it but not that bad as long as it’s not raining or my hands get cold. Mine is obviously no where near as bad as yours I wish I could help. I do take Ad-Cal a calcium and Magnesium supplement from my Doctor. That helps a bit.xxxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. That ‘ s a big piece of grease! Very interesting. Maybe that’s why Porsha knows about all his alleged affairs.

    Porsha is a wildbuck, but I don’t know if I believe this. She’s the gold digger type, & Peter is gold plated.

    For Cynthia’s sake, I hope he didn’t hook with any of her friends, or coworkers.

    1. Very well said, I agree. Except for Peter. I don’t think he’s gold plated..I think he’s pyrite (fools gold) and Cynthia needs to kick him to the curb! Porsha likes them younger but she was with Morsel…never know!?!

  5. 1. Porsha is a gold digger 2. She knows he is just playing in Cynthia’s money, and doesn’t have any to spread around. 3. Even Porsha isn’t that stupid.

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