Porsha Williams Calls Kenya’s Reunion Props Weapons On The View


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams appeared on The View Tuesday to discuss the controversial fight between her and Kenya Moore during the RHOA reunion taping. Porsha explained the tension with Kenya was thick before she accused Williams of cheating on her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart.

“Last season, I went to the reunion and at that time I was going through a divorce,” Williams said. “And um, well it was right before … she was accusing me of cheating.”

Williams was asked about the assault charges Moore filed against her. “Just like everybody else who gets [charged with] something like that, I have to go to court,” she said, adding that she is thinking about filing charges against Moore “because that specter that she had was super-heavy.”

When Sherri Shepherd told Porsha she wasn’t buying her explanation, Porsha responded, “They do, but I didn’t know I was signing up on a show to end up with a mug shot — or to be bullied to that level! This woman has been bullied me and [showed] hatred toward me from day one and now she has weapons in her hand!”

Watch Porsha on The View below.

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14 Replies to “Porsha Williams Calls Kenya’s Reunion Props Weapons On The View”

  1. Didn’t Porsha say she blacked out? Then how can she say she “immediately” felt embarrassed….weapons? PUL-ease!

    Kenya was wrong for pointing her props true…but who threatened whom? Didn’t Porsha say she would f@&$ Kenya up so bad, and shove that thing up Kenya’s as$?

  2. Porsha is absolutely beautiful, but immature and regretfully, not that interesting. Andy Cohen DID do what he finally should have in the beginning….not allow “props” Porsha is young and perhaps she will learn to just let people like Kenya act a fool and enjoy all the eye rolling all the other ladies were doing whilst Kenya used her wand and megaphone. Personally, I think they all bully each other and it is demeaning us as a society to keep watching rich women fighting. Hmmmm, but it wouldn’t make for good TV watching a bunch of shallow surgically enhanced women live happily now would it?

  3. Kenya took to the bull horn and called her a “Dumb hoe.” That’s fun to you Kenya? You say that you was having a little bit of fun. On television in front of 7 million people you STATE that Porsha was an adulterer. That’s FUN to you. You invade people’s personal space with props (I say weapons) and you think that’s “having a little bit of fun”. Well, guess what… Watching you get your butt drug across that stage was “FUN” to 6.5 million of people that were watching.

  4. God, I wish these women would learn to speak English. If your PR person tells you what to say, and I’m sure they did, they should also tell you the word is “scepter” not “specter.” And BTW to all of those women, it’s not hard to add an ‘s’ to a word when it’s referring to more than one of anything. I’m so tired of Nene pretending to be the queen of England when her English is so extremely ignorant.

      1. It just didn’t work when Kenya got haughty and superior acting. She put her little chin up and smirked about what the law said about “elevating” a situation. It’s ‘escalating.’ I waited for the one attorney to correct her, but I’m not sure she got it.

  5. No self-respecting, PR /Image consultant would have anything to do with this “knucklehead” (nickname by Kordell).

    The lawyer will be taking her $$ for naught.

    Wasn’t she told by Andy (her boss) to apologize to Kenya? she must have forgotten or she was already fired.

  6. Fist of all a scepter is not a weapon Porsha, second, you were never bullied! When you sign up to be a real housewife you’re essentially signing up to get payed to fight with a bunch of grown women. Just because you couldn’t take the heat now your gonna play the bully card? Kenya doesn’t bully Porsha, they both throw insults at each other 24/7 and Porsha can usually defend herself just fine. I have no sympathy for either in this situation.

    1. I empathize with Kenya. She’s had a tough row to hoe…then was treated like s+-* by most
      of other housewives. She’s prettier,smarter, and more poised than almost all other housewives.
      Times have changed in behalf of the beautiful African American women. Portia needs to show gratitude for all of the gifts God has given her instead of having a stupid war with Kenya.!
      We all know the “fight” was based on envy:…one of the 7 deadly sins.
      Kenya’s hair (her own) looked beautiful at reunion.

      1. PREACH!!!!

        Because everybody else was rocking a wig, including Ms. Williams. I don’t feel bad for Porsha one bit. I hope the judge throws the book at her. The evidence is there… Good luck honey.


    Porsha – Leave the show graciously and go back to school before you make yourself look worse than you already do…one would need a bullhorn to talk to you. Take responsibility for what you did to Ms. Kenya.
    NeNe and Phaedra should be FIRED for their part leading to the ugly reunion seen. I think NeNe was HIGH during the pillow talk party, that may explain her bizarre behavior.
    Phakdra (Phaedra) you should like everyone because the charges that your husband Apollo is facing are no small potatoes. You people will need all the prayers that you can get. And needless to say Phakdra you are no Southern Bell. Find another handle. I’m a REAL SOUTHERN BELL.

  8. This is for Kay Kay

    Speak for yourself Kay Kay and not 6.5 million people. It was wrong on so many levels what Dummy Porsha Williams has done to Kenya, (Hands off at all times). If you are accustomed to getting your ass beat and dragged across floors thats your business and I would encourage you to keep it to yourself, you idiot.

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