Porsha Williams Dishes On RHOA And Kenya Moore


Porsha Williams stopped by The Real earlier this week to dish on RHOA, her products and of course, Kenya Moore. But first, Porsha played coy about her love life.

“I go from one moment wanting to be in love and get married again. And then somebody will do something and I’m like ‘you know what? I’m just dealing with Porsha’.”

Has Porsha been able to make amends with Kenya Moore?

“I feel like at that moment, I gave a bully power,” she says of the reunion moment. “I’ve vowed to never let that happen again. ‘I give you nothing.’”

As for the new season of RHOA, Porsha says the story lines are all about relationships.

“I feel it’s about mending relationships or just trying to. A lot of soul searching, I think,” she says.

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6 Replies to “Porsha Williams Dishes On RHOA And Kenya Moore”

  1. It would be nice to see them forgive and respect each others personal space. I highly doubt they would be friends, porsha is a little immature and Kenya is too strong mouthed for her! These two women would most certainly clash!!

  2. It would be a feather in Kenya’s cap if she could take the “knucklehead” under her wing and try to teach her how to act like a lady….but…can’t stretch my faith that far.

  3. I kind of like Porsha. Even though she’s a little “slow”….I’d rather be a little slow with a kind and good heart than smart as hell with a black soul like Kenya. I just KNEW that this season would be nothing but her whining about “being attacked”. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing during the reunion, going after Porsha like that. She knew that she was in a delicate emotional state due to her divorce, etc and went straight for the jugular! Just like she always does. If I were Porsha….I would only apologize if the courts ordered me to do so. Otherwise, I’d leave that thing in the gutter with the trash where she belongs. Porsha…you just keep doing you and keepin’ it classy. Let Kenya hang herself with all the rope you’ll give her.

    1. My dear Michele…Kenya does NOT have a black soul. She has been blessed and is highly favored.
      Portia, on the other hand, is on a fast track to hell.
      Discern and pray for P.

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